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02/10/2016 When playing an online game with teammates and you make a game-losing mistake, how do you respond?
02/09/2016 When playing games with a large cast of characters (like vs. fighting or MOBA), how many do you actually focus on?
02/08/2016 Which is best all-time Super Smash Bros. game?
02/07/2016 What is your all-time favorite Pokemon generation?
02/06/2016 Which was the best of the 3D Super Mario Bros. games?
02/05/2016 Which was the best of the original 2D Super Mario Bros. games?
02/04/2016 Do you think modern games are too geared towards new and casual gamers?
02/03/2016 Do you think eSports will ever be as popular as traditional sports are today?
02/02/2016 How often do you thoroughly plan out your video gaming time?
02/01/2016 Can you name all nine playable Final Fantasy VII characters?
01/31/2016 19 Years Later: Got Final Fantasy VII?
01/30/2016 Which scheduled February release are you most looking forward to?
01/29/2016 Which of the two current portable systems do you now own?
01/28/2016 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
01/27/2016 Have you ever participated in the closed alpha or beta test of a game?
01/26/2016 How often do you actually turn off your computer?
01/25/2016 Has the death of a video game character ever impacted you emotionally?
01/24/2016 Do you own a Mac?
01/23/2016 How many people are in the same room as you right now?
01/22/2016 How many hours out of the last 24 have you spent playing video games?
01/21/2016 On what type of device did you play your last video game?
01/20/2016 What do you miss most about classic video games?
01/19/2016 If a game is available both at retail and for download online, which would you buy?
01/18/2016 Are you right-handed or left-handed?
01/17/2016 Does the amount and type of DLC available for a game ever negatively influence your decision to buy it?
01/16/2016 Which do you watch more of: traditional sports, or eSports?
01/15/2016 What's the longest amount time you've spent customizing a single character's appearance in a game?
01/14/2016 Have you ever regretted pre-ordering a game that turned out to be broken, buggy, or not nearly as good as advertised?
01/13/2016 With all of the rumors and speculation about Nintendo's NX system, what do you think it will be?
01/12/2016 Do you think Nintendo will launch their next generation NX system this year?
01/11/2016 Do you think that this is the year virtual reality helmets (Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR) take off?
01/10/2016 Which scheduled 2016 game are you most looking forward to?
01/09/2016 BEST OF 2015: Game of the Year - Final Vote
01/08/2016 BEST OF 2015: Game of the Year
01/07/2016 BEST OF 2015: Mobile
01/06/2016 BEST OF 2015: 3DS and PlayStation Vita
01/05/2016 BEST OF 2015: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
01/04/2016 BEST OF 2015: PC
01/03/2016 BEST OF 2015: Xbox One
01/02/2016 BEST OF 2015: Wii U
01/01/2016 BEST OF 2015: PlayStation 4
12/31/2015 Got Smartphone?
12/30/2015 Got Wii U?
12/29/2015 Got Xbox One?
12/28/2015 Got PlayStation 4?
12/27/2015 Got Vita?
12/26/2015 Got 3DS?
12/25/2015 What did you get for Christmas (or another December holiday)?
12/24/2015 How much time do you get off of school or work for the holidays?
12/23/2015 How much of your holiday shopping are you doing online this year?