FAQ/Walkthrough by The Pauliwog

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By The Pauliwog (aka Paul Stillman)
Current version: .1

This is an FAQ on the Arc the lad collection for the
play station (PSX).  This FAQ does contain spoilers in
it so be forewarned.  Arc the Lad is an RPG quite
different from many I have seen.  This is by no means
complete and I can use all the help I can get.  My
e-mail is thepauliwog@yahoo.com.  If you e-mail me
please make sure that the info is not already in this
faq or I will become annoyed, also, make sure to put
your name as you want it to appear when I give you
credit for the info.  Also, if you have any questions
feel free to email me asking them!
Also, I expect that you have read the manual, and I
will give some small tips that might be said in it,
but I will not go over things like how to equip stuff
or use items, unless I get a lot of e-mail about it.

This FAQ copyright 2002 Paul Stillman.  Everything in
this FAQ is mine, so donít steal it.  Donít change
anything or put it on your site without asking me
first (e-mail me if you want to).

_Version History_
4/18/02- got the game, started playing

ver .01
4/22/02- got the idea to write an FAQ, started.  Did
intro legal and table of contents, also a bit with

Ver .02 
4/23/02- finished Arc character , started items
accessories and walkthrough (for arc 1).

Ver .03
4/26/02- the weekend finally! got back to my moms, got
a lot more of the walkthrough done.
4/27/02- did a lot of the characters for ATL1 and some
more of the walkthrough
4/28/02- Big thunderstorm, donít want to use the comp.
 Might add some monster stuff.  Also did some small
items and accessories.

Ver .1
6/22/04 - Finally got back to writing this thing. 
Sorry to all for not doing it for so long, but I hope
to complete it this time.  Did some more off the
6/23/04 - Added Iga to the characters, did some more
6/24/04 - Did more on the walkthrough for Arc the Lad
1 (hope to be done with it soon)
6/27/04 - More Walkthrough...
6/29/04 - Got up to Zariban in the walkthrough

Table of contents 
1. Arc the lad 1      
     A. General tips
     B.  Characters
C. Walkthrough
D. Other things to do
     E.   Items/accessories 
     F.   Monster list*
2.  Arc the lad 2*
     A.  General tips*
     B.  Characters*
     C.   Walkthrough*
     D.   Items/accessories*
     E. Monster list*
3.  Arc the lad monster arena  *
4.  Arc the lad 3*
     A. Story
     B. Characters*
     C. Walkthrough *
     D. Items/accessories*
     E. Monster list*
5.  Miscellaneous stuff
6.  Credits
*Denotes coming soon


_General Tips_
Here is where I put some tips that I thought up, these
all have exception so donít e-mail me saying that one
doesnít work on a specific area and such.
1.  Some items are all over the place, herbs are 1
example, you can use these whenever necessary, donít
bother holding onto them.  Items such as revival
tonics are not found in multitude, and Kukuru will get
the ability resurrect, always use this instead of
Revival tonics.  Thus, only use revival tonics if: you
are out of MP and NEED the character, Kukuru is down
and you NEED her back, You have enough revival tonics
to spare.
2.  Hp and Mp are always fully healed after a battle
is over.
3.  Because of the above, if you are in a battle and
the only goal of it is to train, never waste a turn. 
What I mean is: never chose ďend your turnĒ always
cast a spell or attack or somethingĒ.  Almost everyone
has a spell that they can cast on themselves or
others, anytime, thus getting them more experience. 
Do this and you will level up faster.
4.  When I mention ďtrainingĒ I am talking about
re-entering a battle level (take sembara marsh for
example) for no reason other than leveling up your
characters, and to get items dropped by monsters (or
those in treasure chests).
4. Hp= hit points. Itís the amount of damage you can
take.  It is lowered by being hit and raised by being
5. MP= Magic points.  Itís the stuff you use to cast
6. Itís always better to attack from the side or rear
rather than from head on, but it is always better to
attack head on then not at all (unless the guy has a
mean counter attack).
7. Stick together if you donít think you are strong
enough.  If you stick together, you can team up on an
enemy and cure everyone with one spell.
8. Treasure chests are opend by hitting them, or by
using an offensive spell against them.  Some treasure
chests can not reached unless you use either
Chongaraís make floor summon, or a spell with good
range.  Also, most chest re-incarnate if you re-enter
the level, but some (mostly the ones with rarer items
in them) do not.
9. Sometimes, when you re-enter a battle after the
first time, you start out at a different location, and
the enemies are different.  Colbo plain is a good
example of this: the first time you go through it,
there are ghosts and you get a power apple and a palo
nut, the second time and on, there are just some green
slimes and zombies.
10. It sucks to be you if you are cornerd and can not
move.  Try to avoid this.
11. Some accessories become useless after a while. 
The Kaiser glove is one of these: It gives the wearer
level 1 throw, but once all your characters have level
1 throw it is useless.  It does NOT add another level
to your throwing ability.
12. Most items are won in battle, but a few are found
by searching your surroundings.  I will try to get
every searching item in this guide, but you never no,
I might have missed 1 or 2 items.  Always search your
surroundings (by pressing X)

Thatís all I have now, when I get more ideas I will
put them here.

