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09/23/2014 Do you ever verbally abuse the people you play games online with?
09/22/2014 Do you keep a backup of the data on your computer and/or other devices?
09/21/2014 Do you think the Wii U will be Nintendo's last console?
09/20/2014 Are you currently playing an MMORPG?
09/19/2014 Have you ever broken one of your game discs?
09/18/2014 Do you think violent video games have more or less impact than similarly violent movies or TV?
09/17/2014 How do you feel about publishers selling additional power-ups (gold, lives, items, weapons) for non-free-to-play single player games?
09/16/2014 Over the past month, which system have you spent the most time playing games on?
09/15/2014 Have you ever used Linux?
09/14/2014 13 years after its original release, what's your all-time favorite GameCube game?
09/13/2014 Have you ever played the original Super Mario Bros.?
09/12/2014 What time do you normally go to bed at night?
09/11/2014 How do you feel about the rumors of Microsoft buying Mojang, the creators of Minecraft?
09/10/2014 Do you plan to buy an Apple Watch?
09/09/2014 After 15 and 19 years respectively, have you ever owned a Dreamcast or PlayStation?
09/08/2014 What time do you normally wake up in the morning?
09/07/2014 Fifteen years later, have you ever played Final Fantasy VIII?
09/06/2014 How often do you change the default control configurations in the games you play?
09/05/2014 Have you read a book in the past year?
09/04/2014 Do you plan to buy Destiny next week?
09/03/2014 What kind of multiplayer gaming do you most enjoy?
09/02/2014 How many different games have you played in the last week?
09/01/2014 How vigorously would you defend your video games from a would-be burglar?
08/31/2014 Which scheduled September release are you most looking forward to?
08/30/2014 What do you think of Nintendo's announcement of the New Nintendo 3DS?
08/29/2014 What are you browsing GameFAQs with right now?
08/28/2014 Have you ever had a game system or computer you owned fail catastrophically?
08/27/2014 Where did you buy your last video game?
08/26/2014 How do you feel about Amazon buying Twitch?
08/25/2014 Has the content of a game ever offended or disturbed you so much you had to quit playing it?
08/24/2014 Have you ever been to a video game conference?
08/23/2014 What do you do when you're playing a game and it gets too difficult for you to continue progress?
08/22/2014 Have you ever played the original Legend of Zelda?
08/21/2014 How do you keep track of all your online passwords?
08/20/2014 Has a video game ever made a major impact on your life?
08/19/2014 How complicated do you like the story in the games you play to be?
08/18/2014 How do you feel about the recent trend of original PC games being ported to consoles and vice-versa?
08/17/2014 Just how ''bad'' do you like the main ''bad guy'' to be in a video game?
08/16/2014 When playing an RPG, how do you normally level up your characters?
08/15/2014 How many of the eight home releases of the Mario Kart series have you owned?
08/14/2014 25 years after the US launch, did you ever own a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and its add-ons?
08/13/2014 How do you feel about Square Enix making Rise of the Tomb Raider an Xbox One console exclusive?
08/12/2014 If you could only play one console for the next 10 years and had to make the choice today, which one would you choose?
08/11/2014 Have you ever created a level or stage for a video game?
08/10/2014 Who do you live with?
08/09/2014 Do you download all of the free games offered each month with Xbox Live or PlayStation plus?
08/08/2014 Do you think the Wii U's name really cut its sales by half?
08/07/2014 Have you ever punched your television or monitor in anger over a video game?
08/06/2014 Which natural disaster are you most frightened of?
08/05/2014 Have you ever participated in the closed alpha or beta test of a game?