Question from hjoannea

I hired a butler and designated a bed for him but he stays up all night unless I "dismiss" and then he leaves,

I read in the lesson that once you designate the butler a bed he live with you, but at the end of each night my sims go to bed and the butler wont. So I tried dismissing him and he left?


pLatInum_RoyALE answered:

Your butler will go to bed when he fell tired
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dbrucey17 answered:

It must be a seperate bed to yours unless you strike up a romance with them. Just left click the bed and it will have something along the lines of "make this butlers bed"
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oshaney answered:

Designate the bed as the butlers, then make sure your relationship with him is beyond Acquaintance. He should sleep in his own bed when he feels at home.
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