Note: for most of the spells and character
descriptions, I tried to make up myself, but I did
steal a few from the manual.  I also stole the MP
points from the Manual.
Our brave hero, heís the guy who has been chosen by
the guardian to save the human race from devouring
itís self.  He is also the only one who can use the
Ark.  Heís the righteous dude who goes around saving
people just because itís the right thing.  He is
strong and can use semi-effective curative spells but
his strength main magical strength is in offensive
spells.  And his range is also nice! 
Burn ground - Burns the ground below the enemy (duh)
Level 1: 4 MP Level 2: 8 MP Level 3: 16 MP
Slow foe- Reduces enemies agility
Level 1: 6 MP Level 2: 9 MP level 3: 14 MP
Meteor shower- Hits monster with a big meteorite
Level 1: 9 MP Level 2: 14 MP Level 3: 21 MP
Total healing- Heals most status affects and restores
a _little_ Hp
Level 1: 7 MP Level 2: 10 MP Level 3: 15 MP
Gale flash- Transient bursts of light pummel the enemy
at high speeds
Level 1: 12 MP Level 2: 16  MP Level 3: 24 MP

The girl who is accompanying Arc on his quest, she is
in the race of protectors of the flame cion.  She goes
to extinguish it, and crazy stuff starts to happen. 
She is a very good curer, with some offensive spells. 
Her physical attacks are quite strong and her range is

Antidote- Cures poison
Level 1: 3 MP Level 2: 5 MP Level 3: 8 MP
Cure- Recovers Hp, gets better as Kukuru levels up
Level 1- 4 MP Level 2- 8 MP Level 3- 12 MP
Silencer- Enemy canít cast magic
Level 1: 6 MP Level 2: 9 MP Level 3: 14 MP
Refreshment- Cures abnormal statuses
Level 1: 8 MP Level 2: 12 MP Level 3: 18 MP
Judgment day- An angel comes down to kick your enemies
Level 1- 9 MP Level 2: 14 MP Level 3: 21 MP
Resurrect- Brings a party member back from the dead
Level 1: 12 MP Level 2: 18 MP level 3: 27 MP
Divide- Takes Hp from your opponents and gives it your
party members
Level 1: 14 MP Level : 21 MP Level 3: 32 MP

This guy is the guy who strikes fear into the enemy
and rage (the good type) into the his friendsÖ Or so
he should be, but most often the enemies frighten him
and his friends get enraged (the bad kind) with him. 
He is the instrumental guy, who doesnít do much
fighting under the king.  He is always talking about
food, and gets braver as he travels with Arc.  He also
is somewhat unrespectful towards Gogen and that turns
out to be humorous quite a few times.  Like Arc, he
has a curative spell, but unlike Arc, his spell focus
is on helping friends and hurting enemies by lowering
or raising their stats temporarily.

Battle drum- Makes every friend in range temporarily
Level 1: 3 MP Level 2: 5 MP Level 3: 8 MP
Healing harp- Cures allies
Level 1: 3 MP Level 2: 5 MP Level 3: 8 MP
Slow bass- Reduces enemies agility
Level 1: 7 MP Level 2: 11 MP Level 3: 17 MP
Speed ocarina- Raises friends agility
Level 1: 4 MP Level 2: 6 MP Level 3: 9 MP
Lion drum- Poco shoots a burst of energy at the
enemies in front of him
Level 1: N/A MP Level 2: 12 MP Level 3: 16 MP
Shift flute- causes everyone to face the dame
direction as Poco
Level 1: 10 MP Level 2: 14 MP Level 3: 18 MP
Atrophy horn- Causes darkness to enemies 
Level 1: 12 MP Level 2: 16 MP Level 3: 24 MP
Cheer trumpet- Attacks enemies using spooks 
Level 1: 8 MP Level 2: 12 MP Level 3: 18 MP

The noble swordsman, who stuck out for the people and
got thrown into jail.  He is one of the remainders of
an ancient clan of swordsman and rocks total butt on
the field.  He doesnít take any crap and can rip open
steel bars (like the ones on a jail cell, hint hint). 
All of his spells are attack oriented and his range is

Jubakuzen- Attacks the enemy with a sword that causes
Level 1: 5 MP Level 2: 8 MP Level 3: 12 MP
Shinkuzen- Attacks an ememy 2 squares away from him
Level 1: 16 MP Level 2: 18 MP Level 3: 20 MP
Koei-Zen- Attacks with the ferocity of a tiger
Level 1: 20 MP Level 2: 24 MP Level 3: 28 MP
Ouka-Raibaku-Zen - Attacks an enemy very strongly
Level 1: 24 MP Level 2: 32 MP Level 3: 40 MP

The 3,000-year-old mage, predominantly black mage.  He
is sorta like the guy who you feel knows more than
heís telling you, and the guy who can really get on
your nerves because of it.  When you first get him,
his Hp, attack, and range all stink, and he only has 2
spells (only one of which is actually useful in
directly hurting an opponent).  But, if you work with
him enough, he will become a key member in you party.

