Question from spinxstink

Is there Anyone who got the best ending without playing multiplayer and w/o importing a previous saved game?

Is it possible to get the best ending inspite these disadvatages?


Luigi_316 answered:

I highly doubt that as possible, as alot of extra war assets are gotten via importing from various choices in past Mass Effect games, Otherwise having the Assets slashed in half because of the lack of readiness is a deadly passive that will result in a extremely hard struggle to the best ending requiring 5000+ Assets.

I would recommend actually playing the Multiplayer, Its quite fun and presents a normal difficulty on Bronze. within 5 hours your Readiness should be around 100% if your games run in your favor.
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SanFTW95 answered:

Well, the problem is: Everyone has a different opinion on ''the best ending''. In my opinion, synthesis is the best ending, which can be acquired at 3000+ war assets. But the ending where shepard lives, needs 4000+ war assets (SPOILER: providing you save Anderson from being shot by the Illusive man in the Citadel. you know you saved him when he tells you that is he proud. otherwise you need 5000+ war assets.) It IS possible to get these war assets, but you need to do every side mission you can do, and scavenge every single war asset you can find throughout the galaxy. To make a long story short: Find any asset you can in the game, and you should be possible to get the synthesis ending or shepard lives ending
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Fallen-S36 answered:

Yeh, i have. you have to do everything just right, meaning you have to play paragon 1-3 to get everyone and to have all war assets possible available.

but if youre like me and played renigade then download this. its a save datafile. it doesnt change your save it just alters it.

it tricks your game into thinking you played online

just go to documents-bioware-masseffect 3-saves
overide your save file with this. itll make your glactic readiness 100%

i used it and it works fine
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