PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File05/08/02Ghetto Hiryu131K
150+ lvl chars, great items, at the end of the game.
Save Game File10/13/02madhatter256131K
All characters except Chongara at lvl60. All Romancing Stones, Choko, and a Silk Belt. Save is ready for conversion to Arc 2.
Save Game File06/14/09Ceyx_7131K
Arc the Lad II Save Game File: Consists of seven save games containing most of the game's accessories, armor, weapons, and items that may be transferred to other saves using the Arc Arena disc.
Save Game File11/13/02Afham131K
Brief description: End of the disk 1. Alec lvl 70 with mystic sword and other lvl 35+, Lutz with theives dagger,all requested job done (all till 69) and ruthless hunter,not hacked.
Save Game File09/12/02Afham131K
End of the disk 1. Alec lvl 50+ with dark spear and etc.
Save Game File04/29/02Ultimaflare99131K
Perfect hacked save. end of game; all level 60, 999 Hp and Mp, 9 movement, 99 all items, 1000 arena battles etc.
Save Game File04/22/02MSI Magus131K
Tosh/Arc/Iga/Choko max lvl, romancing stones found, choko found, cheer trumpet found.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File02/08/09Correy1K
End game save, ready for conversion to Arc the Lad II. Everyone is level 60 except Chongara and a few summons.
Save Game File01/25/11Tenchi_UK4K
Save In final dungeon, can be converted to Arc the Lad III

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