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                                Mini  FAQ
                                  v 1.51
                        Started on December 12,1998
                Written by Miko Jao (
                             Copyright 1998

Last Updated on May 31 ,2000.


1.  Introduction
2.  Stuff I need
3.  Updates
4.  Weapons, Magic, Items etc.
5.  Boss Strategies
I.       Gelatinoid
II.      Ancient Guardian
III.     Monster Sara
IV.      Shrine Protecter
V.       Watcher in the Water
VI.      Soul Leech
VII.     Kline
VIII.    Reptilicus Maximus 
IX.      Soul Leech
X.       Corpse Worm
XI.      Nirude
XII.     Hidden Eyes
XIII.    Stone Golem
XIV.     Zazan
XV.      Wilda
XVI.     Terror Twins
XVII.    The Hideous Thing that Ronan had become
XVIII.   Zorgia
XIX.     Dragon
XX.      Melzas
XXI.     Brain and Eyeballs Melzas
6.Other FAQS
7.Credits and Disclaimer
9.Spoilers(for those who look at FAQs of a game before they even bought 


  I'd like to state a few stuff before I go on with the FAQ. First of 
all, I am not a prolific writer so don't bug me about having a dumb-
sounding FAQ. Comments are welcome though. This FAQ was also not made to 
be encyclopedic( that's why I called it a mini faq ). Remember, I'm just 
a half-Chinese grade school grunt who is above-average in academics and 
videogame playing so don't complain about bad grammar or other stuff 
like that.   

  I wrote this FAQ because most of my friends are bugging me about 
Alundra because I had it the longest. Even though Alundra is old, many 
of my friends are still buying it now. Of course, I soon got sick of 
answering their question everyday so I decided to write this mini-FAQ.  

  Oh yeah, about the game, Alundra is an remarkably difficult Action/RPG 
from the folks at Working Designs and Matrix Software. It is like Zelda 
and Illusion of Gaia. It is 15-60 hours depending on your skill and 
intelligence. Most of the graphics can be done on a 16-bit machine. When 
I first saw the anime intro of the game, I had high expectations for the 
game to have several anime scenes but sadly, there are only 2. The story 
is understandable and Working Designs also inserted some of their 
trademark comedy like Jaylen's uncanny resemblance to a certain talk 
show host on NBC.
 Overall, Alundra is a great game.


                          2.Stuff I need


2.Other strategies for the bosses.

More to Come..

You WILL get acknowledged in the credits section if you contribute.


v.1.0(unreleased) Fixed the layout of the FAQ and finished Introduction, 
Stuff I need and Updates.

v.1.10(unreleased) Finished  the Giant Slime strategy.

v.1.20(January 19,1999) Added more bosses, finished credits.

v.1.30(February 2,1999) Fixed some boss names, got Alundra's developer, 
added some bosses and finished the swords.

v.1.32(February 17,1999)Oops! Forgot to change the version number at the 
top. It should have been v.1.30.Anyway, in my update, I added a new 
section, added the rest of the weapons and a few bosses.

v.1.35(February 28,1999)Revised a few boss strategies, added Melzas, 
some items and a new person to the credits section.

v.1.40(May 18,1999)Added the rest of the bosses and fixed most of their 
names(thanks to Eric Mansson).

v.1.51(April 2,2000)Fixed everything up and added everything I have to. 
Well, this 
will probably my last update as Alundra 2 is out now. Do you guys think 
I should
 make an FAQ for that? E-mail me for comments and suggestions.

v.1.52(May 31, 2000) Changed my email and revised some stuff.

                          4.Weapons,Items,Magic etc. 

I. Swords
Short Dagger-Initial equip weapon for the game. Weak, short range and 
got no charge but it is better than nothing.

Sword-Longer range than the short dagger, a bit stronger and has a 
charge attack. Get it in the Ancient Shrine in the desert.

Fiend Blade-Just like the Sword but stronger. Found at the 

Holy Sword-Longer range and a lot stronger than the previous two but 
otherwise the same. Given by the villagers before you venture out to 
defeat Melzas.

Legend Sword-No charge but otherwise the strongest weapon in the game. 
It can kill some bosses in a few quick swipes. It will obliterate 
anything that goes between you and your target. If you wish to have it, 
talk to King Snow's statue. You must have died several times before and 
used the retry command. If you get it before the Fiend Blade or Holy 
Sword, they will no longer appear in your menu(Legend Sword will still 
be there)for the Legend Sword is superior.(optional)(OK not optional. 
This thing is so easy to get but is one of the best items in the game. 

