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08/24/2016 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
08/23/2016 What's the most important part of a single-player game to you?
08/22/2016 Has a video game ever made you scream in fear?
08/21/2016 Has a video game ever made you cry?
08/20/2016 How many different games have you gotten all of the Achievements or Trophies for?
08/19/2016 Do you still own a cassette tape player?
08/18/2016 Do you still own a dedicated portable media player?
08/17/2016 How long is your regular commute from home to school or work?
08/16/2016 Do you plan to get a new game system by the end of the year?
08/15/2016 Have you ever owned either of the two Genesis/Mega Drive add-ons?
08/14/2016 After 27 years: Got Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)?
08/13/2016 After 25 years: Got Super Nintendo?
08/12/2016 Got No Man's Sky?
08/11/2016 Have you ever had your identity stolen?
08/10/2016 If a single-player game has a ''game-breaking'' bug, such as an infinite money or items glitch, do you use it?
08/09/2016 After 20 years, have you ever played any games in the Harvest Moon series?
08/08/2016 When you play games online, who do you usually play with?
08/07/2016 How far away do you live from the nearest PokeStop?
08/06/2016 Now that it's out in more countries, are you playing Pokemon GO?
08/05/2016 Do you carry a portable battery charger with you for your cell phone (or other electronics)?
08/04/2016 Are you planning to watch the Summer Olympics?
08/03/2016 Do you plan to buy Pokemon Sun and/or Moon when they come out in November?
08/02/2016 Have you ever bought the limited or collector's edition of a game?
08/01/2016 How do you feel about 'gamification', the trend of adding scores and achievements to non-games?
07/31/2016 Which scheduled August release are you most looking forward to?
07/30/2016 Hot enough for ya?
07/29/2016 Do you prefer your Japanese video games to be subtitled or dubbed in English?
07/28/2016 What's the one big thing the Nintendo NX needs to have to succeed?
07/27/2016 In the great PC vs. Console gaming debate, where do you stand?
07/26/2016 Over the last year, what's the longest you've gone without using the Internet?
07/25/2016 Whenever you're playing a multiplayer game with voice chat, how much do you actually talk?
07/24/2016 Have you ever ordered food from a restaurant for delivery online?
07/23/2016 How long do you think the Pokemon GO will stay popular?
07/22/2016 Do you ever play games a lot longer than you normally would just to get more Achievements or Trophies?
07/21/2016 How big is your gaming backlog - games you own and plan to play, but haven't gotten around to yet?
07/20/2016 Have you ever paid for extra downloadable content for a game?
07/19/2016 25 years later, Got Final Fantasy IV (a.k.a. Final Fantasy II)?
07/18/2016 How competitive are you when playing multiplayer games?
07/17/2016 How many other people do you most like playing games with?
07/16/2016 Of the games you've bought in the last year, what percentage did you buy to download online?
07/15/2016 After 33 years, got NES?
07/14/2016 How many people have you seen walking around catching Pokemon in the past week?
07/13/2016 Got Pokemon GO?
07/12/2016 Got Smartphone?
07/11/2016 Got Tablet?
07/10/2016 Got a gaming-quality PC?
07/09/2016 Got Wii U?
07/08/2016 Got Xbox One?
07/07/2016 Got PlayStation 4?
07/06/2016 Got Vita?