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**                    B R E A T H   O F   F I R E    IV                       **
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Breath Of Fire IV - Boss FAQ
Version 1.005
Done By: Tricrokra    (

This FAQ handles all the bosses I encountered. If you found some optional bosses
I didn't find please e-mail me about it.

Data of BOF4 version I played.
System: PS ONE (Normal Playstation 1 in smaller form)
Region: NTSC USA/Canada

Legal Notics.
You're free to download and copy this FAQ to anyone you know as long as it's
unprofitable and this FAQ is unmodified.
When uploading this FAQ to please let me know. In most cases it won't be a
problem if you do.
(C) Copyright JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricrorka), 2001, All rights reserved

Update Notes For this version
1.001 ??-??-???? I discovered a few little errors. They are fixed now.
1.002 05-13-2001 Revised my advise for Ymechaf
1.003 05-15-2001 Revision for Sparrow and Joh
1.004 11-19-2001 Added Optional Boss: "Angler". Revision on "Grunts" (1),
                 "Glebe" and "Fantam", and the final battle...
                 Also made a note on "Rider", but
                 I've to disappoint you, I didn't defeat him yet.
1.005 12-30-2001 Still not defeated the Rider, but Tsogtoo allowed me to
                 add his strategy to my FAQ.

NOTE! I know the hero can have ANY name you want. In this FAQ I'll stick with
      his default name Ryu.

      The numbers behind party-member names are the levels I had them on when
      I encountered this boss. These are not recommended levels, it were just

*** The Characters ***

Description:  The Hero
Joins:        When Nina finds him near the place she crashed.
Advantage:    Ryu has advantage by using dragon powers and summoning other
Disadvantage: Turning into a dragon costs very much AP and cost AP each round
              to maintain the form. Dragon form can't be healed with normal
              items and healing spells and summoning dragons can only be done
              once. An inn is required to regain the ability to summon them
Own Will:     None (as far as I know)

Description:  Princess Of Wyndia
Joins:        Starts the game
Advantage:    Nina has powerfull healing spells
Disadvantage: Weak
Own Will:     Cheer - In back row Nina can automaticly heal when everyone is
                      heavily wounded

Description:  Mysterious person in a suit of armor
Advantage:    Seems a little bit strong and can learn some nice spells.
              Regains a lot of AP in the back row
Disadvantage: Slow, little AP and misses easily
Own Will:     CoverFire - Ershin may attack an enemy from the backrow

Description:  Nina's childhood friend and chief of the Worren
Advantage:    Strong and nice assist magic
Disadvantage: Slow
Own Will:     Protector - Cray may jump before an ally trying to protect him
                          or her.

Description:  Stuttering dog who's assigned to watch the party
Advantage:    Nice healer and nice cold spells
Disadvantage: Gains healing spells later than Nina and is easily killed
Own Will:     Rakasha - Scias will powerup when heavily wounded

Description:  Captain of the Imperial Army
Advantage:    Nice attacking magic
Disadvantage: Terrible defense and misses almost always
Own Will:     Guts - Ursula may stand up when getting killed (will have 1 HP)

Description:  Founder of Fou Empire. Strange Fellow
Advantage:    Extreme high level (64 is the starting level) so very strong.
              Like Ryu he can transform into a dragon
Disadvantage: He never has allies and just like Ryu, it cost much AP to
              take and maintain a dragon form. Fou-Lu has also not very much
              items to heal you, however his sword can be used to drain
              HP from Fou-Lu's enemies.
Own Will:     None (as far as I know)

*** CHAPTER 1: The awakening ***

Boss 01:     Kham
Difficulty:  Pretty Easy
Party:       Fou-Lu 64
Location:    A forest near Fou-Lu's Tomb
EXP:         16000
Money:       1400 Zenny
Items:       Ambrosia

Fou-Lu's first boss and the first boss of the entire game is already a strong
guy. But Fou-Lu has the power the transform into a dragon so use that power to
transform into Astral. Using Eraser all the time will finish the fight rather

Boss 02:     Joh
Difficulty:  Easy
Party:       Nina 6
Location:    The Tavern In Sarai
EXP:         100
Money:       501 Zenny
Items:       Aurum

Since Nina has to fight this guy alone and since this is her first boss, we
may expect an easy win. It is... But don't act too hasty. Keep on attacking
and use "Heal" when she comes close to 100 HP. You don't need to save the AP
for other battles since this is the only one here. That's a nice advantage :)
Nice to know is that Nina's "Sever" is stronger than a normal attack, but
it won't shorten the fight that much.

