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1. Intro
2. Bosses, Descriptions, and Guides
3. Legal Stuff

1. This is a guide to all the bosses in the game, and how to defeat
them with ease. I'll give their difficulty on a 1,2,3,4, or 5 rating,
1 being pathetically easy and 5 being horrible. So here we go!
2. Boss 1: Gelatinoid
Difficulty: 1/5
Location: Wendell's Dream

Description: The being that is causing Wendell's endless nightmare. It
is nothing more than a whole bunch of purple slimes packed into one.

Being the first boss, this thing is pretty pathetic. It's just a huge
thing of slime that slooooowly comes after you. Just run up to it and
slash it, then run back, let it creep forward a bit, run back up and
slash it again. Note that bosses can not be hit while they are
flashing, you'll have to wait a couple seconds between hits. After
20-25 hits, it will break into 4 smaller Gelatinoids. Use the same
strategy as before, just be more careful as you'll have a lot less
room. After you damage a Smaller Gelatinoid enough, it'll break into 4
of the little slime things we have fought all through Tarn's Mansion
earlier and here in Wendell's Dream. Just focus on one Small Gelatinoid at
a time and finish off the 4 slimes it breaks into, and repeat for the
other 3 to save Wendell and win the battle.

Boss 2: 4 Murgg
Difficulty: 0.000000001/5
Location: Inoa Mine

Destricption: Albino-white monkeys under the rule of Zazan.

Oooook...The only reason I am classifying this as a boss is because
it plays the boss theme. Basically, you are just fighting 4 Murgg. Kill
them, open the chest that drops for a Life Vessel.

Boss 3: Ancient Guardian
Difficulty: 2/5
Location: Lars' Crypt

Description: A large golem made to protect Lars' Crypt. Lars uses it
as a test for you to overcome.

The Guardian will start the battle by slamming it's fists into
the ground, causing rocks to fall toward you, so run out of the way.
All of it's attacks consist of falling rocks. Keep your eye on it, when
it kinda shakes, rocks will either fall toward you in a horizontal line,
or they will fall in a sideways U shape around the Guardian. It will also
slam it's fists into the ground, causing rocks to fall in a circle 
around it. The best time to attack is right after a rockfall. So just
keep your distance, and after it does an attack and the rocks stop
falling, move in and slice at it, then just run back and repeat the
process until it is destroyed.

Boss 4: Sara
Difficulty: 3/5
Location: Bonaire's Dream

Description: An evil demon wooing Bonaire in his dreams. He thinks she
is his dream woman, but she is really a monster diguised as a human. You
fight her monster form just in time to save Bonaire.

The first boss that puts up a decent fight. Sara has several different
attacks. She will disappear from the battlefield, then she will either
make 3 electric balls appear in random places that shoot little energy
bullets at you, cause 3 electric balls to form around you in a triangular
shape and fire cris-crossing bullets at you, appear with about 7 copies
of herself and circle you, or appear somewhere in the room and just
zip around the room in random directions. To avoid the first 2 attacks,
jsut keep on the move. When she uses her clone attack, just slash at random
copies and hope you hit the real Sara, there is no way to tell which is
real or fake. Hitting the real one will cause all fakes to vanish. As for
her last attack...well, it doesn't really seem to be an attack, just a
"haha, I'm too fast for you!" kind of thing. The only way to damage Sara
is to hit the real Sara when she does the clone attack, or hit here when
she's doing the zoom-around-the-room thing. Just keep dodging and attacking
when you get the chance and she'll be "crushed" eventually.

Boss 5: Shrine Protector
Difficulty: 2/5
Location: Ancient Shrine

Description: Just like the Ancient Guardian, the Shrine Protector is a
large golem made to protect the Ancient Shrine. Dwells in a sand-filled
room, waiting for trespassers.

