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Selling Weapons in PC version?

Hi I can't seem to find what combo of key presses gets me on the the selling screen, I only seem to be able to buy items. I would have thought left or right directional arrows would do it as you can scroll up and down with them through the inventory for sale, but no joy. Can anyone help? I don't really want to face the end boss with noobie weapons and I am almost at my weight limit.

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Thanks for the response. I did read that the xbox version had a way to sell though so surely the PC should too? I don't know how much difference it makes but it says my power recharge speed is doubled due to carrying too much. Is that not something I should worry about?

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Seems I was confused by the interface and thought I was carrying all of the weapons around with me all the time when in fact the encumberance was mainly due to having five slots of weapons, three of which I hardly used. Swapped them out at a work bench and the encumberance seems tolerable now.

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PandaPoacher answered:

You CANNOT sell weapons in Mass Effect 3. However, depending on your class, weapons will more or less be negligible, as for the majority of the classes, you should simply be focusing on your powers. Some good weapons to consider having are the Carnifex Heavy Pistol, M98 Widow, Geth Plasma Shotgun, and various others. In conclusion, in answering your question, once you buy and item, you cannot resell it.
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