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03/21/2006 Do you think Microsoft is working on a portable game system?
03/20/2006 What is your favorite mode to play in a online first-person shooter?
03/19/2006 Does the PlayStation 3 delay make you more likely to buy another system?
03/18/2006 How do you feel about the PlayStation 3 delay?
03/17/2006 Do you use the Internet more or less often than you did a year ago?
03/16/2006 Do you plan to pick up a Japanese copy of Final Fantasy XII?
03/15/2006 Which Square-Enix game are you most looking forward to?
03/14/2006 What was the first Final Fantasy game you ever played?
03/13/2006 How many of the standard Final Fantasy RPG games have you played?
03/12/2006 What do you use to play music on your computer?
03/11/2006 Have you ever shoplifted a video game?
03/10/2006 Have you ever played in a video game tournament or competition?
03/09/2006 Have you ever played a text adventure game?
03/08/2006 Got Milk?
03/07/2006 Got Dreamcast?
03/06/2006 Got PSP?
03/05/2006 Got DS?
03/04/2006 Got Game Boy Advance?
03/03/2006 Got a gaming-quality PC?
03/02/2006 Got Xbox 360?
03/01/2006 Got Xbox?
02/28/2006 Got GameCube?
02/27/2006 Got PlayStation 2?
02/26/2006 Which scheduled March release are you most looking forward to?
02/25/2006 How many siblings do you have?
02/24/2006 How many different computers do you have running right now in your home?
02/23/2006 Apple has sold a billion songs on iTunes. How many have you bought?
02/22/2006 What time would you like to see the Poll of the Day update (Pacific time)?
02/21/2006 Which Atari sell-off studio do you most hope finds a good home?
02/20/2006 Do you have an active social life outside of the Internet?
02/19/2006 With all of the recent rumors and warnings, when do you think the PlayStation 3 will be released?
02/18/2006 Have you ever played a game in Japanese?
02/17/2006 What kind of Internet connection do you have?
02/16/2006 How do you feel about all of the recent negative rumors about the PlayStation 3?
02/15/2006 Do you plan to buy Final Fantasy: Advent Children when it's released in April?
02/14/2006 Is there a photograph of yourself posted online somewhere?
02/13/2006 What kind of game reviews do you find the most trustworthy?
02/12/2006 How much do you think the PlayStation 3 will cost?
02/11/2006 Do you plan on watching the Winter Olympics?
02/10/2006 Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?
02/09/2006 Do you still play your old consoles?
02/08/2006 What brand of graphics card do you have in your PC?
02/07/2006 How many times a week do you eat fast food?
02/06/2006 Which scheduled February portable release are you most looking forward to?
02/05/2006 Which scheduled February console release are you most looking forward to?
02/04/2006 Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
02/03/2006 When playing games on a computer, what's your favorite keyboard control method?
02/02/2006 Do you have your own
web site and/or blog?
02/01/2006 What's your main method of communicating online?
01/31/2006 What do you think ''Lenovo'' is?