This is just like the Ancient Guardian you fought before, so use the
same strategy. The only real difference is that your movement will be
restricted by the sand, and that when it slams it's fists on the ground,
rocks will fall not only in a circle around it, but in several more
circles branching outward. Just keep pounding it with the Iron Flail
and it should go down quickly.

Boss 6: 8 Mummy Creatures, Test of Strength
Difficulty: 2/5
Location: Ancient Shrine

Description: They are just like the mummy creatures you have fought
all through the Shrine. Large, green, hook on one hand, head covered
in bandages.

Like the Murgg one, this is not a true boss, although I classify it as one
due to the music. There are 8 of these things, and they each take 10 hits
from the Flail or 15 hits from the Dagger. Also, they take up a lot of
space in the room, and if they hit you or you touch them, you'll take
heavy damage. Just try to keep your distance from them and keep pounding
with the Flail. An effective but dangerous strategy is to run in front of
one, and when it gets ready to stap you with it's hook hand, run behind
it or to it's side and unload on it. If you keep hitting it non-stop it
won't be able to attack. Just keep it up till they die.

Boss 7: Watcher in the Water
Difficulty: 3/5
Location: Ocean Cave

Description: An evil monster made up of what I assume to be the souls
of the people who have died in the cave, or perhaps in shipwrecks. 

This thing can take quite a bit of damage, so don't get impatient. At
the beginning of the fight, it will just be a ghostly face moving
around in the water. Keep near it and stay on the move at all times,
as large arms&hands made of water will try to shoot up under you and
damage you. Also, while it is  under the water as a face, it may
cause large amounts of bubbles to come spinning out from it across every
inch of the room in a pinwheel pattern. Use the sword to cut through them
as they get near you. You can jump them too, but you could still get hit.
After a little while the face will rise out of the ground and form into what
appears to be a tall, wide arm covered with faces. As soon as it comes up,
it may be encircled with Water Arms that will spin outward from it. You
can cut through these, or wait until there is a big enough gap to run
between them. This thing is the Watcher's weak state, so move in and
slash it with the sword. You can also throw bombs into it, but it is easier
and quicker with the sword. Also, note that if don't don't attack it
quickly enough, after about 2 seconds tons and tons of Water Arms will
start poping up randomly all around the room. So hit it as quickly as
possible when it appears, then run away and repeat the whole process from
the beginning until it is defeated. One more thing, there is a spot of safe
ground in the north-east corner of the room where none of this thing's
attacks can hit you. If it goes crazy with the hands, you may wanna head
there until it calms down. Good luck!

Boss 8: Soul Leech
Location: Kline's Dream

Description: A horrifying monster that is turning Kline into a monster.
As it's name implies, the Soul Leech absorbes the souls, hearts and minds
of those that it enters. It's head has eyes and a central, circular mouth
of teeth, much like that of a worm. It's chest and stomach has a massive
tentacle mouth on it. These tentacles come apart, and when the mouth is
revealed, Soul Leech sucks in it's pray and devours it.

Eh...As the description clearly states, this thing has a large mouth
on it's stomach that will open and try to suck you and Kline in. If 
either you or Kline get sucked into the mouth you will lose 2 or 3
health. Sometimes it spits out purple slimes, kill these as they often
drop health.(When the mouth opens, it'll suck all the slimes in and kill
them anyway.) The key to beating this thing is to stay as far back possible
and throw 2 bombs anywhere when it starts trying to suck you in. It will
suck the 2 bombs up to itself and they will blow up in the mouth, damaging
the whole Leech. You can also hit it with the sword if you find yourself
too close to it's mouth. It takes 2 bombs, or 1 bomb and 1 sword attack
to stop it's sucking attack. After you deal some good damage, Septimus
calls you out of the dream because Kline is suddenly going berserk. He
transforms into a werewolf, and you are immediatly thrown into another
fight, in the village. Seems we could not save him before the Soul Leech
devoured him completely...It escaped, by the way.