Explosion- A big explosion encircles the enemies (hope
your not prone to seizures) 
Level 1: 10 MP Level 2: 16 MP Level 3: 22 MP
Dream knock- Puts enemies to sleep
Level 1: 6 MP Level 2: 10 MP Level 3: 6(?)MP
Diamond dust- Ice attack where shards of ice fall from
the sky
Level 1: 14 MP Level 2: 20 MP Level 3: 26 MP
Wind slash- A tornado attacks the enemies
Level 1: 16 MP Level 2: 24 MP Level 3: 32 MP
Fire barrier- Creates a fire barrier
Level 1: 13 MP Level 2: 20 MP Level 3: 30 MP
Thunderstorm- Lightning fries the enemies
Level 1: 18 MP Level 2: 28 MP Level 3: 38 MP
Teleport- Teleports Gogen and those around him
Level 1: 10 MP Level 2: 15 MP Level 3: 23 MP

The business man in the game.  He tends to always know
where to go next and what to do, but is rarely
forthcoming with his information.  At first he does
everything for personal gain, but learns with his
adventures with Arc.  His spells are all summons,
except for search.

Mofly- Makes a floor where there was none: 6 MP
Kelack- heals your party and attacks opponents: 12 MP
Search- Adds that monster to Chongaraís private
monster manual: 1MP
Odon- transforms to look like a friend or foe: 12 MP
Hemo-Ji- Turns enemies into magic deficient Hemo-Jiís 
Fu-Jin - Use with Rai-Jin for storm: 30 MP
Rai-Jin- Use with Fu-Jin for storm (1 must be one 1
side of the enemy, the other on the other side): 30 MP
Chocko- Supposedly a mysterious strong girl, see
"Forbidden ruins revisited" for more info.

The brute strength man who was manipulated.  When you
first meet him he is attempting to kill you, as was
the bidding of his master.  He realizes the errors of
his ways and joins Arc in order to shape his spiritual
aspect of his fighting.  He is incredibly strong, and
will (if you let him) become a key member of your

Shingan Ho - Marks an enemy (follow up with Taima
Level 1: 2 MP Level 2: 4 MP Level 3: 6 MP
Taima Kodan:  Attacks all enemies which have the
Shingan Ho mark on them
Level 1: 6 MP Level 2: 9 MP Level 3: 14 MP
Shippu Gekishu:  Foot sweep attack to all the enemies
around him.
Level 1: 8 MP Level 2: 12 MP Level 3: 18 MP
Ryusei Baku:  A tornado/ground attack that engulfs
multiple enemies.
Level 1: 9 MP Level 2: 14 MP Level 3: 21 MP
Kishinryu Eiha: A physical attack that can be done a
distance away.
Level 1: 11 MP Level 2: 30 MP Level 3: 26 MP
Messho Reppa: Kills an enemy if their level is lower
than Iga's.
Level 1: 13 MP Level 2: 20 MP Level 3: 30 MP


The first continent

The story opens with Kukuru talking to the mayor about
going up to extinguish the cion flame, which her clan
has protected for 3,000 years.  Once she extinguishes
the flame (making sure to give the long I hate this
god damn thing speech), she hears a strange voice
talking about finally being free.  Once she is down,
she gives you the feeling of impending doom, the mayor
says not to worry.  However, once she is out of site,
he says something about Andel rewarding him greatly. 
That night, the first blizzard in ten years happens. 
The scene abruptly switches to  arcs house where he is
trying to get the chest with his fathers sword and
armor, his mom comes in and opens it for him, then
asks him to please not to go blah blah blah, the whole
overprotective mom thing.  Arc tells her that he must
find out what happened to his father, who mysteriously
disappeared 10 years ago.  The mom goes into the other
room and has a flashback.  When you have control,
check the chest (press X) to get suited up.  Now,
check the jar closest to the top of the screen on the
left for an herb, and the furnace looking thing for a
stone (refer to the items section for what these do). 
Then talk to your mom who gives you: a Kaiser glove, a
revival tonic, energy fruit, and sacred water.  Arc
then runs up to the mountain.

At the mountain Kukuru and Arc talk a little and then
Arc runs up to relight the cion.  On the way there Arc
runs into the Ark Ghoul, who asks if Arc is the one
who freed him, then he decks him (knocks him over).  
Then, a strange light encircles Arc and a ďguardianĒ
tells Arc about how 3,000 years ago humankind was
threatened to be destroyed because of itís greed,
which angered the gods.  He/she/it tells you that the
thing that saved mankind was an Ark.  It then says
that humankind is once again on the brink of
extinction and that Arc is the only one that can use
the ark. The guardian then bestows upon you the power
of  the guardian, which means you can now actually
have a standing chance against the enemies.

