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How do I beat the Tower Robot Guardian?

I'm at the Black Throne level with this nasty Robot who carries a chain ball with one hand and perform 360 degree spin as well as overhead slam. How do I defeat this robot?

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Thanks for the info.

I've tried the walk-through but couldn't work. I've created two portals, one to go in, and the other to come out. When I come out of the portal and which is also near to the Robot, the FORCE of the gliding is not high enough (unlike "the blue ball" where it can launch very high), therefore the B (use button) does not appear and therefore unable to land on the Robot's head and began slashing the red sphere on its head.

jameslim1973 provided additional details:

I've repeated the process many times, but couldn't seems to work. Anyone knows the secret?


Cabenstone answered:

From one of the walkthrues you find here on gamespot =)

The Guardian is a very simple boss if you understand how to beat it, but that
isn't too surprising because this is one of three Guardians here in The Black
Throne. The nasty robot carries around a ball and chain and can rotate his hip
around 360-degrees to perform a nasty spin attack. The only other attack the
Guardian uses is an overhead slam.

The ball and chain gives the Guardian a massive reach, so the best way to
avoid getting smacked backwards is to use the portal tiles on the floor. There
is one in each corner and one in the middle of the arena. Charge up a
Voidwalker shot on one of the portals, then create a second portal on the tile
diagonal from it. Now that you have both portals open, it's time to go to

Jump in one of the portals to be shot out from the other one. Begin gliding
towards the Guardian and press B when the button prompt appears. War will land
on its head and begin slashing the red sphere on its head. This will
temporarily disorient the boss; drop to the ground and attack the blue core
located in its pelvis.

Once the Guardian gets up, it'll glow red and use an extra-powerful spin
attack. Frantically avoid it and create two more portals. Repeat this process
a couple more times; the final time, you will have to perform an execution to
destroy the Guardian.
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Gantengin answered:

The point is you have to jump over the big guardian and land on his top. You have to make portals to do that. Just hold B to charge the voidwalker, then shot it. You will get a high jump from the portal you've charged. Remember: Charge the voidwalker
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duskerin answered:

first you must lure that robot Guardian to the wall side near the portal wall, then right before he's having that stance of flail hammer shock just dash away from him. second part is quickly make two portals in floor and wall above the robot. you should make that charged portal to bounce longer. you may need to use your shadowings.

third and final part is to smack the flat head and slash the hip away.

good luck, and happy robot smacking ^^
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