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I've encountered a couple of experience based glitches, unless there's another explanation for them. According to faqs the Wizard characters should get 3 mana points for every 2 Magic stat points. Playing the game again, I've got a wizard with a Magic stat in the 90's, but my mana level is only in the 60's.

I've also had a higher level Wizard who just stopped gaining experience. No matter how much grinding I did the experience bar would not budge any further. It started about the time I got the Fire Golem spell. I don't know if the glitch is related to that, or if there is a work around, because I would still like to use the Fire Golem.


darthsekse answered:

My characters max out at the cap for the difficulty level. If yours has not, I cannot imagine it would be any different from the other glitches in the game. Sorry.
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