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12/07/2016 Do you have a Christmas tree in your home?
12/06/2016 How long would it probably take you to complete a 40-hour single player game?
12/05/2016 Do you plan to give or receive any games as gifts this year for the holidays?
12/04/2016 What's the most enjoyable part of a video game to you?
12/03/2016 22 years later, got PlayStation?
12/02/2016 By the time it's all said and done, how many numbered Final Fantasy games do you think there will be?
12/01/2016 Which scheduled December release are you most looking forward to?
11/30/2016 How many of the regularly numbered Final Fantasy games have you now played?
11/29/2016 Got Final Fantasy XV?
11/28/2016 How much does the price of a game influence your decision to buy it?
11/27/2016 How long do you usually wait to buy new games once they've been released?
11/26/2016 How much of your holiday shopping are you doing online this year?
11/25/2016 Are you taking advantage of any of this year's Black Friday / Cyber Monday gaming deals?
11/24/2016 What percentage of the time do you spend actually playing games on your game systems?
11/23/2016 How often do you watch videos of other people playing video games, recorded or streamed live?
11/22/2016 How would you grade the first three years of the Xbox One?
11/21/2016 Do you still own a Super Nintendo?
11/20/2016 After 12 years, got DS?
11/19/2016 After 10 years, got Wii?
11/18/2016 Got Pokemon Sun or Moon?
11/17/2016 Over the course of your life, how many different Pokemon have you caught?
11/16/2016 With production of the Wii U coming to a close, how would you grade the Wii U as a console over the last 4 years?
11/15/2016 How would you grade the first three years of the PlayStation 4?
11/14/2016 Over the next few years, which company do you think will have the biggest impact on gaming?
11/13/2016 Do you regularly play games that are older than you?
11/12/2016 Got NES Classic Edition?
11/11/2016 After 10 years, do you own a PlayStation 3?
11/10/2016 Has the content of a game ever offended or disturbed you so much you had to quit playing it?
11/09/2016 What do you do when you're playing a game and it gets too difficult for you to continue progress?
11/08/2016 Who do you most want to win today's US presidential election?
11/07/2016 Where did you buy your last video game?
11/06/2016 How old are you?
11/05/2016 How long do you think it should take to beat a great video game?
11/04/2016 When someone flips a coin, which side do you pick?
11/03/2016 Do you have an Ultra HD (4K or better) television or monitor?
11/02/2016 When playing a game that allows multiple save files, how many do you use?
11/01/2016 Which scheduled November release are you most looking forward to?
10/31/2016 Which type of video game enemy do you find to be the most frightening?
10/30/2016 Has a video game ever frightened you so much you had to stop playing?
10/29/2016 What's your all-time favorite horror video game series?
10/28/2016 Do you still own a record player?
10/27/2016 In the past week, which system have you spent the most time playing games on?
10/26/2016 Of the top 10 best-selling PlayStation 2 games of all time, which is your favorite?
10/25/2016 Do you still own an Xbox?
10/24/2016 Do you still own a Dreamcast?
10/23/2016 Do you still own a GameCube?
10/22/2016 Do you still own a PlayStation 2?
10/21/2016 Which not-yet-teased franchise would you most like to see be brought to the Nintendo Switch?
10/20/2016 What is your first impression of the Nintendo Switch?
10/20/2016 Will you be tuning in to Nintendo's NX announcement livestream at 7am Pacific on Thursday?