List of All Polls

04/26/2015 Do you ever buy games on impulse, coming home with a game you didn't go out to buy?
04/25/2015 Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
04/24/2015 If you have to pick a number between 1 and 10, which do you pick?
04/23/2015 What do you think about Nintendo's decision to not include voice chat in Splatoon for online multiplayer?
04/22/2015 How much concern do you have for the environment and health of the planet?
04/21/2015 Do you still own an original model Nintendo Game Boy?
04/20/2015 Over the last 25 years, how many games in the Fire Emblem series have you played?
04/19/2015 Have you ever found yourself physically attracted to a character in a video game?
04/18/2015 If a game has skill points for upgrading your character, how do you use them?
04/17/2015 Have you ever snapped a Nintendo DS or 3DS in half?
04/16/2015 Do you ever play video games on the toilet?
04/15/2015 How do you hang the toilet paper in your home?
04/14/2015 Do you take steps to protect your skin from the sun?
04/13/2015 How honestly do you answer the Poll of the Day?
04/12/2015 How often do you use GameFAQs on a portable device?
04/11/2015 Thanks to contact lists and call history, do you actually have any of your family and friends' phone numbers memorized?
04/10/2015 When is the last time you bought a new game?
04/09/2015 On average, how many days a week do you play video games?
04/08/2015 Have you ever bought a Season Pass of upcoming DLC for a game?
04/07/2015 How do you hear your video games?
04/06/2015 Have you ever used a neighbor's unsecured Wi-Fi Internet connection?
04/05/2015 Do you think game companies rely too much on sequels, spinoffs, and remakes?
04/04/2015 Do you think Nintendo is deliberately creating amiibo shortages to increase demand?
04/03/2015 Have you ever been banned from an online gaming service or server?
04/02/2015 When do you usually play video games?
04/01/2015 How do you feel about April Fools' Day?
03/31/2015 What is your pick for the best game of 2015 so far?
03/30/2015 What are you browsing GameFAQs with right now?
03/29/2015 Do you feel compelled to go back and play the first game in a series before playing the sequel(s)?
03/28/2015 Do you bite your fingernails?
03/27/2015 Have you ever had one of your game systems stolen?
03/26/2015 How do you feel about Hideo Kojima leaving Konami after finishing Metal Gear Solid V?
03/25/2015 How many hours a day do you watch some kind of screen (TV, monitor, cell phone, game system)?
03/24/2015 10 years after the US release, got PSP?
03/23/2015 Have you ever bought a game, system, or accessory (such as amiibos) with limited availability just to resell it at a profit?
03/22/2015 Who is your all-time favorite Resident Evil character?
03/21/2015 14 years later: Have you ever owned a Game Boy Advance?
03/20/2015 Do you still regularly play games on any cartridge-based console systems?
03/19/2015 How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
03/18/2015 What do you think of Nintendo's announcement that they're developing games for mobile phones?
03/17/2015 Are you wearing green today?
03/16/2015 How often do you buy used games?
03/15/2015 Which type of video game enemy do you find to be the most frightening?
03/14/2015 How many digits of Pi do you have memorized?
03/13/2015 What kind of television service do you have?
03/12/2015 Do you still have a land-line telephone in your home?
03/11/2015 20 years later, got Chrono Trigger?
03/10/2015 Do you own a smartwatch?
03/09/2015 Five years and a million discussions later, how do you feel about Final Fantasy XIII?
03/08/2015 Do the content ratings of a game (such as ESRB or PEGI) ever impact your decision to buy them?