Boss 9: Werewolf Kline
Difficuly: 1/5
Location: Inoa Village

Description: Kline has been transformed into a terrible werewolf by the
nightmare. More specifically, due to the Soul Leech devouring his heart
and mind. Now we have no choice but to...put him out of his misery.

And put him out of his misery we will. Werewolf Kline is all bark and no
bite. He is even easier then first boss! Just run out of his way when
he charges at you, then slash him from the side with the sword. As he
takes damage, he may start charging twice in a row. He should go down very
quickly, around 10 hits.

Boss 10: Reptilicus Maximus
Difficulty: 2/5
Location: Reptile Lair

Description: King of the Lizard Warriors, he has slept for many years as
a giant statue.

This guy is nothing too bad. First off, ignore the Lizard Warriors in the
room, if you kill them the statues will just respawn them, and these
statues cannot be destroyed. The only thing he does at first is jump around
the room. Sometimes, he will jump up into the air and come slamming down,
stunning everything(Including the Warriors). The best thing you can do
is just keep jumping around yourself and constantly pound RM with sword
attacks. When you get low on health use the Water Scroll to heal. When
using it to heal try to stand in front of him so the icy shield things will
hurt him. After taking heavy damage he will try to turn back into a statue.
In this state he will constantly heal himself, so attack him 2 or 3 times
to break him out of statue form and just keep pounding on him and healing
until he dies. When he dies all the Warriors die as well.

Boss 11: Soul Leech(Again)
Difficulty: 4/5
Location: Giles' Dream

Description: The same hideous monster that turned Kline into werewolf and
absorbed his heart. Now it is trying to turn Giles' into a heartless
being as well, and must be stopped!

So we finally get revenge on this thing for what it did to Kline! The fight
is very similar to the one in Kline's Dream, but there are two differences.
One: it now takes THREE bombs to the mouth to stop it's attack. Two: like
with Kline, Giles is wondering around on the battlefield, but if he gets
sucked in it will instantly kill you. Giles' life is hanging by a thread and
so if this thing sucks him in even once, it's byebye to the Giles, his dream,
and you. Just throw bombs like crazy when it's mouth opens, and try to keep
Alundra in between the monster and Giles when it does the suck attack, so
that if anyone gets sucked in it's you. And as stupid as this may sound, if
you don't have time to hit it 3 times and Giles is very close to it, you may
want to just run into the monster and let it suck you up to protect him. It
won't do much damage. The fact that it is so easy for Giles to die here
is why this got a 4/5 difficulty.

Boss 12: Corpse Worm
Difficulty: 3/5
Location: Magyscar

Description: A giant centipede-like monster made of the corpses of a thousand

So, see how many segments this thing has? Well, attack each segment until
it turns brownish-red, and when all secions are brown-red it's head will
become vulnerable. So unload on it. Just try to keep to this thing's side,
and when it nears a corner of a room back up because it is about to turn
around and head the other way. After some damage to the head it will scream
and the armor will turn white again. From here on just repeat the process
until it dies. As for it's attacks, it's got two. One of them is where it
lays an...egg, or something. After around 10 seconds it will hatch and,
oddly enough, giant bees will come out of it. In the second attack, it
spits a rock out of it's mouth that will bounce all over the room. Just
follow the strategy listed above and you'll emerge victorious!

Boss 13: Nirude
Difficulty: 1/5
Location: A giant collapsing cave somewhere

Description: Nirude is one of six or seven ancient giant gods. Actually,
he is the only one left due to a war between them, but I'll let the
game explain that. Nirude himself is actually the massive Nirude Temple
you are in, but this golem we are about to run away from is the living
embodiement of him. It's kinda tough to explain.

