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Where can you get ivory charms?

I want to know were you can get them. I heard there really good items and I want one or two.

Accepted Answer

hunterx2281 answered:

The best way is to get as many fairies as you can exploring. make sure there travel is distant. It helps if the fairies have full red bars. I personally got one with a half full red bar. If all your good explorer fairies die, just through a few with low red bars. They may die or they may bring good items like spirit rings or demonsbane or even an ivory charm. If they die new ones will be born shortly. I do believe it takes 20 to 30 battles for them to return(whether they live or die). Be patient, it is a good way to gain levels and if you count your battles and set up a few gift shops you can get good power ups like fish heads (7 battles!), powerfood, life & magic shards, and swallow eyes. there is a great list in the FAQ section under "secrets" once you get the charm copy it (MAKE SURE YOU SAVE BEFORE YOU GIVE IT TO THEM) I learned the hard way with my thunder ring. hope this helps you!
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