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Could very well be one of the best platform games everAfrodiziak9/10
I love games with monkeys. I just love them.Ashton3009/10
Gotta catch em all! Except it's monkeys now.Brian L.10/10
The best use of Sony's Dual Shock controller, ever.DHeston9/10
Best. Platformer. Ever.?dotsdfe9/10
Go bananas catching those monkeys.Fahad9/10
A great game that will keep you going for a long while.Fireblade_9/10
A Fantastic PlatformerJustinsl19868/10
This is far better than Mario 64.Kiki the monkey8/10
Goin' Ape?Lagunathemoron9/10
Don't judge the game by its first level.LAlpha9/10
Something new, something old, someting borrowed, and even something blue, Ape Escape has a design for suscess.LordLocke9/10
The BEST Series?!? Part 1MegaXTrigger9/10
An innovative new game; not as childish as it may first appear!OblivionMatrix8/10
Crash all over again....but that's a good thing!Positively Posterior10/10
I like monkeys.ReelBigFishie8/10
The PSX finally got its Mario 64Shirow9/10
Monkeys everywhere!Snoop549/10
Never again am I going to think that Mario is the master of platform games!soapy10/10
Ah, what's more relaxing than chasing monkeys, who ust happen to have assorted powerful weapons like machine guns, with a little net?The Great Db9/10
A very original platformer that deserves to be in your collectionTheEternalVenomX8/10
Original and quite fun - a good game despite its flawsTheMadcapLaughs7/10
I agree with PSM; this is the second best PSX game ever.themollineaux10/10
An Innovative Monkey Catching GameXoVoLcom2818210/10
Being the first game to require the Analog Controller, this is definately one of the greats.ZackMan10/10

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