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Armored Core MoA: Arena Guide
June 19, 2000
By: Gold Dragoon

Ver 0.0
This document copyright Chad Bailey.


1. Intro
2. History
3. Arena Tips
4. Q&A
5. Thanks
6. Future
7. Copyright


This is my second FAQ that I have wrote and I feel I'm getting kinda good at 
it. Anyways most of you would probably remember the first time you played one 
ACs by the name of Black Dragon or one of the other high ranking ACs in 
Project Phantasma. You will also remember how different the arena is from the 
typical missions found in all of the games so far. It is by far different and 
requires a different strategy. I'll offer my help by putting on this FAQ any 
hints that I can give along with any ones that you, the reader, might have. 
I'll also answer any questions you may have about the game itself in my 
question and answer section. Now to the FAQ itself.


Version 0.0
-Started the FAQ itself


Here they are, the tips and hints themself.  will put as many as I can think 
of but if you feel you have one I don't e-mail it to me. i'll give you credit 
and put it on my FAQ. Remember these are in no particular order just in the 
order I think of them. I'll tell you how important these are as I go.

    3.1 Never underestimate your opponent

If you have read my pre-made AC guide you have seen this enough as it is but 
I'll say it again. You must NEVER underestimate your opponent. Even if the AC 
that you will fight is the largest one possible and is bright pink it doesn't 
matter. You will also have heard of my famed Sakura from my other guide and 
that has a bright pink color to it on my memory card. If the AC has no 
weapons, only one, or really weak weapons it won't matter. Again I can refer 
to my ACs or even the Japanese ACs from MoA. They have very few weapons and it 
is usually just the typical rifle. Though those ACs will be some of the most 
deadly ones you'll ever come across. It is not what is on the outside of an AC 
that matters but what can only be seen when your opponent wants you to. I'm 
speaking of the close range laserblade. This weapon is deadly in the hands of 
an experienced player and even worse in the hands of a Plus. A single crescent 
from the MOONLIGHT can easily take your AC down to half its max AP with a 
grazing shot. Again always go into a battle overestimating your opponent. 

    3.2 Know your opponent

You must always know what you are up against. For example: if you are going up 
against ,oh say... Scorch, you could then customize your AC to be strong 
against waht he uses. He uses nothing but energy so load up parts that have 
really high energy defense. You could also then take off that S/SCR and put on 
a E/SCR instead. Now just do the same thing for an AC with nothing but solid 
weapons except do the opposite. It always helps to know as much as possible 
about your target so you may counter all of their moves and attacks. It's like 
a fighting game where you break a combo except that it will be broken before 
they even start.

    3.3 Know yourself

It may sound stupid but so is going into an arena with an AC that you've never 
tried before. It is smart to know what each weapon will do and how it behaves 
once shot. A good idea if you don't have each weapon is to sell everything 
except that needed for an AC body. Then buy all the weapons that you never 
tried before and try them out in the AC test. I'm not telling you to save then 
so you'll still keep your old AC but you will now know the benefits and 
defects of each weapon.

    3.4 "The mech is only as deadly as the pilot."

It may not be a tip but it is true. I just recently had to face one of my own 
ACs with the starting AC. You know the one with the bad rifle, missile, 
laserblade, and everything. I am not going to say that I'm the best in the 
world but I am pretty good at the game otherwise I have no reason to write 
this FAQ. It wouldn't help you then. Anyways I fought against Myst 2 (found on 
my AC website in Myst team) which is a four leg with the really strong laser 
arms and mortar missile. I ended up winning. I could have easily been 
destroyed by that mech had it been piloted by a better pilot than the one I 
fought. Yes it was a Plus AC that was strong and fast against a non-Plus 
starting AC and I won. This just shows that the best person in the world can 
win with the worst AC and the worst person in the world can't win with the 
best AC.

    3.5 Know your arena as well

The arena is a really important part of how you'll fight in it. If it is open 
you will have to be fast and ready to doge anything while an arena with 
obstructions you can simply hide behind. I prefer the underground caverns or 
the grass plain divided into four sections by the wall. Each arean has its 
strengths and weaknesses but a good AC should be able to win in any arena 
chosen. So don't just know one arena because it might not be available in 2 
player mode. Know them all and it doesn't hurt to practice in the 2 player 
arenas even if you aren't fighting another just to know what they're like.

    3.6 Never stop moving

Unless you're a non-Plus of course. You must never sto pmoving because once 
you do you give your opponent a perfect chance to either destroy you with a 
laserblade or some other high powered weapon. The only time it is safe is if 
you are a non-Plus and you must use something like the grenade launcher. If 
you are a non-Plus then use the four leg or (I hate to say this) caterpillar 
treads to use the weapons while moving. A Plus has a great advantage because 
they can never stop and keep firing any weapon. Even if you have no energy 
left keep strafing. That way it makes it harder to hit you.


Have any questions about the game? E-mail them to me and I'll answer them to 
the best of my ability. If youwant I'll put your question on my FAQ in case 
others have the same problem.


Thanks to any site who feels my FAQ should be on it.
Thanks to me of course for writing this guide. 
My AC site can be found at
It will have all of my FAQs as well as saves for the Dexdrive and special ACs 
that I won't put on my FAQs.


-Fill up the Q&A part 
-Get any tips from you


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