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How do I disable text chat?

Is there a console command or mod? I don't want to have to see things like racist remarks, I just want to play multiplayer

woootbm provided additional details:

I can't get this to work. Is this supposed to be for the console through Steam at the "Set Launch Options" or elsewhere? You say "previous games", are you sure this works for this one?

Sorry I'm a little behind the times. Haven't really been into PC gaming since like... 2002 or something >.<

Accepted Answer

Menocu75 answered:

I wish they'd just add an option. Here's what I just got to work:

In your config_mp.cfg file, find:

seta cg_chatHeight

Change the value to "0"
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heartveiw answered:

There has been a command cg_chattime in previous games, where setting it to "0" would disable text chat. Making a bind such as 'bind KP_INS cg_chattime "0 4000"' is what I usually do, where pushing 0 on your numpad will toggle it on and off.
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