!Battle on the mountain!
5 green slimes 
1 treasure chest 
First thing about green slimes, they deal 8 damage,
you have 15 Hp.  So, 2 hits and your dead, but you
should only have to take .  Another thing about green
slime is that it can split, leaving 2 green slimes
instead of 1.  Third thing about green slime, is that
it canít go down cliffs, this can be very tactfully
used to avoid them.  Fifth thing about green slime, if
you kill 5 of them (and if your at level one) you
level up giving you both burn ground lv. 1, and a few
extra Hp (so you can get 1 extra time after leveling
up).  Last thing about green slime: 1 hit of yours
kills them.  All that out of the way Kill the guys on
the bottom, then make sure that the guys on the next
level are in your range so you ca
n kill em without them hitting you.  Also, try to go
for the treasure chest (just hit it and you  will get
the treasure), because it has an energy fruit in it.

After that, Arc goes up to light the cion, and just as
the ark ghoul is about to kill Kukuru, he vanishes.   
After this whole thing, Arc becomes well known and
receives an invitation to go see the king.  He leaves
after Kukuru says that once she hones her skills, she
will be joining him.  At long last your at the main
map screen and can save (yeah!).  After that select
Palencia castle.
As you enter you will see a bunch of troops marching
by, and then someone else running behind them.  This
is Poco, who you will learn about later.  You go and
meet the king and tell him about how mankind is dying.
 The minister will say a few things and you get the
feeling that heís a ďjerkĒ (not the word I would use
but I want to keep this clean).  The king talks about
his brother having the same feeling about humanity
dying and left the kingdom 20 years ago.  The minister
feels he must ďtestĒ you in order to see if you are
indeed the heroís talked about.  He sends you to colbo

!Colbo Plain!
3 zombies
3 ghosts
3 green slime
1 fire elemental
When you arrive, you find that all the troops except
for Poco are dead, Poco joins you and battle
Have Poco and Arc stick together for most of this
because Poco has healing abilities, and you want to
avoid delving into your item supply, which should be
low at this point.  You should start off by using
Pocoís battle drum, which will boost both of your
members attack power (if Arc is in range).   After
that most enemies fall to 1 or 2 hits of either Poco
or Arc and the zombies/ghosts (which are the guys you
have to watch out for) will fall.  The fire elemental
is a coward and you might have to split up at the end
and corner it by one person going 1 way and the other
person going in the opposite direction.  Oddly enough,
you get a power apple and a palo nut for your efforts
and these are awesome items, which you should covet.
6 green slime
4 zombies
2 fire elemental
No palo nut or power apple :(

When you go back to Palencia the minister doesnít
believe that you could have defeated the monsters that
the finest soldiers could not.  He says you are lying,
just then, someone comes in and says that monsters are
approaching.  Now the king is watching, and the
minister gets his second test.

!Battle at Palencia castle!
3 green slime
3 ghost
1 evil bonze
1 witch doctor
At the start of the battle, you see Kukuru in the
middle and ready to fight!  She is strong, but donít
overdue it with her.  Kill a few green slime at the
front, but donít get into the battle until Arc and
Poco arrive, or else you will probably have a dead
Kukuru on your hands.  Pocoís battle drum is effective
once again, and Kukuru has cure.  Watch out for the
evil bonze, his sword hurts and his Hp is high.  Also,
the witch doctor will try to put you to sleep.  You
get the jump boots and magic card for this battle.
After the battle, the king is very impressed, but the
minister is annoying once again.  The king tells
ANDEL(!!!) to pipe down, he then talks about the ark
and his brother some more.  He says that humans almost
died of greed and the only thing that saved them was
the ark.  The kings brother believed in it and went on
a quest to find the ark.  The last place he was seen
was entering toyoke forest in millmana.  The king
sends you there to find out more.
The minister (aka andel, who was the guy who the mayor
mentioned when Kukuru put out the cion) goes into a
back room and talks to a mirror about Arc.  The mirror
insults him and talks about general Yagun ďputting him
to restĒ.  The plot thickens.

Go to seirya sky port and head to millmana!


Since the only  place you can go is the HQ, go there. 
You speak to general Yagun (doesnít that name sound
familier? [hehe])and you  (or at least I did) get the
same feeling as you got with the minister.  He too
must ďtestĒ you  (in case you havnít noticed, all
these tests are attempts to kill you) before letting
you into toyoke forest, so he sends you to kill the
monsters in ruvag woods and sembara marsh.  One of the
people that you can talk to hints that you  should
train a little bit at nicarus forest.  When your ready
to leave, talk to the guide at the bottom of the
screen, and Kukuru will use a sleep bomb on him :).
There are 3 places you can go to:  Nicarus forest,
ruvag woods, and sembara woods.  I advise that you
train a little at Nicarus forest, because the other
places are probably to tough for you unless you
leveled up at seirya.  

!Nicarus forest!
4 skeleton
2 witch doctor
2 evil bonze
1 treasure chest- energy fruit
Everyone in this battle comes to you, so there is
little need to move around a lot, except for exact
locations to hit the enemies.  The skeletons will be
knocked over paralyzed when you hit them enough and
then you will have to hit them once more in order for
them to die (I do not think they ever recover from
this paralysis, but I could be wrong).  Unless you
have leveled up Arcís burn ground technique so it has
a respectable range, you canít get the treasure chest,
so stop trying.

