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How do you get a penthouse?

My sim has

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Just Buy the most expensive apartment building. I believe the Hieroglyph apartments are penthouses it that helps. All I know is that they cost around 30-40 grand. As long as it's expensive they call it a penthouse.

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I think Cresent Bay Pied-A-Tier is considered a penthouse and it's immediately available for even a single Sim. That is... unfurnished and it leaves you with a tight budget to start with.

It's not impossible to scrape by though. Especially if your Sim is a Computer Wize and can hack at night. Just buy a cheap bed, desk, chair and computer. Rest until nine-o-clock and start hacking. You'll make enough each night to get started. Later get a guitar (or other instrument) and master it, buy all the compositions, perform every composition you know at least once and play for tips in the subway for about 200-500 simoleons a tip depending on your traits and skill challenges completed. You can make over 50,000 a day. I've even made around 80,000 - 100,000 in a day this way.

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