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01/13/2005 Do you lead an active life outside of gaming?
01/12/2005 BEST OF 2004: System of the Year
01/11/2005 BEST OF 2004: Game of the Year (Final Vote)
01/10/2005 BEST OF 2004: Game of the Year
01/09/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Multi-Platform Game
01/08/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Nintendo DS Game
01/07/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Xbox Game
01/06/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best PlayStation 2 Game
01/05/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best PC Game
01/04/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best GameCube Game
01/03/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Game Boy Advance Game
01/02/2005 Got PSP?
01/01/2005 Got a gaming-quality PC?
12/31/2004 Got Xbox?
12/30/2004 Got GameCube?
12/29/2004 Got PlayStation 2?
12/28/2004 Got Game Boy Advance?
12/27/2004 Got Nintendo DS?
12/26/2004 How many new games did you get as presents this year?
12/25/2004 Did you get a new game system for Christmas?
12/24/2004 Do you have a Christmas tree in your home?
12/23/2004 Do you plan to buy or already own a Nintendo DS or PSP?
12/22/2004 When do you open your Christmas presents?
12/21/2004 Got eggnog?
12/20/2004 Which new portable do you think will sell the best worldwide?
12/19/2004 How do you most often get from place to place?
12/18/2004 Now that the first reviews of the PSP are coming out, do you think you'll get one?
12/17/2004 Are you right-handed or left-handed?
12/16/2004 What do you think of EA's gaining exclusive rights to the NFL license for future football games?
12/15/2004 Do you have your own web site and/or blog?
12/14/2004 Have you ever bought a game for your cellular phone?
12/13/2004 How important to you is the music in the games you play?
12/12/2004 Which RPG archetype are you most likely to play if you have the choice?
12/11/2004 Have you ever visited GameFAQs just for the Poll of the Day?
12/10/2004 Are PlayStation2 consoles in short supply where you live?
12/09/2004 How was your computer made?
12/08/2004 How do you usually look up games on GameFAQs?
12/07/2004 How many games do you expect to receive as holiday presents this year?
12/06/2004 What's your favorite sport to play as a video game?
12/05/2004 Have you ever contributed to GameFAQs?
12/04/2004 If you had a choice, would you rather play games earlier or once they've been thoroughly tested for bugs?
12/03/2004 Do you think you'll get a new game system for Christmas?
12/02/2004 Would you miss GameFAQs if it disappeared someday?
12/01/2004 Do you ever dream about playing video games?
11/30/2004 Do you ever pre-order or reserve upcoming games?
11/29/2004 Which Mega Man series is your favorite?
11/28/2004 Which type of online game do you spend the most time with?
11/27/2004 What instant messenger system do you most often use?
11/26/2004 Which Grand Theft Auto is your all-time favorite?
11/25/2004 Which of 2004's last games are you most looking forward to?