List of All Polls

04/24/14 Are you right-handed or left-handed?
04/23/14 How competitive are you when playing multiplayer games?
04/22/14 How concerned are you about environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and sustainability?
04/21/14 30 years later: Have you ever played Duck Hunt?
04/20/14 Have you ever actually been insulted in game chat by someone claiming they had been intimate with your mother?
04/19/14 Is the whole ''free-to-play'' game model inherently evil?
04/18/14 Do you follow all of the pre-release hype, previews, and rumors about a game you're interested in?
04/17/14 What is best in life?
04/16/14 Would you ever consider naming your child after a video game character?
04/15/14 If you could only play single-player or multiplayer games for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
04/14/14 How long has it been since you've played a video game?
04/13/14 How old was the last game you played?
04/12/14 How old are you?
04/11/14 How do you usually find your way to someplace you've never been before?
04/10/14 Do you have any tattoos?
04/09/14 Do you plan on buying either of the two upcoming Super Smash Bros. games?
04/08/14 Do you have any computers in your home still running Windows XP?
04/07/14 What percentage of the time do you spend actually playing games on your game systems?
04/06/14 Have you ever been prevented from playing a game you legitimately owned by DRM or other copy protection?
04/05/14 Do you think single-player video games have become too easy over the past several years?
04/04/14 What's your all-time favorite '4' game?
04/03/14 Do you think Amazon's $99 Fire TV will make a real impact on the gaming market?
04/02/14 Do you have at least one game pre-ordered right now?
04/01/14 Have you pranked or been pranked for April Fools' Day this year?
03/31/14 Which scheduled April release are you most looking forward to?
03/30/14 Of the games you've bought in the last year, what percentage did you buy to download online?
03/29/14 Do you still buy retail boxed PC games?
03/28/14 How many hours out of the last 24 have you spent playing video games?
03/27/14 Do you get upset when a game or system goes on sale right after you purchased it?
03/26/14 How do you feel about Facebook buying Oculus VR?
03/25/14 Have you ever paid for additional items/perks/points in an otherwise free-to-play game?
03/24/14 Have you ever been banned from an online gaming service or server?
03/23/14 What company made the first video game system you ever owned?
03/22/14 What influences you most in your game buying?
03/21/14 Can you name all nineteen starter Pokemon?
03/20/14 Can you name all nine playable Final Fantasy VII characters?
03/19/14 20 years later: Have you ever played Super Metroid?
03/18/14 Can you name all eight original playable Street Fighter II characters?
03/17/14 Are you wearing green today?
03/16/14 Fifteen years later, have you ever played EverQuest?
03/15/14 How quickly can you recite the alphabet backwards?
03/14/14 How many digits of Pi do you have memorized?
03/13/14 Do you think a manned spacecraft will land on Mars in your lifetime?
03/12/14 How many consoles do you have hooked up to your TV right now?
03/11/14 Have you ever called in sick to work or school just to stay home and play games?
03/10/14 Have you ever gone to the midnight release event for a new game?
03/09/14 How do you feel about Daylight Saving/Summer Time?
03/08/14 Which of next week's two big games do you plan to buy?
03/07/14 Have you ever played a video game with your parents?
03/06/14 How many hours of video programming (on TV or off, live or recorded) do you usually watch each day?