So like I said, we are RUNNING from this guy. Don't even try to attack
him, just keep running down the path. Many rocks will fall onto the path
and block your way, just cut through them with your sword and keep moving
south. As you run away Nirude's rocky armor will slowly break away, revealing
his rotting muscles and body mass. When you have reached the end of the path,
Nirude will have damaged himself so bad bringing the cave down on you that
he will die(lol, noob)

Boss 14: Hidden Eye
Difficulty: 1/5
Location: Elene's Dream

Description: Similar to the first boss, but they now have an "eye".

These are much like the first boss of the game, but the only difference
is that their weak point is their "eye" that is in the top of them. Just
slash at it until the "eye" is at the bottom of the monster, then get as
close to it as you can without getting hurt and attack the eye. It will
go back to the top and you gotta repeat the process until it dies. You will
battle them 3 times in the dungeon, one fight has only one Hidden Eye,
while the other 2 fights will set you up against 2 at once. Keep in mind
that the fight with the single Hidden Eye takes place in an area with lava
and gaps in the ground you will have to avoid.

Boss 15: Stone Golem
Difficulty: 1/5
Location: Murgg Woods/Cave

Description: Some Stone Golem those crazy Murgg have put in charge of
guarding the cave that leads to the Giant Tree. bad choice on their part.

I swear, this is exactly like the Ancient Guardian you fight in Lars' Crypt.
It only causes like 1 or 2 damage with every attack, and with the weapons
we have now you can take this thing down like nobody's buisness.

Boss 16: Zazan
Difficulty: 3/5
Location: Giant Tree/Murgg Fortress

Description: Imagine Bigfoot, only wider and more muscley with a pink left
breast. Well, that's what this guy is. Zazan is the leader of the Murgg,
and a loyal servent to Melzas(Can't believe I haven't mentioned him yet)

Zazan has 2 attacks. One of them is throwing rocks at you, this is pretty
easy to dodge, just keep moving to avoid them. The other...Well, remember
that arm-spinning move he did to drill through the Coal Mine wall early
in the game? He's gonna be doing that to you a LOT. Don't worry about
his arms, they just pass over you. Just don't come into contact with his
body when he is doing the arm attack, or you will take massive damage. Just
look for an opening to attack, preferably right after the arm move, and
hack away! And bring PLENTY of Herbs, and probably a Strength Tonic and
Strength Elixyr too, and you should come out just fine. Wonder Essence
wouldn't hurt either, you can get all these items cheap at Lurvy's shop.
It is below the Deserts of Despair, next to the Cliffs of Madness.

Boss 17: Wilda
Difficulty: 3/5 without Nava's Charm, 0/5 with it.
Location: Torla Mountain

Description: He claims to be an ancient god of destruction. Wilda is a
massive dragon living in Torla Montain.

Sooooo...Wanna know why I give him a 0/5 if you have Nava's Charm? Because
you are invincible! Since Nava's Charm completely nullifies fire attacks,
and all this guy does is fire attacks, he can't do squat to you! But to
start, I might as well list his attacks. He will bend his head down and
breath a steady stream of flames the prevent you from walking forward
and will take like 20 health(Without Nava's Charm) He will also do 3 fireball
attacks in a row. What I mean is, he will breath 3 groups of fireballs in
2 different patterns: Far left of the field, middle, right by his mouth, or:
Mouth, Middle of field, far left. His one other attack doesn't really
seem to hurt you, he just raises up and roars, causing rocks to fall
everywhere. They never hit, it's hard to tell if they are even falling
on the battlefield! And to damage Wilda, you must hit him with the
Ice Wand when he lowers his head to breath flames. This is his only weakness.

Boss 18: Terror Twins
Difficulty: 1/5
Location: Nestus&Bergus' Dream.

Description: Eh...Remember Sara? Imagine 2 REALLY BIG versions of her that
copy eachother's movements.

I swear this battle was put in as a joke. See, since these things are
basically the same monster, just with 2 different bodies, striking one will
damage them both. Now the reason these things are so easy is because their
attacks are pathetically easy to dodge. The only attack I ever saw was if
you go in between them, they shoot lasers out of their stomaches. If you
just keep to the right side of the arena and pound away on one of them
from behind, you will emerge victorious without even getting hit once.
They really are that easy. I beat them on my first try without getting
hit once! And once one dies, the other goes down with it.

