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"Breaking the law is actually quite fun in this game"

Introduction:For my 5th review I will be reviewing the wonderful GTA2 for Playstation.Just note that this is a game and dont do any of this stuff in real life.

Graphics:For a game a couple years old the graphics look pretty smooth.Although a little bad and choppy I say they are not the best but are still pretty good.Every building and vehicle and everything else look greatly made.I give the graphics a 9.

Gameplay:This game is very fun and addictive.The controls are a little difficult to learn for beginners but after practice it will seem very easy.It is fun in every mode of the game.Just play it to see what I mean.I give the gameplay a 10.

Features:There is actually a lot of stuff to do.There are three cities to play in.You can work for different gangs as long as you have their respect first.You can get kill frenzies and defeat a certain amount of people in a certain amount of time.It is a fun part.You can unlock bonus levels where you have to destroy things like Ice Cream Trucks while in a car with machine guns.This is pretty fun.That is pretty much the only part of the game but its still very fun.The features get a big score of 10.

Story:The story is very simple.You are a criminal and you work for other gang leaders.Get to a telephone and get jobs.You have to rescue people or destroy certain objects or people while avoiding cop cars that give chase.The story gets a 10 also.

Sounds and Music:Lots of sounds here.The sounds of weapons firing.Although when you fire a weapon the people in the area near you yell out some rather bad words.When in a car the car has a radio station on but nothing like you would hear in real life.The sounds are good and I give them a 9.

Replay:If you want to complete all jobs,find all the different cars,get all the GTA tokens,get the kill frenzies,and get maximum points on each level you have a lot of great reasons to keep playing.The replay rate is a 10.

Buy or Rent:I say you should buy this awesome game.Just beware that there is bad words and it involves the use of drugs [well the gangs you talk to mention it] and that you have to avoid cops.Other than that the game is very fun and entertaining and is a nice game to add to your collection.

The Verdict
Sound and Music-9
Replay Rate-10

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 12/09/01, Updated 12/09/01

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