Question from JoshB48

From Sunset Valley to Bridgeport?

In Sunset Valley, I have a family of six sims. Can I transfer them and their house to Bridgeport? If yes, how do I do that?


pearpower99 answered:

Yes you can. First, save a copy of your family to the library. (You do that by clicking on them while on Edit Town Mode, and selecting save to library) then, do the same with the house. Make a brand new game, selecting Bridgeport as the town. Find or make an empty lot (that can be hard to do depending on the size of your house) and go to the 'empty houses' screen. The house from Sunset Valley should be there. Place it on your lot, then go to 'available households' and your family will be there. Move them into your house. Now you can resume your life, in Bridgeport!
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