List of All Polls

12/14/2005 How do you feel about the demise of Working Designs?
12/13/2005 How many different variations of Final Fantasy IV do you now own?
12/12/2005 When do you think the Revolution will be released?
12/11/2005 When do you think the PlayStation 3 will be released in Japan?
12/10/2005 Do you think you will get a new system or game this holiday season?
12/09/2005 How much sleep do you get each night?
12/08/2005 How often do you sacrifice sleep to play video games?
12/07/2005 What would you think of a Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) directed Halo movie?
12/06/2005 Do you think video games are too sexist?
12/05/2005 What was the best Sega system ever created?
12/04/2005 What was the best Nintendo system ever created?
12/03/2005 When was the last time you upgraded your computer?
12/02/2005 If you were to attend a live gaming event with other gamers like yourself, which gaming environment would most interest you?
12/01/2005 Which scheduled December release are you most looking forward to?
11/30/2005 How restrictive would you like to see smoking laws where you live?
11/29/2005 Have you ever bought anything online?
11/28/2005 Do you smoke or use other tobacco products?
11/27/2005 Do you own a high-definition capable television?
11/26/2005 Have you finished up your Christmas shopping yet?
11/25/2005 What would you most like to see at a live gaming event?
11/24/2005 Do you think the Xbox 360 shortage is real?
11/23/2005 How long would you stand in line for a new console on the day of release?
11/22/2005 Got Xbox 360?
11/21/2005 What are you most afraid of?
11/20/2005 Seen Goblet of Fire yet?
11/19/2005 Sony has stated that the ''Boomerang'' PS3 controller is the real deal. What's your take?
11/18/2005 Have you heard about GameSpot's G.A.M.E. event - The Games And Music Experience?
11/17/2005 Which Xbox 360-only launch title are you most interested in?
11/16/2005 Do you ever sell your used games?
11/15/2005 What continent are you on?
11/14/2005 How old were you when you played your first video game?
11/13/2005 It's just a week away, so do you plan to pick up an Xbox 360?
11/12/2005 Have you ever broken one of your game discs?
11/11/2005 How much effort do you put into your messages when you're online?
11/10/2005 Do you still own a Dreamcast?
11/09/2005 Do you still own a Nintendo 64?
11/08/2005 Do you still own a PlayStation?
11/07/2005 When playing RPGs, how do you feel about professional voice actors doing voices for the game?
11/06/2005 How many of GameFAQs' 10 years have you been around for?
11/05/2005 How many times have you played and beaten Final Fantasy VII?
11/04/2005 Have you played and beaten Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
11/03/2005 Do you own a copy of Chrono Trigger?
11/02/2005 Do you own a copy of A Link to the Past?
11/01/2005 What was the first version of Super Mario 3 you ever played?
10/31/2005 Do you own Super Smash Bros. Melee?
10/30/2005 Do you own a copy of the original GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64?
10/29/2005 Have you played and beaten Metal Gear Solid?
10/28/2005 Do you own a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved?
10/27/2005 Do you own a copy of Final Fantasy VI/III?
10/26/2005 Have you entered the 10th Anniversary Contest yet? (Entries due today!)