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Basic Tips

The most important part of this game is controlling your speed.

- If you are going so fast that control is difficult, hit a box on purpose to slow down.

- If the building with the box is very short or the box is near the edge, don't go for it. Wait for a longer building.

- If you only hit one box at a time per jump, you should have enough speed to jump to the next building.

- Keep a medium speed. Hitting too many boxes at once won't leave you enough speed to make the next jump.


- If you have the volume high enough, you will hear a 'clack' before a bomb drops. If you hear that, it means the next building (not the one you are one when you hear it) will have a bomb dropped on it.

- If you have to jump over a bomb on a short building, jump over it, immediately hit the jump button again as soon as you land, and you will have a better chance of jumping over the edge instead of falling.

- Keep you speed under control, or you are likely to run into a bomb so fast you won't have time to jump.


- If the next building coming up has a very low window, you have two options. You can either not jump and just run off the current building, hoping to hit the window as you fall. Or, if you have enough time to react, jump early so that you fall off the edge. You'll have a good chance of falling in to the window instead of hitting the side of the building.

- Judge the height of the window. If the window is short or low, don't jump with full force at the edge of the building. Make only a small, well-timed jump. Practice will help you learn to judge how much force and distance you need.

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