Question from Adam_gudplayer

Asked: 2 years ago

Game controller??

Can you use the wireless xbox 360 controller for this game

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From: aspohn 2 years ago

Yes you can. You just need to have the wireless dongle of course for the computer. If you press any button on the controller it instantly switches to the controller for play. IF you then use the mouse it sitches back. its maybe the only game Ive seen that you can use both on the fly while playing.

Also if you want to switch run mode to toggle (which i strongly suggest) make sure you push a button on the settings screen so it allows you to change tha ton the controller. My preference is the push in left stick toggle run.

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Having played the demo with one I would say yes.

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I got a wired 360 controller for this reason. it works 100%.

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You can use a ps3 controller...all you need is usb plug to your comp and then DL ds3 tool.

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