List of All Polls

02/12/2005 Which game company do you hate the most (or like the least)?
02/11/2005 What do you think of people who buy or sell in-game goods for real money?
02/10/2005 Have you ever bought or sold in-game goods or gold for real money?
02/09/2005 Waht do you think the next Microsoft console will be called?
02/08/2005 How many hours of sleep do you get a night on average?
02/07/2005 What size of bed do you sleep on?
02/06/2005 Which PSP launch title most interests you?
02/05/2005 PSP: $249 on March 24th. Getting one?
02/04/2005 Have you ever used Linux?
02/03/2005 Have you ever used an Apple Macintosh computer?
02/02/2005 Do you use ad-blocking software?
02/01/2005 Which scheduled February release are you most looking forward to?
01/31/2005 Have you played a Nintendo DS yet?
01/30/2005 Have you played a PSP yet?
01/29/2005 Have you played a wireless multiplayer portable game yet?
01/28/2005 When do you think the next Nintendo console will be released?
01/27/2005 When do you think the Xbox 2/Next will be released?
01/26/2005 When do you think the PlayStation 3 will be released?
01/25/2005 How do you feel about the end of Sega Sports?
01/24/2005 How many different versions of Tetris have you ever played?
01/23/2005 Have you ever bought MP3s or other digital music online?
01/22/2005 Do you own a portable MP3 player?
01/21/2005 Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
01/20/2005 What do you think of advertisements in games?
01/19/2005 Have you ever bought a game for download that you could buy at a store?
01/18/2005 What do you think of the EA/ESPN deal?
01/17/2005 How many different MMORPGs have you ever played?
01/16/2005 What kind of player vs. player combat do you most enjoy in an MMORPG?
01/15/2005 Do you buy the special or limited edition of a game if one is available?
01/14/2005 If Fox buys a game company, which show would you most like to see developed as a game?
01/13/2005 Do you lead an active life outside of gaming?
01/12/2005 BEST OF 2004: System of the Year
01/11/2005 BEST OF 2004: Game of the Year (Final Vote)
01/10/2005 BEST OF 2004: Game of the Year
01/09/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Multi-Platform Game
01/08/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Nintendo DS Game
01/07/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Xbox Game
01/06/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best PlayStation 2 Game
01/05/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best PC Game
01/04/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best GameCube Game
01/03/2005 BEST OF 2004: Best Game Boy Advance Game
01/02/2005 Got PSP?
01/01/2005 Got a gaming-quality PC?
12/31/2004 Got Xbox?
12/30/2004 Got GameCube?
12/29/2004 Got PlayStation 2?
12/28/2004 Got Game Boy Advance?
12/27/2004 Got Nintendo DS?
12/26/2004 How many new games did you get as presents this year?
12/25/2004 Did you get a new game system for Christmas?