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05/03/2016 Do you take a portable game system with you when you travel?
05/02/2016 Is it ever acceptable to cheat in an online video game?
05/01/2016 How do you most often listen to music?
04/30/2016 Which scheduled May release are you most looking forward to?
04/29/2016 Has a game's ''Free Weekend'' of play ever convinced you to buy the full version afterwards?
04/28/2016 How do you feel about Nintendo's decision to not show the NX at E3 this year?
04/27/2016 What are you browsing GameFAQs with right now?
04/26/2016 Why aren't you buying more new video games?
04/25/2016 Do you follow the ''five-second rule'' for food you accidentally drop on the floor?
04/24/2016 How many foreign countries have you been to in your life?
04/23/2016 What do you most often use your cell phone for?
04/22/2016 How concerned are you about environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and sustainability?
04/21/2016 Do you still own an original Game Boy?
04/20/2016 Have you ever worked at a store that sold video games?
04/19/2016 Have you ever had a game system or computer you owned fail catastrophically?
04/18/2016 Do you ever verbally abuse the people you play games online with?
04/17/2016 How vigorously would you defend your video games from a would-be burglar?
04/16/2016 With its 10-year anniversary on Wednesday, do you think Nintendo will ever release Mother 3 (Earthbound 2) in English?
04/15/2016 How often do you use GameFAQs on a portable device?
04/14/2016 When do you usually play video games?
04/13/2016 How do you hear your video games?
04/12/2016 Does the gender of the player character in a game matter to you?
04/11/2016 Have you ever bought more than one copy or subscription to the same game for yourself?
04/10/2016 Even with almost no solid information right now, are you planning to buy Nintendo's NX system when it's released?
04/09/2016 How many hours of video games do you play a week?
04/08/2016 Have you ever been in an automobile accident?
04/07/2016 Do you plan to buy (or already own) a VR helmet?
04/06/2016 How many hours out of the last 24 have you spent outside?
04/05/2016 Do you ever wear video game branded t-shirts or other clothing?
04/04/2016 How old was the last game you played?
04/03/2016 What percentage of the time do you spend actually playing games on your game systems?
04/02/2016 Do you think single-player video games have become too easy over the past several years?
04/01/2016 Have you pranked or been pranked for April Fools' Day this year?
03/31/2016 Which scheduled April release are you most looking forward to?
03/30/2016 How many different game consoles do you currently have hooked up and ready to play in your home?
03/29/2016 Have you ever pledged money to a Kickstarter-funded video game project?
03/28/2016 Which digital game store have you spent the most money on over the last year?
03/27/2016 Have you played a streamed game yet?
03/26/2016 How often do you get packages delivered to your home?
03/25/2016 Do you subscribe to either premium online console service?
03/24/2016 What kind of multiplayer gaming do you most enjoy?
03/23/2016 When playing team vs. team games online, how often does your team win?
03/22/2016 20 years later, have you ever played Resident Evil?
03/21/2016 What's the ''Make-or-Break'' factor for you when deciding whether or not to buy a game?
03/20/2016 10 years later: Got Oblivion?
03/19/2016 Have you ever dropped your phone and cracked its screen?
03/18/2016 Do you still have a CRT (non-flatscreen) television or monitor in your home?
03/17/2016 Have you ever fallen asleep while playing a video game?
03/16/2016 Are you currently playing an MMORPG?
03/15/2016 How much sleep do you get each night?