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01/31/2015 Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
01/30/2015 How legible is your handwriting?
01/29/2015 What's the maximum number of regular controllers you have for a single console?
01/28/2015 Do you ever disconnect in the middle of an online game because you're losing?
01/27/2015 In games where there are destructible elements (boxes, rocks, bushes), do you clear the area of them before moving on?
01/26/2015 Have you ever played a video game while working?
01/25/2015 How do you feel when a developer rebalances a game specifically to break the most popular strategies?
01/24/2015 On what type of device did you play your last video game?
01/23/2015 Do you own any amiibos yet?
01/22/2015 Do you ever lend, borrow, or trade video games with your friends?
01/21/2015 Which of the current console controllers is your favorite to use?
01/20/2015 What's your all-time favorite game format?
01/19/2015 Which poll answer do you think will be the most popular today?
01/18/2015 Over the course of your life, how many different homes (houses, apartments, dorms, etc.) have you lived in?
01/17/2015 Now that it's ubiquitous, how do you feel about DLC (downloadable content) in your games?
01/16/2015 Have you ever regretted pre-ordering a game that turned out to be broken, buggy, or not nearly as good as advertised?
01/15/2015 Do you plan to buy a New Nintendo 3DS?
01/14/2015 Have you played a streamed game yet?
01/13/2015 Which upcoming remake/remaster are you most looking forward to?
01/12/2015 Which upcoming sequel are you most looking forward to?
01/11/2015 Which upcoming original title are you most looking forward to?
01/10/2015 BEST OF 2014: Game of the Year
01/09/2015 BEST OF 2014: Mobile
01/08/2015 BEST OF 2014: PC
01/07/2015 BEST OF 2014: Xbox One
01/06/2015 BEST OF 2014: Xbox 360
01/05/2015 BEST OF 2014: Wii U
01/04/2015 BEST OF 2014: PlayStation Vita
01/03/2015 BEST OF 2014: PlayStation 4
01/02/2015 BEST OF 2014: PlayStation 3
01/01/2015 BEST OF 2014: 3DS
12/31/2014 Got Smartphone?
12/30/2014 Got Wii U?
12/29/2014 Got Xbox One?
12/28/2014 Got PlayStation 4?
12/27/2014 Got Vita?
12/26/2014 Got 3DS?
12/25/2014 What did you get for Christmas (or another December holiday)?
12/24/2014 'Twas the night before Christmas, and what are you doing?
12/23/2014 Are you planning to make any New Year's resolutions?
12/22/2014 Have you ever fallen asleep while playing a video game?
12/21/2014 Do you plan to give or receive any games for Christmas?
12/20/2014 With Nintendo announcing that they're working on their next game console, what do you think it will be like?
12/19/2014 All of the other Final Fantasy games aside, which is better, VI or VII?
12/18/2014 From the last 27 years, which numbered Final Fantasy title is your all time favorite?
12/17/2014 Three years after its initial release, what do you think of the PlayStation Vita?
12/16/2014 Have you finished up your Christmas shopping yet?
12/15/2014 How many hours did you spend playing video games this last weekend?
12/14/2014 What's the most enjoyable part of a video game to you?
12/13/2014 When customizing a character in a game, how closely do you make it resemble yourself?