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10/06/04 Got GameCube?
10/04/04 Would you like to see more tournament contests on GameFAQs?
10/03/04 Tournament Final: Link vs. Cloud Strife
10/02/04 Tournament Semifinal: Cloud Strife vs. Samus Aran
10/01/04 Tournament Semifinal: Link vs. Mega Man
09/30/04 Chaos Division Final: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Samus Aran
09/29/04 Midgar Division Final: Cloud Strife vs. Sephiroth
09/28/04 20XX Division Final: Mega Man vs. Solid Snake
09/27/04 Hyrule Division Final: Link vs. Crono
09/26/04 Chaos Division Semifinal: Sora vs. Samus Aran
09/25/04 Chaos Division Semifinal: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Dante
09/24/04 Midgar Division Semifinal: Auron vs. Sephiroth
09/23/04 Midgar Division Semifinal: Cloud Strife vs. Squall Leonhart
09/22/04 20XX Division Semifinal: Frog vs. Solid Snake
09/21/04 20XX Division Semifinal: Mega Man vs. Zero
09/20/04 Hyrule Division Semifinal: Crono vs. Mario
09/19/04 Hyrule Division Semifinal: Link vs. Yoshi
09/18/04 Chaos Division Round 2: Sam Fisher vs. Samus Aran
09/17/04 Chaos Division Round 2: Sora vs. Ryu Hayabusa
09/16/04 Chaos Division Round 2: Miles "Tails" Prower vs. Dante
09/15/04 Chaos Division Round 2: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Ryu
09/14/04 Midgar Division Round 2: Vivi vs. Sephiroth
09/13/04 Midgar Division Round 2: Ness vs. Auron
09/12/04 Midgar Division Round 2: Kirby vs. Squall Leonhart
09/11/04 Midgar Division Round 2: Cloud Strife vs. Vyse
09/10/04 20XX Division Round 2: Knuckles the Echidna vs. Solid Snake
09/09/04 20XX Division Round 2: Frog vs. Master Chief
09/08/04 20XX Division Round 2: Tommy Vercetti vs. Zero
09/07/04 20XX Division Round 2: Mega Man vs. Tidus
09/06/04 Hyrule Division Round 2: Bowser vs. Mario
09/05/04 Hyrule Division Round 2: Magus vs. Crono
09/04/04 Hyrule Division Round 2: Yoshi vs. Luigi
09/03/04 Hyrule Division Round 2: Link vs. Ganondorf
09/02/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Samus Aran vs. Lara Croft
09/01/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Sam Fisher vs. Gordon Freeman
08/31/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Ryu Hayabusa vs. Jill Valentine
08/29/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Sora vs. HK-47
08/28/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Dante vs. Ratchet
08/27/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Viewtiful Joe vs. Miles "Tails" Prower
08/26/04 Chaos Division Round 1: KOS-MOS vs. Ryu
08/25/04 Chaos Division Round 1: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Terry Bogard
08/24/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Sephiroth vs. Sly Cooper
08/23/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Vivi vs. Donkey Kong
08/22/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Auron vs. Scorpion
08/21/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Ness vs. Jak
08/20/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Squall Leonhart vs. Bomberman
08/19/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Kirby vs. Kain
08/18/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Vyse vs. Laharl
08/17/04 Midgar Division Round 1: Cloud Strife vs. Duke Nukem
08/16/04 20XX Division Round 1: Solid Snake vs. Tanner