List of All Polls

08/14/2007 Got Madden 08?
08/13/2007 Have you ever had one of your game systems break down?
08/12/2007 Which of the three current major consoles do you now own?
08/11/2007 What's your favorite control style for playing first-person shooters?
08/10/2007 Have you placed one of the one million pre-orders for Halo 3?
08/09/2007 Do you play your console games in high definition?
08/08/2007 What do you think of the newly announced Xbox 360 price drop?
08/07/2007 What's your favorite built-in Windows game?
08/06/2007 When is the last time you bought a new game?
08/05/2007 Have you ever bought a game for download online?
08/04/2007 Do you know how to repair your own computer problems?
08/03/2007 What do you think of the delay of Grand Theft Auto IV until 2008?
08/02/2007 Could you live without video games?
08/01/2007 What kind of gamer are you?
07/31/2007 Which scheduled August release are you most looking forward to?
07/30/2007 Do you plan to buy a new console before the end of the year?
07/29/2007 Got Mac?
07/28/2007 Got a gaming-quality PC?
07/27/2007 Got PSP?
07/26/2007 Got DS?
07/25/2007 Got Xbox 360?
07/24/2007 Got Wii?
07/23/2007 Got PS3?
07/22/2007 How do you pronounce ''pwn''?
07/21/2007 Got Deathly Hallows?
07/20/2007 Do you plan on getting the seventh Harry Potter book tomorrow?
07/19/2007 How many different games have you played in the last week?
07/18/2007 What do you think of the $100 60GB PlayStation 3 price drop now?
07/17/2007 Do you think Microsoft will drop the price of the 360 this year?
07/16/2007 What did you think of this year's smaller E3 show?
07/15/2007 Based on the exclusive games you saw, which console do you think will have the best 2007?
07/14/2007 Which game shown at E3 this year are you most excited about?
07/13/2007 Which game announced at E3 this year are you most excited about?
07/12/2007 What was the most exciting news coming out of E3 so far?
07/11/2007 What was the most exciting news coming out of Microsoft's E3 press conference?
07/10/2007 What's your all-time favorite Namco series?
07/09/2007 What do you think of the PlayStation 3's $100 price drop?
07/08/2007 What's your all-time favorite Konami series?
07/07/2007 What's your all-time favorite Capcom series?
07/06/2007 What's your all-time favorite racing game series?
07/05/2007 What's your all-time favorite rhythm/music action game series?
07/04/2007 What's your all-time favorite survival horror game series?
07/03/2007 What's your all-time favorite 3D action adventure game series?
07/02/2007 What's your all-time favorite real-time strategy game series?
07/01/2007 What's your all-time favorite 2D platform game series?
06/30/2007 Got iPhone?
06/29/2007 What's your all-time favorite science fiction first-person shooter series?
06/28/2007 What's your all-time favorite realistic/historic first-person shooter series?
06/27/2007 Why are you visiting GameFAQs today?
06/26/2007 What's your all-time favorite computer RPG series?