Question from SoCalAries

When should I talk to Ashley to get marksman?

I finished my playthrough with all the bonus powers unlocked except Kaiden's and Marksman.


Syrant answered:

I am not sure but I recall it being unlocked fairly late in the game.
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Caliburnal answered:

You should get this power from Ashley as a bonus when you talk with her at the memorial on the Citadel. Provided that you had spoken to her previously and unlocked the Inferno Grenade.
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maltzsan answered:

After Citadel II, Ashley, who you should have recruited on to the Normandy, will give you an email to meet her in the Refugee sector in the Citadel. She can be found in the Picture Wall room. After completing that sequence you can unlock Marksman.

To get Kaiden's Reave you can simply talk to him on Normandy and be nice. He will invite you to Apollo's cafe on Citadel's shopping district.
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