List of All Polls

03/31/2015 What is your pick for the best game of 2015 so far?
03/30/2015 What are you browsing GameFAQs with right now?
03/29/2015 Do you feel compelled to go back and play the first game in a series before playing the sequel(s)?
03/28/2015 Do you bite your fingernails?
03/27/2015 Have you ever had one of your game systems stolen?
03/26/2015 How do you feel about Hideo Kojima leaving Konami after finishing Metal Gear Solid V?
03/25/2015 How many hours a day do you watch some kind of screen (TV, monitor, cell phone, game system)?
03/24/2015 10 years after the US release, got PSP?
03/23/2015 Have you ever bought a game, system, or accessory (such as amiibos) with limited availability just to resell it at a profit?
03/22/2015 Who is your all-time favorite Resident Evil character?
03/21/2015 14 years later: Have you ever owned a Game Boy Advance?
03/20/2015 Do you still regularly play games on any cartridge-based console systems?
03/19/2015 How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
03/18/2015 What do you think of Nintendo's announcement that they're developing games for mobile phones?
03/17/2015 Are you wearing green today?
03/16/2015 How often do you buy used games?
03/15/2015 Which type of video game enemy do you find to be the most frightening?
03/14/2015 How many digits of Pi do you have memorized?
03/13/2015 What kind of television service do you have?
03/12/2015 Do you still have a land-line telephone in your home?
03/11/2015 20 years later, got Chrono Trigger?
03/10/2015 Do you own a smartwatch?
03/09/2015 Five years and a million discussions later, how do you feel about Final Fantasy XIII?
03/08/2015 Do the content ratings of a game (such as ESRB or PEGI) ever impact your decision to buy them?
03/07/2015 How do you most prefer to communicate with people over the Internet?
03/06/2015 Which game would you most like to see Sega and Game Freak collaborate on?
03/05/2015 How do you feel about more and more games going Free-to-Play with optional purchases to expand the content?
03/04/2015 15 years later: Have you ever owned a PlayStation 2?
03/03/2015 When do you think Half-Life 3 will actually be released?
03/02/2015 Have you ever played a game in Japanese?
03/01/2015 Have you ever stolen a video game from a friend?
02/28/2015 Which scheduled March release are you most looking forward to?
02/27/2015 Is your Internet connection censored for certain content?
02/26/2015 Have you ever paid for additional items/perks/points in an otherwise free-to-play game?
02/25/2015 Have you ever pledged money to a Kickstarter-funded video game project?
02/24/2015 What percentage of the games that you own have you beaten?
02/23/2015 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
02/22/2015 Who do you usually play games with?
02/21/2015 Do you know how to whistle?
02/20/2015 How many e-mail accounts do you actively use?
02/19/2015 Have you ever lost a game on purpose to make your opponent feel better?
02/18/2015 If you were an RPG character, which statistic would be your highest?
02/17/2015 What's your favorite science-fiction genre for video games?
02/16/2015 If you were a superhero (or super-villain), what would you want your origin story to be?
02/15/2015 Got New Nintendo 3DS?
02/14/2015 Have you ever been involved in a romantic relationship with someone you first met online?
02/13/2015 Are you friggatriskaidekaphobic?
02/12/2015 What's your favorite Star Wars game series?
02/11/2015 What's your favorite Star Wars movie?
02/10/2015 How often do you thoroughly plan out your video gaming time?