!Ruvag woods!
4 wraith
2 warlord
2 bloodweed
1 Treasure chest- small bomb
Initially, you should stick together until all the
warlords are killed, after that, the enemies will
probably stay where they are (since blood weeds donít
move and wraiths are cowards by themselves).  The
blood weeds are quiet interesting.  There pollen
attack does around 25 damage!  And they have high Hp
BUT when they do their duplication move the copies Hp
is low enough to kill in one hit.  Same deal with the
inaccessible treasure chest in this level too. 

!Sembrara marsh!
4 warlords
3 mighty fly
1 treasure chest- sacred water 
If you are confident in your skills, you can send one
person (probably Arc) up the top part from where you
start to kill 2 warlords and 1 mighty fly, but I donít
recommend this if your level is low (basically, if
this is your first trip to the marsh and you have not
done extensive leveling up, this is suicide).  The
mighty flies range is really good, and so is there
defense, watch out for them.  The warlords are the
same in this level, but they are also put where other
enemies are, so watch your back!

Return to the HQ and talk to Yagun.  He says that you
have accomplished nothing, and sends you off saying
that itís your hide.  You leave.  After that, you see
Yagun and a mysterious figure appears, and Yagun tells
him to kill Arc and his friends.
A train comes and goes.  If you talk to the people in
the HQ, you find that the train used to be Romalian,
the largest country in the world, but now was used to
carry food to other parts of Millmana.  With that,
head to toyoke forest.

!Toyoke forest showdown!
2 ninja (guy summoned by Yagun)
3 wraith
2 mighty flies
2 bloodweed (almost always ends up becoming 4-6)
Once you enter, your guide ditches you.
This can be a tough battle if you donít watch your Hp,
because you do NOT want to use a revival tonic at this
point, but herbs are expendable.  Make sure everyone
is kept healthy, use Pocoís battle drum for more
combat efficiency, and watch out for the ninjas!  The
second one is in a spot where probably only 1 person
can hit them at a time, so make sure the 1 person has
full Hp.  I suggest leaving Poco in the first little
clearing where you start in order to get all the
mighty flies out of the way (they will flock to him). 
By the time you get to the blood weeds, they have
multiplied so many times that they are weak as

You will then go into a clearing and see the forest
spirit, who says that both Arcís dad, and the crowned
prince were there, in fact they are the same person! 
And, as every major character has so far, she talks
about mankind dying, and that humanities destiny is in
Arcís hand.  She gives Arc the hero crest and tells
him to return to touvil (in seirya).
Unlimited cure-all trick:  Re-enter toyoke forest and
the spirit will give you a cure all, this can be done
over and over.

There is a boss battle coming up which is very
difficult, and the only place that you will be able to
train is colbo plain, which gives you very little
experience points (there are 2 other levels that you
can fight, but the monsters there are tougher than the

With that, it's off to seirya!

Once you get there a messenger comes and tells you to
go to Palencia castle, do so.  Do NOT go to quina hill
or karagan plain, the monsters there are extremely
difficult and will eat you alive at this point.
At Palencia, you see a man being carried of in chains
escorted by many guards.  This is Tosh, and you learn
from the guards that he was one of the best warriors,
but was thrown into jail because of his beliefs.  You
then see Tosh  being thrown into jail, and the guards
talk, and they sound quite like the minister (who
shall now be called Andel) and Yagun.  

You Talk to Andel who says that the king is sick, and
that he would transmit your message to the king.  You
donít get very far when a guard comes in to say the
prisoner was imprisoned, With that, Andel dismisses
you.  Arc and Kukuru decide that they should see what
is going on in the dungeon, and they unanimously
decide that since Poco knows the way, he should lead
them.  Needless to say,  Poco had no say in the

The scene changes to the jail cell where the guards
say that Tosh is to be put to death.  Tosh has a
flashbacks which involves his clan.  Back in the real
world, Tosh gets a burst of energy and rips open the
bars on his cell (sweeeeeeeet).
The scene goes back to Arc and friends as they enter a
room, and the guards start talking Seirya falling to
Romalia because of corruption, and the guards wouldnít
have to do a thing.  And after that long speech to
Tosh about loyalty.
That's when Tosh runs into the room, and starts bustin
up the guards, cept the problem is THEY TURN INTO
MONSTERS!!  The plot thickens.

!Battle of the kings guards!
3 ninja 
3 ghoul
2 doll master
Tosh is assisting you in this battle, and his range
and offensive power is great!  But, as when you fought
with Kukuru, he can die, so donít overdue it.  What I
advise is that you make 2 groups, making sure to split
up Arc and Tosh (I like Tosh-Poco, Arc-Kukuru), and
have one take the enemies to the left and the other
group take the enemies to the right.  It isnít to hard
if you leveld up.  You get a senior bandana and a
fiend statue for winning the battle.

