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Fire arrows?

So, I've heard that bow units can use fire arrows. The game even says so. But what no one seems to say is HOW to USE them. I'd think there would be an ability button much like a spear unit's "wall" formation, but I don't see such. What am I missing here?

MasamuneZenith provided additional details:

If this is true, I may need to report a possible bug. I have used bow samurai units in battle before, without any fire arrow ability icon being visible. Could this be some odd glitch?

Accepted Answer

Warhamer answered:

Ashigaru Archers may use Fire Arrows, in campagin play, Fire Arrows are not usable until researched in the Bushido tree, with "Way of the Bow" Art.
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Verm1llion_Hawk answered:

Fire arrows are in the game, however, Ashigaru Bowmen are not able to use it. Only bowmen of a higher rank than Ashigaru have access to the ability, and it appears in the unit abilities menu similar to the spear wall ability.
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Crgspawn answered:

Before you can use the "Fire arrow" ability you must first "research" it under the Bushido tree. The skill is called "Way of the bow"
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