II. Flails

Iron Flail-A strong weapon(in the beginning)but it is extremely slow. 
Can break those large white blocks. Obtained from Jess after the death 
of Nadia.

Steel Flail-A stronger version of the Iron Flail. You can charge this 
weapon. Obtained from Gustav after saving Elene.

III. Bows
Hunter Bow-A weak but long-range weapon. You can't charge this one. 
Pretty useless in fighting but is required in most puzzles. Get it from 
Jess after Kline's demise. You cannot charge with this weapon.

Willow Bow-A charging version of the Hunter Bow. More powerful. You 
might use it in sniping at some enemies if you don't want to go hand-to-
hand. Get it from Murgg Woods.

IV.  Wands

Fire Wand-A weak weapon. Melts ice. Charge for a more powerful blast. 
You will get it from Fire Manor at the Lake area.

Ice Wand-Can put out torches. Charge it for a more powerful blast. Get 
it from the Ice Manor at Torla Mountain.

Spirit Wand-When you equip it, and use magic, your magic will not run 
out(by the way, sorry to all the guys who sent me info on this as I 
can't post your names because when you sent me the 411, I already got 
the Spirit Wand and found out how to use it and besides, my e-mails all 
got deleted and I cant recover your addresses) .


I.  Usable Items

Herb-Restores 5-10 HP.

Strength Tonic-Restores 15-20(?) HP.

Strength Elixyr-Restores all your HP.

Magic Elixyr-Restores all your magic seeds.

Wonder Essence-Restores all your HP and MP(Alundra will automatically 
use it if you die and you have one in your inventory)

II.  No Need To Use Items(you don't even have to equip it)

Power Glove-Makes Alundra stronger. He can carry those big white rocks 
that look like they have writing on it. Get it from Jess after  Cybil's 

III.  Unusable Items(you can equip it)

Olga's Ring-Increases Alundra's attack power. Received from Merrick.

Silver Gauntlets-Increases Alundra's defensive power. After a certain 
number of Gilded Falcons, Merrick will hand it over.

Recovery Ring-Heals Alundra by 1 HP every 3 seconds without moving. Get 
it from Merrick.

Nava's Charm-Makes Alundra INVINCIBLE to fire. Get it at the cemetery 
area(the house of Cephas, the one with unlit torches in the basement) 
Light them in this order:

Upper left, lower right, lower left, lower middle, upper middle upper 


                             5.Boss Strategies

I. Gelatinoid: difficulty **(out of **********)
To liberate Wendell from his nightmares, you must defeat this slime 
creature. Start by doing an attack-retreat pattern. Every time you 
attack it, it will blink briefly (like you when you get hit) and be 
invincible for those few seconds but it can still hurt you. Once you 
damage it enough, it will split into 4 medium sized apparitions. They 
blink when you attack them just like the Giant Slime and they can do 
damage to you as well so keep using the attack-retreat pattern. If you 
damage one of them enough, it will split into those normal slimes that 
don't blink and die easily. Once you defeated the last slime, you have 
defeated your first boss!

Not too hard but bring a few herbs along just in case.

II.  Ancient Guardian: difficulty *
Easy. Just avoid the rocks that fall and strike him constantly until he 

No sweat. If u are a terrible player save some herbs or a tonic.

III. Sara Monster(?): difficulty ***
 A mirage demon. She teleports around the battle field. Every now and 
then, the demon will create false images of herself. You must attack her 
true form to damage her. There is no way to know which is the real form 
so you just have to guess. Another way is to be an extremely lucky guy 
who threw a bomb at the start of the battle when Sara teleported within
 the vicinity of the bomb just before it blew up in her face.

You can use a bomb to kill her in a swift blow or you can just use your 
sword. Magic is practically useless here.

IV.  Shrine Protector 
See Ancient Guardian

V. Watcher in the Water: difficulty ***
 Not too hard. This boss has several attacks. It can shoot some water 
arms from the surface of the water. You can destroy these if you want 
but it would better if you try to avoid them instead. Occasionally, the 
main form of the boss will appear. You will know it if you see it. The 
main form of the boss will shoot many bubbles at you sometimes. When 
this happens, keep pressing the square button to pave a way through the 
bubbles so that you can hurt the boss.

Easy but long. Bring a few healing stuff just in case.