After this battle, Tosh walks away and you go to see
the king once more.  Andel does not believe that you
are the son of the crowned prince so Arc shows him the
hero crest, which proves his lineage.  They talk more
about humanity, and Arc leaves.  Once again, Andel
talks to the mirror about Arc, and once again the
mirror gets POed at him again.  What is this mirror?
Why are the kings guards monsters? How does Romalia
fit into this?  Stay tuned, for the next excitÖ oops,
lost control, anyways, these will hopefully all be
answered soon.
You now should go to Touvil, when you get there, the
city is destroyed, and there is no sign of your mom,
but your house is burned to the ground.  A delivery
guy comes along with a letter for Arc, it is from his
dad.  It talks about the guardians and the Ark, then
it tells Arc to go to the ancient monolith near
Touvil.  (if you can't find it on the map, itís the
little yellow dot above touvil).  You will leave
Touvil, however re-enter and you can search the
remains of Arcís house.  If you search the Top-right
corner, you will find a romancing stone.  Your next
stop is the Monolith and the first real boss!

Ancient monolith
When you get there, you will approach the monolith,
and it wants to see your power too.  You are
transported into the illusion world where battle 

!!!!!Illusionary world showdown!!!!!
4 illusion flame
1 illusion lord <- boss
This is tough even if you did level up.  The illusion
lord will cast strong magical spells, or he will put
you to sleep.  When you get closer to him, he will
smack you, which does a LOT of damage.  In addition to
this, there are 4 illusion flames (like fire
elemental, but stronger, and these guys are not
cowards) who will annoy you.  My strategy requires
that Kukuru can not be killed by 2 smacks of the
illusion lord (this is somewhat of a problem if you
are weak).  It also requires that she has cure level
2.  Kill the 4 illusion flames (curing when needed)
then make your way up to the boss.  Situate you self
with Kukuru behind him, Poco to the right, and Arc to
the left.  You can switch Arc and Poco, but Kukuru
needs to be in the back, like this

       A   B   P

Have Arc and Poco hit him every turn (by now you
should already have done Pocoís battle drum move), and
have Kukuru cast cure 2 (if she is situated correctly,
it should heal her, Poco and Arc).  Just keep hitting
him and he should go down fast.

After this battle, you meet Gogen, who comes off
eccentric, but nice.  He gives you a romancing stone
and says that you should go to Alatos.  Poco observes
that you need an airship to get there, so go ask the
king for one. (donít forget to save)
The king gives you all-time use of his airship, the
silver noah. He also gives Poco his wild lion drum
ability (see characters for more detail).  On the map,
select Seirya sky port and it will jump to a scene
with Tosh, who talks to the spirit in his sword.  The
sword tells him to follow Arc.  The camera then goes
to Arc and friends who are about to board the airship,
but just as they are about to board, tosh runs out
saying he wants to join you.  Gogen says some creepy
stuff and Tosh joins.  With that you take off and itís
off for Alatos!

_Alatos and the first guardian_
When you get off the airship, a weird man comes up to
you.  This is Chongara.  He tells you to visit his
shop.  Do so.

You arrive at his house and there is more discussion
about the end of the earth, and about the gaurdians. 
Gogen knows the location of the light gaurdian, but he
wants something in return.  He wants an item called
the summon pot, which is located on the fifth floor of
a place called the Forbidden ruins.  Leave and go to
the ruins.

Here is some information about the ruins:
It has 50 floors.
-As you prgress down through the floors the monsters
get increasingly difficult.
-You go down to another floor by having one character
end their turn on the "down" staircase, you do NOT
need to kill all the monsters.
-You do NOT regain HP or MP between levels, however,
all status aliments are cured.
-A secret character named Choco is on the bottom of
the ruins, as is the final romancing stone.  You want
to get both of these before going on to Arc the Lad II
(more on Choco later, at this point there is no way
you are getting down to the 5oth floor)
-When you want to get out of the ruins, you have to go
back up every floor, this means ending one of your
characters turns on the "up" staircase, this becomes
really annoying.

Luckily for you, the Summon pot that Chongara desires
is on the fifth floor.  The first 5 floors really
aren't difficult.  Just have everyone stick together
so healing is easy, make sure you don't use up all
your MP on the first 2 floors.  The fifth floor can be
tricky, what with all the blood knights, but just have
Tosh and Arc take them, with somebody healing and you
shouldn't have any trouble.  On the fifth floor the
summon pot is in a treasure chest.  If, at the end of
the fifth floor, you think you can survive another
floor, it is worth it to get the power gauntlet from
the sixth floor, it will help you in the upcoming
Once your out of the ruins, return to Chongara's shop,
he tells you where the gaurdian is and agrees to help
you find him.  Prepare for a long battle.

!!Battle for the light Gaurdian!!
7 - Ginat Bat
3 - Stone Jackal
1 - Stone Golem
5 - Treasure Chests (Palo nut, magic leaf, revival
tonic, recos grass, power nut)
This battle can be difficult.  The Bats hurt, and
their range is good.  The Jackals move slowly, and
usually don't move towards you.  This allows you to
encounter them when you want, however, their attacks
are quite potent.  I suggest having Arc and Tosh
attacking them, while having someone healing them. 
The Stone Golem never moves so go for him last.  
The real goal in this stage is to get all the treasure
chests, there are very good items in them.  To get all
the chests, you are going to need to summon Mofly
(Chongara ability) and use his "create floor" ability,
try not to let the Bats or the Jackals kill him. 
At the end, confront the Stone Golem.  He is situated
such that you can only have one person attack him. 
Make it either Tosh or Arc, whichever is better.  Have
kukuru as a healer and Poco on status boost, if you
havn't already.  Also you can have People cast magic
on him from a distance.

