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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by DoomDragon8274

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    Back to the Future: The Game
    Episode 1: It's About Time
    Platform: PC
    Written by DoomDragon8274 (solarboymatt at gmail dot com)
    Spoiler-free Walkthrough
    Intro 1
    Walkthrough 2.1
    Credits/Thanks 3
    Back to the Future: The Game is game based on the Back to the
    Future Films, and produced by Telltale Games. The game picks up a few months
    after the end of the third film, and tells the story of Marty McFly and Doc
    Brown as they set off on another adventure.
    The game is an adventure game, and is being released episodically like Telltale
    Games' other titles.
    For reference, EXAMINE means to click something that the player can interact
    with, and is not the examine item function in Marty's inventory.
    This guide only follows the actions needed to complete the game, I highly
    recommend exploring all of the other dialogue options available.
    -Marty's Dream 2.1--------------------------
    Choose any of the three options, doesn't matter which.
    Again, choose any of the three options, doesn't matter which.
    EXAMINE Tool Box
    Yet again, choose any of the three options, makes no difference.
    -Hill Valley 1986 2.2-----------------------
    EXAMINE Town Square Model
    "Mind if I see that Court House?"
    EXAMINE Marty's Guitar
    USE Marty's Guitar on Amplifier
    TALK to George
    "I can fight my own fights, Dad."
    EXAMINE Amplifier Controls
    EXAMINE Marty's Guitar
    EXAMINE DeLorean
    EXAMINE Tape Recorder
    EXAMINE Shoe
    USE Shoe on Einstein
    EXAMINE Buzzer
    "I've got something for you."
    USE Shoe on Edna
    EXAMINE Binoculars
    TALK to Edna
    "When did you lose your shoe?"
    "An Illegal speakeasy? Cool."
    "Where WAS that speakeasy?"
    EXAMINE Binoculars
    EXAMINE Radiator
    EXAMINE Newspapers
    Choose any of the three options, it matters not.
    EXAMINE Time Circuit Switch
    EXAMINE Time Circuit Keypad
    -Hill Valley 1931 2.3-----------------------
    Choose any of the three options
    Choose any of the three options again
    Choose any of the three names
    Go to the Police Station
    EXAMINE Jail Window
    "Let's alert the authorities!"
    "Let's go back in Time!"
    "I guess I could break you out of jail..."
    "Where can I find your younger self?"
    ENTER the Soup Kitchen
    USE Brown Residence Phone Number on Telephone
    EXIT Soup Kitchen
    Head over to the Courthouse
    EXAMINE Courthouse Doors
    TALK to Emmett
    "I heard you're working on a rocket drill."
    Go to the Police Station
    EXAMINE Jail Window
    "Well, I met your younger self..."
    "Your younger self mutters all the time"
    "Why is the Expo making you mutter?
    EXIT conversation
    USE Tape Recorder on Emmett
    Head back to the Police Station
    USE Tape Recorder on Jail Window
    TALK to Emmett
    "H Equals the Hamiltonian Operator!"
    Choose any of the three options
    "I need it TONIGHT!"
    TALK to Edna
    "Whats the Scoop?"
    "You make soup deliveries?"
    "I can help deliver soup!"
    "What's the Stay Sober Society?
    "I know where the Stay Sober Society can meet!"
    "At the Brown Residence."
    EXIT conversation
    ENTER Soup Kitchen
    Walk to the left until Cue Ball gets up an taps on the pipes
    EXAMINE Kitchen Door
    TALK to Emmett
    "I can't get into the Kitchen."
    Walk to the right until Emmett says "Eureka"
    EXAMINE Kitchen Door
    TALK to Cue Ball
    "Can I have some soup?"
    "...chili powder?"
    EXAMINE the red pipe next to the exit.
    EXIT the Soup Kitchen
    TALK to Edna
    "I know a charity that needs a soup delivery."
    "The Stay Sober Society."
    "They're sober."
    "They'll be quiet."
    "Okay then. Forget the whole thing.
    Head over to where Kid Tannen is
    "I guess I'm here to shine your shoes..."
    "I'm looking for Arthur McFly."
    "Isn't that Artie's hat?"
    "Can I have some peanuts?"
    "What the hell is that!?"
    Go back to the park
    USE Arthur's Hat on Einstein
    EXAMINE Buzzer
    TALK to Arthur McFly
    "I've got something for you!"
    Head to the right, back into main area
    Go back towards the Barber Shop where Kid Tannen is.
    USE Tape Recorder on Kid Tannen
    EXAMINE Einstein
    EXAMINE Buzzer
    USE Tape Recorder on Arthur McFly
    USE Subpoena on Arthur McFly
    Choose any of the three options
    This next puzzle is randomized and I advise having subtitles on during 
    this part. The BOLDED words that Emmett says are hints to which thing you need
    to EXAMINE, just follow along, and be careful when his father starts using 
    BOLDED words too, ignore those.
    Choose any of the three options
    EXAMINE Drill Remains
    EXAMINE Edna's Bike
    -Rescue 2.4---------------------------------
    Go Right
    EXAMINE Antenna
    EXAMINE Toolbox to get Tire Iron
    Go Back
    Go Left
    USE Tire Iron on Spare Tire
    EXAMINE Front Window
    EXIT Front Window
    EXAMINE Rear Window
    "I need a distraction!"
    USE Antenna on Front Window
    Go Back
    USE Keys on Doors
    USE Hubcap on Kid's Gun
    EXAMINE Kid's Gun
    USE Kid's Gun on Shackles
    TALK to Doc
    THE END!
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Telltale Games for making this excellent game and their many other games!
    YOU for for reading this
     2010 Telltale Games for Back to the Future: The Game
     2010 Matt Ellison for this guide.
    Thanks again for reading! I'm planning on making guides for the
    rest of the episodes as well!

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