VI. Soul Leech *****
The first challenging boss in this game. He spits out slimes and then 
tries to suck them back in after a while. When he does this, throw a few 
bombs at him and he will quit trying to suck. Kill as many slimes as you 
can so that you can have some energy. If he gets Kline in his mouth, you 
will take damage also. Keep Kline away from the monster. After a while, 
Septimus will call you and the battle will end(but the creature escaped)

Hard but you can make it. Bring at least 1 herb.

VII. Kline * 
Easiest boss in the game. A few hits should kill him. Try to avoid his 
jumping attacks and heal when necessary.

If you die here, you shouldn't be playing this game.

VIII.  Reptilicus Maximus ****
Slash at him with your sword. Try to avoid the Lizard Men as much as 
necessary. When he jumps, make sure you are not on the ground when he 
lands for you will be stunned(the Lizard Men will be stunned too). Use 
Water Magic if you need a boost in health(if you don't wanna then kill a 
few Lizard Men). After a while, he will start healing himself every now 
and then if he isn't dead yet.

Not very challenging but he is not easy for some people. Bring a Magic 

IX.  Soul Leech *******
Quite hard. This time though, if he sucks up Giles, you die(unless you 
have a Wonder Essence). It also takes more bombs to stop him from 
sucking you and Giles in. If Giles is dangerously close to the Sucker's 
mouth while being sucked then jump in the way and make sure to take a 
few swipes of your sword while he sucks you in so that he may be damaged 
as well. Use only Water Magic. Remember don't let him suck in Giles!

A Wonder Essence is a MUST here. Buy one before you come in(there are 
also some wonder Essences in the dungeon).

X. Corpse Worm ****
Average. This guy consists of a tail, several center sections and a 
head. At the start, the head cannot be hurt but since that is what you 
must attack to defeat this beast you have to find a way. No need looking 
for it because it is already here! You must attack all the center 
sections(the tail cannot be attacked). If you attack a part, it will 
become brown. Make all the center parts brown and the head will be 
vulnerable to attack! After you attack it's head for a while, it will 
turn white again and you must repeat the process. The centipede can 
attack you by a small rock object which it throws at you. Don't destroy 
it, you're better off avoiding it! It also lays a cocoon. Destroy this 
immediately or else it's offspring will attack you. Don't let it hatch!

Keep a few herbs in your stock just in case.

XI.  Nirude **

Extremely easy. You don't even have to attack! Just go down the conveyer 
belt while avoiding falling rocks and BOOM! he's dead. His skin will 
decay. Cool battle.

Just bring something to heal you.

XII.  Hidden Eyes ***
There are several of these guys to defeat but they are really easy to 
beat. Just strike the round thing inside the top part of the slime until 
it reaches the bottom of the slime. Strike it with your sword and repeat 
the process.

5 herbs will bring you past Elene's subconscious. 

XIII.  Stone Golem *
Same as the Ancient Guardian but has higher HP.

XIV.  Zazan *****
This giant ape can be a pain after that long dungeon but if you saved a 
Strength Potion, you should have no problem. Zazan throws rocks at you 
occasionally but his main attack is extending his fist and spinning 
around the room. Dodge these attacks by running around the room. You 
can't attack him while he is spinning so wait till he stops then bash 
him with your sword.

Make sure to save a few herbs.

XV.  Wilda *
The only thing that can hurt him is the weak ice wand so prepare for a 
long battle. Equip Nava's Charm to nullify his attacks. Since he can't 
hurt you, he is as good as dead. If you don't have the Nava's Charm, you 
better go get it.

Nava's Charm is one of the best accessories so you better get it as it 
will help greatly in this dungeon and other battles.

XVI.  Terror Twins *(with Legend Sword) ***(w/o Legend Sword.
If you have the Legend Sword, it will take 3 attacks to one of the twins 
and then you will defeat them both since if you defeat one of them, the 
other one perishes as well. Just 3 hits with the Legend Sword. If you 
don't have it, just concentrate your attacks to one of the twins. When 
they do the laser, attack one of the twins to stop the attack. 

No problem at all.

XVII.  The Hideous Thing that Ronan Had Become ****
He shouldn't be that difficult if you have the Water Book. There are two 
ways of attacking him. The first is by using the Willow Bow from afar. 
This will take much longer than going in for some close range fighting. 
The second way is riskier than the first but much faster. Run right in 
front of him and use your strongest close range weapon. It helps to have 
the Legend Sword.

