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BoF3 Fishing Guide                              S K U L T E R A
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                         Breath Of Fire 3:Fishing Guide
                                   Version 2
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   One of the best treats in BOF3 was the fishing sub game.It was almost a game in its own.Well
I know there are millions of lost gamers who haven't caught all the fish.In this FAQ I will tell
where to get the fish and which bait to use.For more FAQs and PICs visit my website at.

  Well its been a while since I wrote a FAQ.I decided to update this FAQ.So feel Free to email
me at any time about this game.I won't respond to any email unless you've visited my site.
1)Let's Start Fishing
2)Hunting New Fish
3)The Fishing Rod's
4)The Bait
5)The Fish
6)Manillo Trade Shops
   When you first start the game you may not want to fish.But many good things come from fishin.
You can get plenty of healing fish and trade with Manillo for cool weapons.So the first thing 
you'll want to is learn all the rules.Then learn all the tecs.When you've done that get ready to
fish.But you won't have good bate but don't worry their not picky.
  You'll need to do this plenty of times when looking for a fish.The best tip is to look at a 
fishes shadow.Its easy to pick an octopus out.Some fish have really light shadows so its hard to
see them.The lighter fish tend to be harder to pull.Trying different types of bait will help alot.
  These items are most important when it comes to fishin.I mean there's no point hunting a fish 
with out a good rod or it will snap.The Rods are has follows.

RODS                 LOCATION                               DESCRIPTION
wooden rod           shop in Mcneil                         Beginner rod/breaks easily/low range
bamboo rod           momo's tower                           long range/breaks easily
deluxe rod           northern checkpoint                    strong rod/wide range
angling rod          faerie village                         best range/high pull rate/hardtohold
spanner              steel grave                            strongest rod/can pull any fish
masters rod          reward for"the fish"rank               the best rod
  The bait is what decides if they bite or they don't.Fish only like certain baits.So its best
to collect has much bait as possible.The list follows:
BAIT               LOCATION                 DESCRIPTION
worm               shop                     level 1 bait
old popper         shop                     level 1
toad               shop                     level 1
sinker             shop                     L1 sinks when moved
spirit             shop                     level 2
popper             shop                     level 2
baby frog          shop                     level 2
float              shop                     level 2
caro               shop                     level 3
top                shop                     level 3
hanger             shop                     level 3
frog               shop                     level 3
heavy caro         manillo                  top level 
dog walker         manillo                  top level
fat frog           manillo                  top level
deep diver         manillo                  top level
coin               all over                 manillo's fav
ding frog      reward for"the fish"rank     the best bait
 These are the fish.I put one location where you can find them.There more than one place to find
most fish.But its just easier to put one place.

  NAME                         PREFERRED BAIT                            LOCATION
1)jellyfish                    any                                       W of Mcniel Village
2)piranha                      any                                       W of Mcniel Farm
3)puffer                       old popper,popper,float,hanger,dog walker W of Mcniel farm
4)trout                        any                                       W of Mcniel Farm
5)rainbow trout                worm,spirit,caro,heavy caro               W of Mcniel Village
6)red catfish                  frog,baby frog,fat frog                   S Duana Mine
7)bass                         any                                       W of Mount Myrneg
8)martian squid                worm,spirit,caro,heavy caro               W of Mount Myrneg
9)black bass                   worm,spirit,caro,heavy caro               SE of Ogre Road
10)barandy                     baby frog,frog,fat frog                   S of Northern Checkpoin
11)man-o-war                   any                                       Cape near outer sea
12)flying fish                 old popper,popper,float                   S of momo Tower
13)blowfish                    any                                       S of momo Tower
14)sea bream                   spirit,caro,heavy caro                    N of Rhappala
15)sea bass                    any                                       S of Rhappala Bridge
16)black porgy                 frog,fat frog                             S of urkan tapa
17)octopus                     worm,spirit,caro,heavy caro               S of Rhappala Bridge
18)angler                      sinker,deep diver                         S urkan tapa
19)devilfish                   worm,spirit,caro,heavy caro               W of junk town
20)spearfish                   deep diver                                W of junk town
21)whale                       deep diver                                Cape near outer sea
22)mackeral                    worm,spirit                               Maekyss Gorge
23)manillo                     coin                                      Almost Anywhere
  If you can get 9,500 fish points you become "the fish"rank!!!!!
  Through out the game you'll notice that Manillo inhabits many lakes.In all these areas he 
offers different items for trade.You give him fish he'll give you cool items.Below is a list
of what he offers.

Western Wyndia:west of mcniel farm
silver knife              required:rainbow troutx2,troutx2
iron helm                 trout,piranha x2
waist cloth               trout,puffer
spirit                    piranha x3
baby frog                 piranha x3
popper                    puffer x2
float                     puffer x2
skill ink                 rainbow trout,trout
bell collar               angler x3,martian squid x3,sea bream x5
holy mantle               black bass x3,bass x9,sea bass x9

Eastern Wyndia:South of momo's Tower
chain cap                 bass,blowfish x3
crepe cape                black porgy,flying fish x4
spirit                    blowfish x3
baby frog                 blowfish x3
popper                    flying fish x2
float                     flying fish x2

Rhapala Region:south of cliff
hawks ring                black bass x3,bass x5
artemis ring              black bass x2,angler x2,sea bream x5
speed boots               barandy,black bass,devilfsh x2
soul gem                  barandy,sea bass x2
bell collar               devilfish x2,angler x3,sea bream x5
holy mantle               black bass x3,bass x9,sea bass x9
skill ink                 octopus x2,devilfish

Urkan Tapa:west of steel beach
demonsbane                spearfish,black bass x2
aries spear               spearfish,sea bass x9,sea bream x9
heavy caro                devilfish,marian squid,octopus x2
fat frog                  devilfish,marian squid,octopus x2
dogwalker                 devilfish,marian squid,octopus x2
deep diver                devilfish,marian squid,octopus x2
skill ink                 octopus x2,devilfish

Duana Region:near northern checkpoint
wisdom ring               black bass,rainbow trout x5,trout x5
lions belt                angler,rainbow trout x9,trout x9
ginseng                   bass x2,rainbow trout x5,trout x5
caro                      rainbow trout x2,trout x3
frog                      rainbow trout x2,trout x3
top                       rainbow trout x2,trout x3
hanger                    rainbow trout x2,trout x3
skill ink                 martian squid x2,rainbow trout,trout
katzbalger                barandy,black bass x2,red catfish
laurel                    barandy,black bass x2,bass

Urkan Region:south of urkan tapa
wisdom ring               angler,black porgy,sea bream
lions belt                martian squid x2,bass x2,sae bass x4
ginseng                   martian squid,octopus x2,sea bass x3
caro                      sea bream x3
frog                      sea bream x3
top                       octopus x2
hanger                    octopus x2
skill ink                 black porgy,angler

Lost Shore
royal sword               whale,spearfish x3,barandy
life armor                whale,spearfish,barandy x3
cupids lyre               whale,barandy x2,red catfish x5
shamans ring              whale,spearfish x3,red catfish x5
ivory dice                spearfish,red catfish,mackeral x5
skill ink                 spear fish,devilfish

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