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What is a biotic combo and how do I do it?

Looks useful, can't see how to do it.


PregII answered:

To do a Biotic Combo, is when you hold { SHIFT } button, and then select a Biotic Skill from one of your 2 Characters that you choose before you start a mission that has Biotic 's then you would select another Biotic Skill from either your Main Character ( Shepard ) or your 2nd Character you have chosen to be in your group.

Example: Liara would use < Singularity > Skill and then My Main Character is Adept would use < Warp > Skill
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Azriel88 answered:

Its usuall when any 2 power type attacks collide. Try making one of your party cast warp or stasis, (stasis first), then use pull/throw/reave on the enemy and an explosion should happen.

This also works when enemies are on fire, wether they are set on fire by flame round ammo or fire tech spell.
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Corlist answered:

@azriel88, that's not accurate regarding casting pull on a stasised enemy. No biotic explosion will occur - said enemy will get pulled instead. Enemies on fire don't cause biotic combos too, that's a tech combo.

Everything you want to know can be found by searching power combos on the mass effect wiki.
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Caliburnal answered:

A biotic combo is the combination of biotic abilities that results in a biotic explosion. This is a feature introduced in ME3 to expand upon the Warp Detonations from ME2.

There is a requirement of a "Source" and "Detonator" for a biotic combo. Any character can create the source and/or detonator, only certain powers can be used as a source and some of those can be both a source and detonator, however it cannot be both at the same time (therefore casting Warp followed by a Warp will not combo, but Warp followed by Reave or a Reave followed by Warp would). In these cases the source/detonator must always be biotic in nature (there are evolvements of abilities that will give "non-biotic" abilities a biotic source, such as Concussive Shot/Warp Ammo evovled to allow the Concussive Shot to transfer its Warp Damage).

There is an equivalent on the Tech Power side called "Tech Detonation" which results from the combination of Tech Powers. Unlike Biotic Explosions the detonator of these attacks can be biotic, though there are fewer biotic abilities that combo into these than tech abilities.

Singularity > Shockwave = Biotic Explosion
Energy Drain > Carnage = Tech Explosion (Large radius Blast of Electricity..2x Dmg to Shields)
Cryo Blast (Enemy is frozen) > Overload (Enemy Must die) = Cryo Explosion (Large Blast radius with higher than average chance of freezing)
Inferno Grenade (Enemy is on fire) > Warp = Fire Explosion (Fire blast with a large radius..2x Dmg to Armor)
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