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01/11/2006 BEST OF 2005: Game of the Year
01/10/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best Running MMORPG
01/09/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best Multi-Platform Game
01/08/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best Xbox 360 Game
01/07/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best Xbox Game
01/06/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best PSP Game
01/05/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best PlayStation 2 Game
01/04/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best PC Game
01/03/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best GameCube Game
01/02/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best Game Boy Advance Game
01/01/2006 BEST OF 2005: Best DS Game
12/31/2005 How do you plan to ring in the New Year?
12/30/2005 Which one of these off-the-wall scenarios is most likely to happen in 2006?
12/29/2005 How long do you think it will take for hackers to get the Xbox 360 to play copied games?
12/28/2005 What will you remember most about gaming from 2005?
12/27/2005 How do (or did) your parents feel about your gaming habits?
12/26/2005 How many new games did you get as presents this year?
12/25/2005 What did you get for Christmas?
12/24/2005 Got eggnog?
12/23/2005 How important is it that a game you buy has online play?
12/22/2005 Are you currently playing any MMORPGs?
12/21/2005 Are you one of the 5 million World of Warcraft players?
12/20/2005 What's your favorite Star Wars movie?
12/19/2005 What would you most like to see under your Christmas Tree this year?
12/18/2005 Have you ever gotten in any trouble for sharing copyrighted files online?
12/17/2005 Have you ever used BitTorrent?
12/16/2005 Have you ever injured yourself while playing a video game?
12/15/2005 What Working Designs title did you most enjoy?
12/14/2005 How do you feel about the demise of Working Designs?
12/13/2005 How many different variations of Final Fantasy IV do you now own?
12/12/2005 When do you think the Revolution will be released?
12/11/2005 When do you think the PlayStation 3 will be released in Japan?
12/10/2005 Do you think you will get a new system or game this holiday season?
12/09/2005 How much sleep do you get each night?
12/08/2005 How often do you sacrifice sleep to play video games?
12/07/2005 What would you think of a Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) directed Halo movie?
12/06/2005 Do you think video games are too sexist?
12/05/2005 What was the best Sega system ever created?
12/04/2005 What was the best Nintendo system ever created?
12/03/2005 When was the last time you upgraded your computer?
12/02/2005 If you were to attend a live gaming event with other gamers like yourself, which gaming environment would most interest you?
12/01/2005 Which scheduled December release are you most looking forward to?
11/30/2005 How restrictive would you like to see smoking laws where you live?
11/29/2005 Have you ever bought anything online?
11/28/2005 Do you smoke or use other tobacco products?
11/27/2005 Do you own a high-definition capable television?
11/26/2005 Have you finished up your Christmas shopping yet?
11/25/2005 What would you most like to see at a live gaming event?
11/24/2005 Do you think the Xbox 360 shortage is real?
11/23/2005 How long would you stand in line for a new console on the day of release?