Boss 19: The Hideous thing Ronan had Become
Difficulty: 4/5
Location: Sancuary?

Description: Well, uh...I can't describe him. He's really big and white
with several green pulsing bulges on him, and he has a trunk-like arm
that he shoots a massive energy beam out of.

To start, there are 2 very different strategies you can use here. As soon
as the battle begins, Ronan makes about 8-10 spiked balls circle him for
protection. You can run up and slash these until they are destroyed, then
strike Ronan's body with your sword. OR, you can stay WAY back from him
and constantly hit him with charged shots from the Willow Bow. It takes
a little while but it is much safer. See, Ronan has got some insane attack
power. Even with the Ancient Armor, he'll be doing 15+ damage to you with
every attack. As for his attacks, you can get hit by the spiked balls, he
sometimes hunches over and fires lasers out of his back that rain down
on you(Watch for the shadows to know where they will strike) and in his most
deadly attack, he will take his trunk-arm and fire a massive energy beam
from it. Try to avoid this at all costs. Staying way back and fireing at him
with charged Willow Bow shots makes it much easier to dodge his attacks.
Plus, charged shots pass right through the spike balls and hit Ronan. So
I suggest the Bow strategy. After a hard fight you will win!

Boss 20: Zorgia
Location: Somewhere

Description: A very, very evil winged demon. He openly admits to you before
the fight that his greatest pleasure is killing innocent people, watching
them suffer before delivering the final blow...EMO!

I dunno why everyone thinks he is so easy, I had a ton of trouble with him,
mostly due to the massive ammount of damage he can take. Zorgia has 3
attacks. In his first attack he will make discs fly at you and follow
you around, slicing into you and hurting you bad. Don't try attacking them,
it won't destroy them. You have to stand near the edge of the battlefield
and wait until they come near you, then just as they go for you run out of
the way and let them hit the wall. This destroys them. In another attack,
he will land and cause evil energies to come up from the ground in 2
different patterns, just keep on constant move to avoid. He will also
land and cause rocks to fall everywhere. You can tell he is about to do
this because he will glow white and yell. Zorgia can only be hit when he
is on the ground, and unless he is doing an attack, this is no more than
half a second. And the guy can take almost 30 hits, plus many of his
attacks do tremendous damage. Make sure you bring all the healing items
you can, and keep the Water Book handy for healing!

Boss 21: 4-Winged Dragon
Difficuly:2/5 with Nava's Charm, 4/5 without.
Location: Same place you fought Zorgia.

Description: A huge 4-winged fire breathing dragon Melzas calls forth to deal
with you. It takes you out of his throne room and up into the place you
battled Zorgia. This thing has 4 attacks. Before I get started, let me tell
you to equip your Nava Charm now! It will help greatly. In his first attack,
he will land down and fly in a figure 8 or circle pattern around the field.
Try to get in front of him and he will stop, and get ready to shoot 3
fireballs(Useless with the Charm!) At this point, run to his side and charge
your sword and hit him with a charge attack. He will continue moving in his
pattern until he flies back up into the air. Now, he may fly up to the
top of the battlefield, then fly up real high(If you only see his shadow,
you know he's doing this attack!) and after a few seconds, come slaming
down on you. To avoid it just run down. Also, try to get a quick hit in
on him as soon as he lands and misses. In the third attack, he will fly
around breathing flames down on you. It takes around 12 health, but is
useless if you got the Charm equipped! His fourth attack will have him
land near you and lash at you with his tail. Just get good at dodging
his attacks and keep hitting him with charged slashes when he leaves himself
open, and he should go down in 10-15 minutes. Don't get impatient, he has
a ton of health. After defeating the dragon, the prayers of the villagers
restore you to full strength and Melzas comes to fight you himself.

