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09/30/2016 Which scheduled October release are you most looking forward to?
09/29/2016 What is your all-time favorite Nintendo 64 game?
09/28/2016 If you have a choice, what difficulty level do you usually play games on?
09/27/2016 When you finally beat a game for the first time, what do you usually do next?
09/26/2016 After 30 years, have you ever played the original Castlevania?
09/25/2016 What percentage of the games that you own have you beaten?
09/24/2016 Over the course of the next month or two, how many ''pumpkin spice'' flavored products do you plan to consume?
09/23/2016 What's the longest you've ever played a single video game without a 10+ minute break?
09/22/2016 In a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which do you throw first?
09/21/2016 Has a bad ending ever ruined an otherwise great game for you?
09/20/2016 After 20 years of them, have you ever played any games in the Persona series?
09/19/2016 How often do you leave ratings and/or reviews for the games you buy?
09/18/2016 Over the course of a normal week, how many different pairs of shoes do you wear?
09/17/2016 Which recently announced game delay disappointed you the most?
09/16/2016 How do you feel when a game you're anxiously waiting for gets delayed?
09/15/2016 One year later, have you ever played Undertale?
09/14/2016 How quickly can you recite the alphabet backwards?
09/13/2016 Do you feel compelled to go back and play the first game in a series before playing the sequel(s)?
09/12/2016 Have you ever made a person you were playing a game against cry?
09/11/2016 What kind of television service do you have?
09/10/2016 Do you ever buy games on impulse, coming home with a game you didn't go out to buy?
09/09/2016 After 17 and 21 years respectively, have you ever owned a Dreamcast or PlayStation?
09/08/2016 Do you plan to buy a PlayStation 4 Pro?
09/07/2016 How many times have you played and beaten Final Fantasy VII?
09/06/2016 Has a video game ever made a major impact on your life?
09/05/2016 How complicated do you like the story in the games you play to be?
09/04/2016 When possible, how often do you skip the tutorial when playing a game for the first time?
09/03/2016 Which Japanese video game designer would you most like to meet in person?
09/02/2016 How do you feel about the current cost of video games?
09/01/2016 How often do you change the default control configurations in the games you play?
08/31/2016 Which scheduled September release are you most looking forward to?
08/30/2016 Are you currently playing World of Warcraft?
08/29/2016 Do you bathe or shower?
08/28/2016 How do you feel about so many modern games (and consoles) requiring day-one patches before you can play them?
08/27/2016 After 24 years, how many games in the Mario Kart series have you owned?
08/26/2016 When you need to give a custom name to your character in a single-player game, what name do you give them?
08/25/2016 Which of the two current portable systems do you now own?
08/24/2016 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
08/23/2016 What's the most important part of a single-player game to you?
08/22/2016 Has a video game ever made you scream in fear?
08/21/2016 Has a video game ever made you cry?
08/20/2016 How many different games have you gotten all of the Achievements or Trophies for?
08/19/2016 Do you still own a cassette tape player?
08/18/2016 Do you still own a dedicated portable media player?
08/17/2016 How long is your regular commute from home to school or work?
08/16/2016 Do you plan to get a new game system by the end of the year?
08/15/2016 Have you ever owned either of the two Genesis/Mega Drive add-ons?
08/14/2016 After 27 years: Got Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)?
08/13/2016 After 25 years: Got Super Nintendo?
08/12/2016 Got No Man's Sky?