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10/05/2015 Have you streamed or downloaded any movies to one of your game consoles yet?
10/04/2015 Do you use Wikipedia?
10/03/2015 Have you ever played a text adventure game?
10/02/2015 Do you ever worry that you are spending too much time playing video games?
10/01/2015 Do you think physical gaming media (discs, cartridges, cards) will eventually be completely obsolete?
09/30/2015 Which scheduled October release are you most looking forward to?
09/29/2015 With mobile gaming cutting into the sales of the 3DS and Vita, do you think this is the last generation of portable game systems?
09/28/2015 How long has it been since you've played a video game?
09/27/2015 If you could only play single-player or multiplayer games for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
09/26/2015 Would you ever consider naming your child after a video game character?
09/25/2015 How many languages are you fluent in?
09/24/2015 Do you even lift?
09/23/2015 How many different games have you played in the last week?
09/22/2015 Do you leave your computer on when you're not using it?
09/21/2015 Have you ever bought a game for your mobile phone?
09/20/2015 What's your favorite color?
09/19/2015 As they change their focus on game development, which of Konami's franchises would you most want to see sold off to a new publisher?
09/18/2015 How do you usually find your way to someplace you've never been before?
09/17/2015 Do you use Facebook?
09/16/2015 When ordering spicy food, just how spicy do you like it?
09/15/2015 How many of the 6000 Polls of the Day have you voted in?
09/14/2015 Do you look at the results of the Poll of the Day before you vote?
09/13/2015 30 years later, got Super Mario Bros.?
09/12/2015 Which Mario character is your all-time favorite?
09/11/2015 How many monitors do you use with your computer?
09/10/2015 Have you ever tricked or outright scammed anyone out of items or currency in an online game?
09/09/2015 What was your first PlayStation system?
09/08/2015 16 years tomorrow: Got Dreamcast?
09/07/2015 Where did you buy your last video game?
09/06/2015 What's your secret (gaming) shame?
09/05/2015 Do you like cats or dogs better?
09/04/2015 Are you one of the over six million downloaders of Rocket League?
09/03/2015 Do you think a manned spacecraft will land on Mars in your lifetime?
09/02/2015 Have you ever called in sick to work or school just to stay home and play games?
09/01/2015 Got The Phantom Pain?
08/31/2015 Which scheduled September release are you most looking forward to?
08/30/2015 Would you ever choose to display your real name on your online gaming profile (like Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live)?
08/29/2015 Have you ever been to a video game conference?
08/28/2015 Did you ever own a TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine)?
08/27/2015 Which science-fiction technology would you most like to see become a reality?
08/26/2015 What is your blood type?
08/25/2015 Have you upgraded to Windows 10?
08/24/2015 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
08/23/2015 Did you ever own or play Nintendo's first 3D portable system, the Virtual Boy?
08/22/2015 When you're waiting for a game you want to come out, do you read and/or watch all of the previews, leaks, and rumors?
08/21/2015 How do you feel when a game you're anxiously waiting for gets delayed?
08/20/2015 Have you ever intentionally destroyed one of your video games?
08/19/2015 Have you ever thrown a controller?
08/18/2015 Have you ever played a tabletop/pen-and-paper RPG, such as Dungeons & Dragons?
08/17/2015 How far away do you live today from where you were born?