List of All Polls

07/20/2005 Mushroom Division Round 1: Ness vs. Carl Johnson
07/19/2005 Mushroom Division Round 1: Mario vs. Joanna Dark
07/18/2005 Have you entered the Summer Contest yet?
07/17/2005 Do you think violent or sexual video game content should be regulated by the government?
07/16/2005 Got Half-Blood Prince?
07/15/2005 Got DS?
07/14/2005 Got PSP?
07/13/2005 What's the biggest problem today with online gaming?
07/12/2005 From best to worst, what's your opinion of the next-gen consoles?
07/11/2005 How often do you see movies at a theater?
07/10/2005 Do you plan to read the upcoming sixth Harry Potter book?
07/09/2005 Do you have a blog?
07/08/2005 Do you think GTA: San Andreas should be restricted to adults only?
07/07/2005 Do you worry that you may be addicted to video games?
07/06/2005 Have you ever used VOIP (Voice Over IP) for your home telephone?
07/05/2005 Do you have a virus scanner installed?
07/04/2005 Have you entered the Summer Contest yet?
07/03/2005 Do you like cats or dogs better?
07/02/2005 Do you think the Nintendo Revolution can compete against the PS3 and Xbox 360?
07/01/2005 Are (or were) your parents aware of the kinds of video games you play?
06/30/2005 Which scheduled July release are you most looking forward to?
06/29/2005 How many people in your home play video and computer games regularly?
06/28/2005 Have you ever played an online game as a female?
06/27/2005 Got Xbox?
06/26/2005 Got PlayStation 2?
06/25/2005 Got GameCube?
06/24/2005 Which web browser do you most often use?
06/23/2005 Have you played a console game online yet?
06/22/2005 Do you have any video game action figures?
06/21/2005 Who's the strongest female fighter of all time?
06/20/2005 Do you wear glasses or contacts?
06/19/2005 Do you wear a watch?
06/18/2005 Do you have a wireless network in your home?
06/17/2005 Do you subscribe to any online games that you hardly ever (or never) play?
06/16/2005 Got Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
06/15/2005 How do you feel about the Revolution not supporting HDTV?
06/14/2005 What do you think of the proposed Halo movie?
06/13/2005 Do you think today's video games are too long, too short, or just right?
06/12/2005 What kind of television service do you have?
06/11/2005 Are you fluent in any languages other than English?
06/10/2005 Which of the two next-gen portable systems do you own?
06/09/2005 Do you have a cellular phone?
06/08/2005 Do you have a high-definition television?
06/07/2005 Do you own one of Sony's 90 million shipped PlayStation 2 systems?
06/06/2005 Which of the next-gen consoles are you most likely to buy?
06/05/2005 Which big-name sequel are you most looking forward to?
06/04/2005 Which scheduled June release are you most looking forward to?
06/03/2005 Is Sephiroth truly the greatest video game villain of all time?
06/02/2005 Tournament Final: Sephiroth vs. Ganondorf
06/01/2005 Tournament Semifinal: Diablo vs. Ganondorf