Just bring a Magic Elixyr. 

XVIII. 	Zorgia *****
Just attack. Easy especially with the Legend sword. Run around to avoid 
and bash him when you can.

XIX. Dragon ****
Pretty easy for one of the final bosses. Equip Nava's Charm to protect 
from his fire attacks and avoid his stomps and you'll beat him in no 
time. You can only attack him when he swoops down to you so don't bother 
trying to jump up to attack him. When he is about to swoop down from 
very high up in the air, quickly run down to avoid him from smashing 
down on you. Try to keep the battle at the top of the screen. 

Just bring an herb. Nava's charm will help you GREATLY in trying to 
defeat this boss.

XX.  Melzas ***
Not too tough. Equip the Nava's Charm when not healing. Melzas will 
teleport around the room. In one situation, he will have three replicas 
of himself. The last one to appear is the real one. If you don't strike 
the real one in time, Melzas will either use a ring of fire to hurt 
you(no problem because of Nava's Charm)or fire three moving balls. You 
can strike these repeatedly to destroy them. The other situation is when 
two replicas of Melzas(and Melzas himself)will appear at the top of the 
screen. If you do not strike him immediately, the real Melzas will fire 
an extremely powerful beam at you. Except for the laser attack, this 
boss is no problemo.

Nava's charm is extremely recommended. 

XXI. Brain and Eyeballs Melzas **
Easy for the final boss. Just run up the ramp and use the Fire Book 
there to incinerate his hands. Quickly jump up and attack him repeatedly 
then run back down and avoid his laser attack then attack him again. 
Wait for the hands to reappear then repeat the process.

Bring a Magic Elixyr

Those are the bosses in the game. The average difficulty is 3 which 
proves that the puzzles are what makes the game hard. The hardest boss 
is Soul Leech(2nd Time) with 7 and the easiest is Kline, Wilda and the 
golems with 1.

                                6.Other FAQS  

FAQS by me posted at GameFAQS now: Uh.this one.
                                   One on One 
                                    Marvel vs Capcom EX        

Upcoming FAQS by me: Alundra2
                                        Kaikan Phrase(indefinite)

FAQS by my friends that are at GameFAQS now: 
Xenogears by Gino Caparas(he comes from the Philippines)  
Knockout Kings by Gino Caparas
Abe's Exodus by Gino Caparas

                           7.Credits and Disclaimer

Thanks to the following people:

My brother, Joshua Jao for helping me get through some of the game's 
hard puzzles  and waking me up by wetting me

GameFaqs for publishing my FAQ 

King Pajaro ( for giving me lots of free money to 
buy games and pizza

Earl's Toy World for being my favorite and most reliable place to buy 
PlayStation stuff

Gino Caparas ( being the nature boy and helping 
me in a few games

Most of my friends for asking me questions about Alundra 

My mom and dad for buying me a PlayStation and lotsa CDs(and making me)

My aircon for being so cold that it wakes me up in the middle of the 
night so that I can play Alundra

Working Designs for publishing this great game and Matrix 
Software(uh…Contrail?) for 
developing it

Richard Lissimore ( for putting my FAQ on his 
page, and giving me some extra publicity.

Erik Mansson for his boss names.  


Alundra- Main character of the game. In the manual his hair is red but 
in the game it is yellow. Gets shipwrecked at the beach of Inoa but is 
taken in by Jess. Doesn't a word during the whole game. Has pointy elf 
ears(like Link from Legend of Zelda fame).

Jess- The old man who takes in Alundra to live in his home. Likes saying 
Oy! A lot.

Septimus- A guy who helps Alundra realize his powers of dreamwalking and 
aids him through most of the game. Has really goofy looking ears.

Meia- Alundra's love interest met halfway through the game. Has pointy 
elf ears too.

Melzas- Main baddie of the game. Gives the villagers of Inoa horrible 

Ronan- The guy who takes care of the Sanctuary. As the game progresses, 
the villagers become more and more suspicious of him.

Kline- The local hunter who protects the village from harm.

Villagers of Inoa- A gloomy bunch being plagued by nightmares and 


OK. Here goes.

Nadia dies. 
Cybil dies.
 Kline dies.
 Giles dies. 
Jess dies.
 Ronan fights you in the form of an evil monster and dies.
 Half the village dies in a fire.
 Melzas dies.

OK in short, lots of people die. There. 


You can contact me through ICQ. My number is 9530082.
Copyright to Miko Jao 1998-2000