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From: "Ignacio Lucas" <delucas@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 13:49:06 PDT

        Alundra Version 0.02

This is NOT an FAQ. I just wanted to help others that may be stuck
(as I was a while ago and will, surely, be again) due to a lack of
Japanese knowledge. I'm only as far as the end of the third dungeon
so I'm afraid I won't be able to help further than that.

By the way, I'm Spanish and English is not my mother language, so
I hope you forgive my gramatical and spelling errors and e-mail me
any mistakes.

General Gameplay

If your problem is that you don't know where to go now, you should visit
the Fortune-teller. By answering Yes (the upper option) two times, she
will show you a world map with your current location (marked with an X)
and the place you have to go now (marked by a flash of light).

Common sticking points.

1st Dungeon : The Ancient house

There shouldn't be any problem with this one, but e-mail me if you
are stuck anywhere.

2nd Dungeon : The Mine

First Generator: As the miner shows, pull the levers in this order:
   Left, left, Right, Left
Second Generator : Pull the upper lever three times, then the lower one,
   and lastly jump over the generator a couple of times
   (it should flash white with each jump)

3rd Dungeon : The Crypt

Ghost puzzle: This is just at the entrance and TOOK ME 3 HOURS
   TO FIGURE IT OUT (mainly because I wasn't sure if the door would
   open by just talking to the ghosts in order). Numbering the
   ghosts from 1 to 5 from left to right you must activate them
   in this order: 3 2 4 1 5 

Four orbs puzzle : These are four purple orbs arranged in a diamond 
   You have to hit them in this order : Right, Left, Down, Up.

Infinity rooms puzzle : This is composed by two rooms that repeat
   themselves continuously when walking from left to right.
   The first one has some sort of 3-dimensional maze and three
   light orbs that must be active at one time to open the doors.
   The problem is that one of them deactivates just after being
   hit, so it must be the third one you activate.

   The second has just three slimes that have to be killed in order to
   open the doors.

   To break the loop of those two rooms, you must enter the first
   one, then go to the second one, then again to the first one.
   There you must go left again (as if you wanted to exit to
   the corridor), but you will be in the second room again. Head
   right from there and you should end up in a new room.

Path to the 4th dungeon : The Desert

   At the north end of the center stone structure you will be carried
   by two tornados to another section. In this you have to look the
   direction in which the wind blows and exit by that side of the 

4th Dungeon : The Pyramid

   Throughout this dungeon there are many places in which you will
   have to place sculptures of a drop of water, a ball representig
   the sun, a star and the moon in the tiles matching their form.
   Then you will reach one room in which there is only one tile:
   there you have to put the sculptures one on top of the other, in
   this order: Water, Sun, Moon, Star, being the water the lowest one.

Oddly (and fortunately) enough, from this point on there doesn't seem
to be any more Japanese-text puzzles, although there are some quite
devilish ones (like in the ice towers). But this pseudo-faq was intended
to help people with the Japanese ones, so I won't be describing the
solution to the others. After all, that's half the fun!
What this means is that I won't make another revision unless I find
another Japanese-stucking point.

E-mail : Ignacio de Lucas (delucas@www.hotmail.com)

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