List of All Polls

03/14/2005 Have you ever cheated in an online game?
03/13/2005 Which video game feature would you most like to have in real life?
03/12/2005 Do you prefer your Japanese video games to be subtitled or dubbed in English?
03/11/2005 How often do you actually turn off your computer?
03/10/2005 Do you plan on seeing Star Wars: Episode III?
03/09/2005 Do you ever plan to buy movies for a portable game system (like the PSP)?
03/08/2005 What's your favorite type of strategy game?
03/07/2005 Which game system have you recently been spending the most time with?
03/06/2005 Do you think Microsoft will ever release a portable game system?
03/05/2005 Do you think Nintendo will release another portable this year?
03/04/2005 Have you ever rented movies or games online?
03/03/2005 Do you play any online RPGs regularly?
03/02/2005 Have you ever played a game in Japanese?
03/01/2005 Which scheduled March release are you most looking forward to?
02/28/2005 With less than a month to go: Do you plan to buy a PSP?
02/27/2005 How are you?
02/26/2005 Do you now or have you ever served in the military?
02/25/2005 What role suits you best in a team combat game?
02/24/2005 Do you consider yourself competitive?
02/23/2005 When playing a multiplayer game, do you enjoy being part of a group?
02/22/2005 How would you rate your physical fitness?
02/21/2005 Do you believe that life exists on other planets?
02/20/2005 What's the biggest thing you've given up in order to keep playing a video game?
02/19/2005 Do you think you might be actually addicted to video games?
02/18/2005 If you had to give up one: the Internet, or playing games, which would it be?
02/17/2005 Do you watch anime?
02/16/2005 What is the population of the city you live in?
02/15/2005 Which upcoming big-name sequel are you most looking forward to?
02/14/2005 Have you ever been banned from an online gaming service or server?
02/13/2005 Which game company do you love the most (or hate the least)?
02/12/2005 Which game company do you hate the most (or like the least)?
02/11/2005 What do you think of people who buy or sell in-game goods for real money?
02/10/2005 Have you ever bought or sold in-game goods or gold for real money?
02/09/2005 Waht do you think the next Microsoft console will be called?
02/08/2005 How many hours of sleep do you get a night on average?
02/07/2005 What size of bed do you sleep on?
02/06/2005 Which PSP launch title most interests you?
02/05/2005 PSP: $249 on March 24th. Getting one?
02/04/2005 Have you ever used Linux?
02/03/2005 Have you ever used an Apple Macintosh computer?
02/02/2005 Do you use ad-blocking software?
02/01/2005 Which scheduled February release are you most looking forward to?
01/31/2005 Have you played a Nintendo DS yet?
01/30/2005 Have you played a PSP yet?
01/29/2005 Have you played a wireless multiplayer portable game yet?
01/28/2005 When do you think the next Nintendo console will be released?
01/27/2005 When do you think the Xbox 2/Next will be released?
01/26/2005 When do you think the PlayStation 3 will be released?
01/25/2005 How do you feel about the end of Sega Sports?
01/24/2005 How many different versions of Tetris have you ever played?