List of All Polls

11/06/2005 How many of GameFAQs' 10 years have you been around for?
11/05/2005 How many times have you played and beaten Final Fantasy VII?
11/04/2005 Have you played and beaten Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
11/03/2005 Do you own a copy of Chrono Trigger?
11/02/2005 Do you own a copy of A Link to the Past?
11/01/2005 What was the first version of Super Mario 3 you ever played?
10/31/2005 Do you own Super Smash Bros. Melee?
10/30/2005 Do you own a copy of the original GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64?
10/29/2005 Have you played and beaten Metal Gear Solid?
10/28/2005 Do you own a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved?
10/27/2005 Do you own a copy of Final Fantasy VI/III?
10/26/2005 Have you entered the 10th Anniversary Contest yet? (Entries due today!)
10/25/2005 Do you own a PDA?
10/24/2005 Do you look at the results of the Poll of the Day before you vote?
10/23/2005 What is your opinion on Jack Thompson and what he is doing to the video game industry?
10/21/2005 How often do you buy used games?
10/20/2005 What do you think will be the next piece of gaming hardware you buy?
10/19/2005 Got a gaming-quality PC?
10/18/2005 Got PSP?
10/17/2005 Got Game Boy Advance/DS?
10/16/2005 Got Xbox?
10/15/2005 Got GameCube?
10/14/2005 Got PlayStation 2?
10/13/2005 What kind of video connection do you use for your video games?
10/12/2005 How often do you check your computer for spyware/adware?
10/11/2005 Who do you think will win the World Series?
10/10/2005 What company made the first video game system you ever owned?
10/09/2005 What influences you most in your game buying?
10/08/2005 How much time do you spend on the Internet each day?
10/07/2005 Do you spend more or less time on the Internet than you did a year ago?
10/06/2005 Do you spend more or less time playing video games than you did a year ago?
10/05/2005 With Peter Jackson producing the Halo movie, are you interested in seeing it?
10/04/2005 Do you own a portable MP3 player?
10/03/2005 Do you currently pay a monthly fee to play any online games?
10/02/2005 Which scheduled October console release are you most looking forward to?
10/01/2005 Which scheduled October PC release are you most looking forward to?
09/30/2005 Which scheduled October portable release are you most looking forward to?
09/29/2005 Have you ever bought and downloaded a game online?
09/28/2005 How long has it been since you've played a game?
09/27/2005 Which of the three next-gen consoles are you most excited about?
09/26/2005 Do you plan to pick up a Game Boy Micro?
09/25/2005 Do you plan to pick up an Xbox 360 this year?
09/24/2005 What's your take on the Revolution controller?
09/23/2005 How did you like this year's Character Battle?
08/18/2005 With a $20 price drop, will you get a DS now?
08/17/2005 The Xbox 360 is launching at $299/$399. Will you get one?
08/09/2005 Got Madden?
08/03/2005 How often do you play games online?
08/02/2005 Have you ever rented movies or games online?
07/29/2005 Would you ever consider joining the U.S. Military?