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Skill Points?

Guys how do u assign skill points to other squad members in Normandy or other places without going into battleground?

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R2D2_for_life answered:

Unfortunately, that is not possible.
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GeOrk14 answered:

in Medbay are 2 "beds" which let you re-assign the powers for yourself or any squadmate. the first try is free, the 2nd one costs 5000 credits.. havent used it more often yet.

so this can be some kind of spare-battleground. but its getting expensive i guess. just give the squadmates their powers n points when you start a mission.
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nightcaste answered:

The computer in Shepard's cabin has a section to set up your party's skills and appearance. Not the one by the map, you have to go to the one in his quarters.
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PregII answered:

The Computer in Shepard's room wont let you set the skill points thou, it just lets you change the appearance, as far as i can see. Unless you unlock that later on in the game.
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