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When does a son come of age?

When does a son of your clan leader become a general?

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Scisor50 answered:

Indeed it appears the coming of age varies depending on the clan. I suppose they all have their own "laws". I'm playing as Uesugi and my first son became a general at around age 15.
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thisnamerules answered:

The target age seems to be all over the place. I've started campaigns: as the Takeda and Shimazu clans. In the Takeda campaign, I had a brother come of age at 20, and two sons come of age at 14 and 15. As the Shimazu, my first son come of age at 15.

In past games (Rome and Medieval 2), it seemed to be about age 15, so this game appears to be about in line with that (except for the Takeda brother's age).
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homegrownvandal answered:

For me as the Shimazu i have had them come of age at the 15-16 year mark. Which falls in line with previous games which were all right around 16.
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CTBradums answered:

What they said. As Takeda and Shimazu, I've had heirs come of age at 15 and I've had them come of age at 29. It's varied.
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sabas10 answered:

For me it seemed like that it depends on how old the current Daimyo is, how many generals/adopted/sons you already have, and how old the son is when looking to others. For example, with my campaign, just after starting, my oldest son became of age at 15. My second son around 17, and my third son is now 17 and not of age yet.
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PSP_H0mebrew answered:

When He loses his Virginity, simple as that.
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hasmmer answered:

I wish my diamyo would just take his son to a brothel.... I have 4 children 3 of them came of age at 13-14 the last one is not of age yet and is no 19....
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Asteraf answered:

My Chosokabe game is... different. I had the youngest son come of age at 14 and the eldest didn't come of age until he was 21 (WELL after the youngest came of age).

It seems to be rather random.....
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jaborakarin answered:

I have had a son come of age on a turn, then i loaded it from the last autosave (when i clicked end turn on the turn before) and the second time he didnt come of age. it seems to be just randon and unpredictable.
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