There is a cutscene with the light gaurdian in which
he gives you the kings image and the light stone. 
After that you say goodbye to Chongara.  When you can,
go to the skyport.  Chongara will rejoin your party. 
Next stop Greyshine!

When you arrive, Chongara talks about the marshall
artistists.  The only place you can go is Amaidar
Temple, however, there are two battles in succession,
the second being a boss battle.  If you don't think
you are strong enough, go back to the ruins and train.

!Arc Vs. Iga!
This battle is a one-on-one between Arc and Iga, and
depends mostly on your level.  If you are around level
26, you shouldn't have too much trouble.  Make sure to
watch you health and either cast total healing or use
an item.  If your having a lot of trouble, go back and
train, you can beat him using tricky tactics like
keeping your distance, spellcasting/items using
alternating with healing and running, but if you have
to do this you are going to have trouble with the
upcomming boss battle.

!!!!Battle against the Archmonk!!!!
5 - Novice Monks
1 - Amaidar Monk <- Boss
You have Iga for this battle, which is nice but be
sure not to overuse him, his HP starts out low.  Both
the Novice Monks and the Amaidar Monk pack a punch so
approach them in groups and with caution.  You do NOT
want 2 novice monks gaining up on one of your
characters, they will die quickly.  Your characters
start out spread apart so I advise making one group
take the left two, and the another group to take the
right three.  As usual, approach the Amaidar monk
last, he will not engage you very often.  When you do
engage him, be careful.  He ALWAYS counterattacks,
dealing up to 50 damage.  Make sure you have someone
standing by to heal.  Also, unlike the novice monks,
most spells have little effect on him (Gogens
thunderbolt does 1 damage) so stick with physical
attacks.  He only has 158 HP so a few hard hits and he
will be out.

After the battle there is a brief cutscene, then it's
off to Mount Amaidar.

!Battle on Mount Amaidar!
5 - Wild Hemo-Ji
4 - Boogie Men
7 - Water Slime
The main focus in this battle are the 4 Boogie men,
the other enemies are just anoyances.  The water slime
do not go out of their way to attack you so and if you
have Burn Ground 3 it will kill them in one hit.  The
problem with the Hemo-Ji's is that they will sometimes
inflict the Hemo-Ji status on your characters.  This
can be cured by Total Healing or by Refresh, but until
it is cured that particular character will be rather
The Boogie men travel in a group, and attack in a
group.  You can expect 2-3 windslashes every time they
attack, which is enough to kill your characters.  Make
sure you have a healer at the ready.  Use Gogen or Arc
to cast spells that affect a large range, so that you
can hit all four with one spell.  Once the Boogie Men
are dead, it's pretty simple from then on as long as
you have enough MP to keep doing Burn Ground 3 and
Explosion on the water slimes.

A cutscene with the Earth Gaurdian follows, he gives
you the earth stone.  Following that, Iga joins your
party permanantly.  At this point I suggest you stay
and train some at the Amaidar training grounds (see
More Stuff to Do section for more info), especially
since Iga will need the expierience (he starts off
really slow) once you think you are leveled enough (I
personally made it up to Wave 10 before going on) head
to the Greyshine skyport.  At the skyport, you will
determine that you need to go to a place called west
Niedel, but there are a few things to do first.  

The first thing to do is to go back to Touvil and
check your mailbox, there is a letter from your father
about your journey, inside is also the second
romancing stone (you should have 3 by now).  
The second thing to do is to return to Toyoke Forrest,
where the gaurdian will give you a throw scroll.

When you get to Niedel, you are informed that the
tournament is about to begin, head to the tournament. 
The tournament consists of 5 battles, plus a sixth one
that happens a bit after the tournament (but before
you get to save).  The 5 tournament battles are done
with one character (the same for all 5 battles), you
are fully restored after each battle.  Go with one of
your best characters.  I went with Poco, here's why:
*Battle Drum & Speed Ocarina - I cast these at the
start of every battle from battle 3 onwards.
*Lion Drum - This is one of the few attacks in the
game that has a different range other than the
standard diamond-shaped attack range, which makes you
able to damage your opponent on the first turn.  Also,
it hurts most enemies quite a bit.
*Slow Bass- This is useful on the first and fifth
battles, where the enemy is often faster than you.
*Healing harp - This one is self-explanitory, healing
yourself without the need of items is good.

Of course there is always using your best character
and hitting the enemy over and over and over :)
Here are the 5 enemies you must fight in the
Battle 1: Blood Knight - Should be a easy, you get a
revival tonic for winning.
Battle 2: Boggie Man - Another simple one, he casts
windslash, but goes down fast.  You get a power nut
for winning
Battle 3: Dark Knight - This one is hard, he hits for
very high damage and can cure himself, make sure you
keep yourself healed.  You win a Magic Sprig for
winning this fight.
Battle 4: Mad Monk - His one attack is Divine
Judgement, which does about 10 damage, he falls in two
lions drums (if you used battle drum).  You win Recons
Grass from this one.
Battle 5:  This one is hard, the assasin is fast and
deadly, dealing around 30 damage to you each hit.  The
worst part is that when he starts to die, he does a
suicide attack, dealing from 80-100 damage to your
character, so be sure to keep your HP high!