Boss 22: Melzas
Difficulty: 1/5
Location: Same as before

Description: Melzas is a foul demon ressurected on the floor of the lake,
inside the Lake Shrine(AKA Melzas' Castle) Everyone was decieved into praying
to Melzas, and this has made him extremely powerful. Melzas is the source
of all the nightmares, and must be stopped here and now! Are you ready!?

Now, here is the deal with Melzas. He will either appear near the top
of the battlefield as 3, or in the corners of the battlefield as 4. Only
one Melzas is real, and you have to hit it to damage him. Stay in the
center of the battlefield so you can see where he appears. now, each Melzas
appears about a split second apart, and the last one to appear is the real
Melzas. Just keep your eyes on the whole battlefield, and watch them appear.
When the last Melzas appears, attack it. If you don't attack the real Melzas
in the 4-clone attack quickly enough, he will cause a circle to appear in
the center of the battlefield that either releases 3 energy balls(Hit them
a few times to destroy them) or a ring of fire. If you fail to attack the
real Melzas in the 3-clone attack quickly enough, he will hit you with
3 huge energy beams that do twice the damage as Ronan's. So why do I give
him a 1/5? Because if you have quick timing and you keep your eyes peeled,
you beat him without getting hit at all. You just have to find and attack
the real copy in time, which becomes pretty easy after awile. After a TON
of hits, he will kneel down, seemingly dying. Yay! We beat the g--Oh wait.
This is a Japanese RPG. That means this guy PROBABLY has some wickedly
hard true from. If you guessed yes, you're RIGHT!

Final Boss: Melzas' True Form
Difficulty: 2/5 with the fire book, 5/5 without
Location: Inside Melzas' Crazy Mind.

Description: Hmm...How can I describe this? I think what has happened
here is that Melzas has fused with his own brain and mind, and now we
are fighting the hideous thing that resulted. Basically, we are on what
appears to be a wrinkled blue-grey surface, and ahead of us are 2 giant
eyeballs on stalks, 2 hands floating in the air, and Melzas' brain, which
seems to have his face on it. Meh, onto the fight.

Now the reason I gave the 2 different difficulties is this: You know those
hands? Well, if they grab you, you are dead. Guaranteed. But you see, with
the Fire Book, you can torch the things instantly. They do come back after
about 20 seconds, though. So here is how to end the fight quickly: Run
up the ramp ahead to the Brain, then wait until the 2 hands get near you.
When they are almost to the ramp, use the Fire Book. This will deal the
brain some good damage, and since the hands were so close to you, the
attack torched them to nothing! Now, all you have to worry about is the
eyestalks. Normally they just try to shoot energy at you, but since we
are so close to the brain and right next to them, they will attempt to
crush you by slamming themselves onto the ramp, and you.Just stay in the
top-center of the ramp. Keep jumping and sliceing the brain. When one starts
to fall, quickly move a few feet in the oposite direction of it. If the right
one tries to fall, run a bit left. If the left one falls, vice-versa. If
they both fall at the same time, you should be safe in the very center-top of
the ramp, right next to the brain. When the hands come back, just wait until
they get close and torch them with the Fire Book again, then continue to
pound the brain until it finally explodes in a blaze of glory. It's not
quite over yet, though.

After defeating the brain, you will be taken back to the Throne Room. Melzas
will be kneeling at the far end of the room, over the hole. Lars will say
that in order to destroy Melzas for good, he will have to be burned. So
walk up to Melzas at the far end of the room and use the fire wand on him.
This will torch him. Melzas will say some crap before he dies, and after
he disappears, the palace will start crashing down around you. Lars tells
you to hurry and escape. After you escape...enjoy the ending anime movie!

Congradulations on beating one of the hardest Action-RPG's out there! I
hope my boss guide helped.

3.This guide is (C) to me, The Blue Ottsel

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