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How do I use the Intel Terminal in Liara's office?

I can't seem to use the Intel Terminal in Liara's office. I clicked around, picked Upgrade options, and out of the 2 options: Shield or Ammo upgrade, I chose ammo. But once I picked it, the screen stays there. There's no "Back" button. There's only two buttons: "None" and "Close". How do I go back to select Shield or back to the main page of the Intel Terminal? Is this a glitch or is this just how the Terminal works?

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nightcaste answered:

Also, that's not the Intel terminal. The Intel Terminal is on the opposite wall, by all the monitors.
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avestruz1991 answered:

It works that way, when researching something, weapons upgrades, biotic amplifiers you are given two choices once you pick one the other dissapears, just like the last levels of abilities.
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