Question from rozald

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (skill ink)?

i dont know where to find another one or if i ever find one!
please help meeeee
heres my email
please any one help!!

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From: Kalesfury 6 years ago

You can get more skill ink from Manillo merchants, found at certain fish spots. Each of them have different prices (in fish) for skill inks.

Arguably the cheapest would be in the Yraal Region, costing a Trout and RainbowTrout.

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I do believe manly clothes also give you unlimited use of skill notes but i think you have to buy them at syn city before rei goes on his rampage. there at the merchant that sells asura's sword

theres also the fountain pen you get when you get "THE FISH" rank for fishing but im not that far yet so i cant go into detail

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Ok I tried the manly clothes thing i just said and it didnt work
It says in the description "unlimited use of skill notes" but it still used skill ink
perhaps your skill ink trumps the clothes and when you run out you can still change notes or something. If any one can confirm this that would be sweet

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The most reliable way to get Skill Ink is to catch a Fish Merchant and trade him for it, The manly clothes don't provide skill notes but will automatically revive you if you die while wearing them, in my experience.

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Then why in the description of the manly clothes does it say "unlimited use of skill notes" and it does say that!

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Shoddy translation I'd bet.
Come on, don't act like its surprising or unusual, do you remember the translation on Final Fantasy Tactics?

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Not surprised, just tryin to get it right for every one, so just to confirm i wasted all my ink then equipped the dumb clothes, and your right. next time you play check it out though, it does say it. weird huh? Dont worry, i saved before i did it.

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yeah it has been confirmed before that the manly clothes do not have that effect. The Fountain Pen, which you get by attaining The Fish ranking in the fishing minigame, will give you unlimited use of skill notes though.

It's assumed that it was just added to the wrong item, not that it was mistranslated. IIRC, manly clothes act like Soul Gems, so it was probably supposed to use the same description as the soul gem, but was instead using the description of the Fountain Pen.

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