List of All Polls

06/02/2015 With all of the rumors and speculation about Nintendo's NX system, what do you think it will be?
06/01/2015 Do you have at least one game pre-ordered right now?
05/31/2015 If you could only play games from one decade for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
05/30/2015 Are you at all disturbed by the amount of violence in today's games?
05/29/2015 How many times do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock in the morning?
05/28/2015 How many different devices have you used to go online with in the past day?
05/27/2015 When playing a turn-based game against another person, do you prefer to go first or second?
05/26/2015 If you are (or when you were) under 18, do your parents control what games you buy?
05/25/2015 Have you ever returned a game you bought just because you didn't like it?
05/24/2015 What's the longest you've ever played a single video game without taking even a short (10 minute) break?
05/23/2015 What percentage of the time do you spend actually playing games on your game systems?
05/22/2015 How often do you watch videos of other people playing video games, recorded or streamed live?
05/21/2015 Over the next few years, which company do you think will have the biggest impact on gaming?
05/20/2015 What kind of Polls of the Day do you most like to see on GameFAQs?
05/19/2015 Have you ever used a video game as part of your workout routine?
05/18/2015 Are you more or less likely to pre-order a game than you were a year ago?
05/17/2015 Do you plan to get a new game system by the end of the year?
05/16/2015 Which E3 press conference are you most excited about?
05/15/2015 Do you wear glasses or contacts?
05/14/2015 Do you prefer your Japanese video games to be subtitled or dubbed in English?
05/13/2015 How are you?
05/12/2015 When you need to give a custom name to your character in a single-player game, what name do you give them?
05/11/2015 20 years later, got Sega Saturn?
05/10/2015 What's your all-time favorite Sega game system?
05/09/2015 What's your all-time favorite Sega franchise?
05/08/2015 Do you think the world is a safer or more dangerous place than it was 10 years ago?
05/07/2015 Of the last 10 games you've bought, how many were digital?
05/06/2015 How do you react whenever the save file for a game you've put a lot of time into is lost or corrupted?
05/05/2015 How do you like your video game sequels named?
05/04/2015 When you take a game disc/cart/card out of its system, what do you do with it?
05/03/2015 Have you ever voided the warranty and opened up one of your game consoles?
05/02/2015 After you beat a game, do you stick around to watch the end credits?
05/01/2015 What's your favorite way to watch a movie?
04/30/2015 Which scheduled May release are you most looking forward to?
04/29/2015 Over the past year, which downloadable game store have you spent the most money in?
04/28/2015 Do you use a fitness tracker or pedometer to track your steps?
04/27/2015 How often do you visit your local video game store?
04/26/2015 Do you ever buy games on impulse, coming home with a game you didn't go out to buy?
04/25/2015 Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
04/24/2015 If you have to pick a number between 1 and 10, which do you pick?
04/23/2015 What do you think about Nintendo's decision to not include voice chat in Splatoon for online multiplayer?
04/22/2015 How much concern do you have for the environment and health of the planet?
04/21/2015 Do you still own an original model Nintendo Game Boy?
04/20/2015 Over the last 25 years, how many games in the Fire Emblem series have you played?
04/19/2015 Have you ever found yourself physically attracted to a character in a video game?
04/18/2015 If a game has skill points for upgrading your character, how do you use them?
04/17/2015 Have you ever snapped a Nintendo DS or 3DS in half?
04/16/2015 Do you ever play video games on the toilet?
04/15/2015 How do you hang the toilet paper in your home?
04/14/2015 Do you take steps to protect your skin from the sun?