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07/05/2015 Got Xbox One?
07/04/2015 Got PlayStation 4?
07/03/2015 Got Vita?
07/02/2015 Got 3DS?
07/01/2015 Have you ever cheated in an online game?
06/30/2015 Now that the first half of 2015 is over, what is your pick for Game of the Year?
06/29/2015 How many other people do you most like playing games with?
06/28/2015 Have you ever paid for extra downloadable content for a game?
06/27/2015 Just how bad is the worst video game you own?
06/26/2015 Of the games you've bought in the last year, what percentage did you buy to download online?
06/25/2015 If a game has multiple playable characters, do you make it a point to beat the game with each one of them?
06/24/2015 Do you think game developers pay too much or too little attention to fan feedback?
06/23/2015 What do you think about the Internet's negative reaction to Nintendo's Metroid Prime: Federation Force?
06/22/2015 Which scheduled big-name 2015 release are you most looking forward to?
06/21/2015 After seeing E3 this year, how excited are you for all of the upcoming games?
06/20/2015 With all of the games showcased at E3 this year, have you been convinced to buy a new console?
06/19/2015 Do you think all of the Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets shown at E3 this year will become popular?
06/18/2015 Which newly announced title at E3 this year are you most excited about?
06/17/2015 How would you rank this year's big three E3 presentations?
06/16/2015 How would you grade Nintendo's E3 Digital Event?
06/16/2015 How would you grade Sony's E3 Press Conference?
06/15/2015 How would you grade Microsoft's E3 Press Conference?
06/15/2015 Which first-party E3 press conference are you most excited about?
06/14/2015 Which third-party E3 press conference are you most excited about?
06/13/2015 Do you think Nintendo will make any announcements about their upcoming NX system at E3 this year?
06/12/2015 How many of Steam's games do you have in your library?
06/11/2015 Do big sales get you to buy games you never would have purchased otherwise?
06/10/2015 Now that the last generation of game consoles is drawing to a close, how would you rate them from best to worst?
06/09/2015 How closely are you following E3 this year?
06/08/2015 If you could only choose one current game system to play for the rest of the year, which would it be?
06/07/2015 Now that Fallout 4 has been announced, which sequel are you hoping gets officially announced at E3 this year?
06/06/2015 Which of the six inaugural members of the World Video Game Hall of Fame is most deserving of its status?
06/05/2015 If you worked at a store that sold video games, would you sell a Mature-rated game to a minor?
06/04/2015 Which classic video game cheat would you most like to use in real life?
06/03/2015 What do you do when you find a spider in your home?
06/02/2015 With all of the rumors and speculation about Nintendo's NX system, what do you think it will be?
06/01/2015 Do you have at least one game pre-ordered right now?
05/31/2015 If you could only play games from one decade for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
05/30/2015 Are you at all disturbed by the amount of violence in today's games?
05/29/2015 How many times do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock in the morning?
05/28/2015 How many different devices have you used to go online with in the past day?
05/27/2015 When playing a turn-based game against another person, do you prefer to go first or second?
05/26/2015 If you are (or when you were) under 18, do your parents control what games you buy?
05/25/2015 Have you ever returned a game you bought just because you didn't like it?
05/24/2015 What's the longest you've ever played a single video game without taking even a short (10 minute) break?
05/23/2015 What percentage of the time do you spend actually playing games on your game systems?
05/22/2015 How often do you watch videos of other people playing video games, recorded or streamed live?
05/21/2015 Over the next few years, which company do you think will have the biggest impact on gaming?
05/20/2015 What kind of Polls of the Day do you most like to see on GameFAQs?
05/19/2015 Have you ever used a video game as part of your workout routine?