After all the battles are over, you win the wind orb,
but then you have to fight those who gave it to you
(greedy bastards).

!Fight for the Wind Orb!
6 - Boogie Men
1 - Blood Fiend
In past battles where there are multiple easier
enemies and one harder one, generally the difficult
enemy stays where he is and waits for you to come to
him.  This is not the case for this battle, the blood
fiend jumps right in.  As was with the battle on mount
amaidar, the Boogie Men cause problems.  Since there
are six of them in a small area, expect a lot of wind
slashes.  However, hopefully your party is a little
strong than on Mount Amaidar, and the wind slashes
won't do as much damage.  As said above, the Blood
Fiend Jumps right in the battle, I advise having Tosh
and Arc deal with him (Getting cured regularly, as he
can deal upwards of 50 damage, depending on your
level) while the others take care of the Boggie Men
(Have Gogen kill things with Explosion and Diamond
dust).  It sucks to loose this battle because if you
do then you are forced to redo the tournament, so if
you loose once, and if you were badly beaten, save
yourself the time of playing through the tournament
and go train at the Amaidar Temple or in the Forbidden

After that Gogen "releases" the wind gaurdian from the
wind orb, he gives you the wind stone, and all is
Happy.  Return to the skyporty where you learn you
next destination, Zariban!

That's all I have for the walkthrough thus far, I have
to go to a camp for 2 weeks, during which I will be
unable to work on this, but unlike last time I WILL
get back to it!  Promise!

_More Stuff to Do_

-Forbidden Ruins-
*Coming Soon*

-Amaidar Training Grounds-
There are two things one can do here, Fight or trivia.

This consists of nine questions, each with four
options. Answer all the questions right and you win
the Monolith crest.  If you answer a question wrong
three times, you get the dumb stone.  The answers are
as follows:
1: Seven
2: Kukuru
3: Ouka Raibaku Zen
4: Andel
5: None
6: Silver Noah
7: Autoharp
8: Gale Flash
9: Gate to Palencia castle

The other thing to do at the Amaidar training grounds
is to fight.  You fight a wave of 16 monsters (all the
same type) at a time.  Once you win you can either
choose to fight the next wave or leave, either way
your HP and MP is recoverd and if you choose to leave
(and save) it will remember what set of monsters you
were on.  In other words you do not have to do this
all in one sitting.  The wave listings (and special
items won from them) are listed below, but are not
Wave 1: Green Slime
Wave 2: Fire Elemental
Wave 3: Doll Master
Wave 4: Giant Bat
Wave 5: Blue Slime
Wave 6: Hemo-Ji  Special Item won: Chongara gets the
Hemo-Ji summon ability.
Wave 7: Vampire Bat
Wave 8: Soul Flame
Wave 9: Mad Puppeteer
Wave 10: Blood Slime

Most of these I took straight from the game, but I
have tweeked with some a little.
An asterisk (*)  Means that you should covet these
Atrophy Ball- decreases attack/defense
Attack Tonic- Temporarily increases attack
Big Bomb- Big explosion
Bitter Leaf- Temporary defense increase 
Blindness Grass- Causes Blindness
Cure-All- Recovers statuses 
Energy Fruit - Restores 60 HP
Hard Nettle- Cures silence
Herb- Restores 20 Hp
Neba Neba- Temporarily decreases agility 
*Nettle- Cures stone
*Palo Nut- Ups agility
Paralysis Apple- Causes paralysis
Poison Apple- Causes poison
*Power Apple- Gain a level
*Power Jelly- Cures hemo-ji status
*Recos Grass- Raises defense
*Revival Tonic- Resurrects dead
Rue Satchel- Cures paralysis
Sacred Water- Cures poison
Sleep Ball- Causes sleep
Small Bomb- Small explosion
Speed Satchel- Temporarily increases agility
Stone- Causes damage when thrown
Summon Pot- letís Chongara use summons

Same deal with accessories, I copied most of the
stuff, but added a few little tidbits.
Armor Stone- +10% defensive ability
Counter Bracelet-  Counter attack level 2
Deity Fist- Ups strength against certain foes
Fiend Statue- +dodge ability
Hero Crest- Recovers MP every turn (Arc only)
Hit scroll- +attack hit success
Insomnia Card- Prevents against sleep
Jump Boots- Level 1 jump ability
Kaiser Glove- Level 1 throw ability
Kingís Image- Get experience of the guardians
Magic Card- +10% magic ability 
Power Gauntlet - Increases defence 30% (Chongara)
Romancing Stone (there are 4)-Equip all on a character
and their spell cost is 0 Senior Bandana- +attack hit
Short Sword - Attack up 10%
Skill Bracelet- Grab becomes through back.

6. Credits:
The following people helped me with various tips and
Jason Garvin - Information on Choco and the romancing
Justin schmitz - Information on Choco and the
forbidden ruins.