Boss 03:     Skullfish
Difficulty:  Easy
Party:       Ryu 5, Nina 7, Ershin 4
Location:    Cursed part of Chamba
EXP:         ?
Cash:        ?
Items:       Antidote, Fishhead

This one isn't really hard. If Ryu didn't succeed getting over the bridgerunning
puzzle he'll start this battle poisoned. Not really big deal. Nina should act as
the healer while Ryu and Ershin will do the fighting. To save Nina some healing
you can turn Ryu into the Aura Dragon. When he's out of HP in that form he'll
only transform back into a human (But then you can't turn into Aura again) :(
Another note, in dragon form Ryu is invulnerable to healing spells and items
(Same goes for Fou-Lu). Only the Ambrosia can heal dragon forms, but save them
as long as possible. Oh yeah, you need to rest in an inn later to heal back the
dragon HP, but that's no real problem. But I'm getting off the subject. This boss
is in no way dangerous. He's only poisonous with his "Venom Breath".

Boss 04:     Maman
Difficulty:  Easy
Party:       Ryu 9, Nina 9, Ershin 8, Cray 8
Location:    Woods
EXP:         1500
Cash:        450 Zenny
Items:       Apple, Flame Punch

The difficulty is still easy, but we can see that the bosses are starting to
become stronger. This beast has rather strong attacks and a deadly body press.
If you're fast enough (Don't count on it), you can cancel his moves by healing
him with apples (100 HP), but since you're mostly not fast enough it works the
same as the famous Chewbacca defense method: IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!! I suggest
to put Ryu, Cray and Ershin in the front, since Nina is the weakest and to get
her only in front when her healing powers are needed. Using the Aura Dragon is
nice and Flame Strike (Aura) may hurt him bad.

Boss 05:     Kahn (1)
Difficulty:  Rather Easy
Party:       Ryu 10, Nina 11, Ershin 10, Cray 10
Location:    Marlock's Front Door
EXP:         ?
Cash:        Nothing!
Items:       Ginseng

Kahn thinks he's strong. He'll easily guard which makes him less of a thread.
His "Shout" moves may cancel all you attacks, but when you think of it, that
move is one of the most useless moves a boss can have. What you need to watch
out for are his attacks after he has used "Focus". My recommendation is to put
Cray, Ryu and Ershin at the front and Nina at the back. Of course only let Nina
in the front when you need to heal, but when you're in luck it won't happen. If
you really want you may turn Ryu into the Aura, but there's not very much sense
since it will hardly make a diffrence. And on top of you'll need an inn to heal
the Aura's HP back. It's up to you. Since this is the only fight here, there's
no need to save your AP.
One problem.... He'll be back!!!

Boss 06:     Khafu
Difficulty:  Easy
Party:       Fou-Lu 64
Location:    The Mountains around Bunyan's Hut
EXP:         22000
Money:       0 Zenny. Oh well, Fou-Lu doesn't need cash anyway.
Items:       Fire Ward, Ambrosia

This beast is a master of fire and Fou-Lu is a master of ice. How much luckier
can we get. Turn into Astral and keep on using Eraser and he's gone very soon.
In dragon form even normal attacks can hurt him bad. Criticals are 3000+, but
that's when you are lucky. Astral's Eraser is all you need!

Boss 07:      Ymechaf
Difficulty:   Medium
Party:        Ryu 11, Nina 11, Ershin 11, Cray 10
Location:     Mystic Gate
EXP:          2000
Money:        Too bad... Nothing.
Items:        Aurum, Ice Punch

Firs of all I'd like to thank Commander JP for making the balance situation
clear. My technique works this way. Cray on the first rank, Ryu second and
Nina last. Cray should basically attack only. Ryu should burn and Nina should
use sever. Why this order. Combos are this guys weakness and the the creation
firewind is a way to get him off balance. His Defense will drop terribly
and as long as he's off balance he can't do a think until a normal attack is
done. My preference to have Cray in the front is because when Cray knocks him
off balance this guy could easily have a chance to attack you since he's rather
slow, with Cray in the 1st position he's always off balance (as long as the
combo succeeds at the end of the turn and when Cray hits him making him
recover his senses the chance is high that Ryu and Nina can knock him out
again with their combo. If healing is needed I suggest to let Cray use items
to make sure Ryu and Nina can knock him off balance.

*** CHAPTER II: The Endless ***

Boss 08:      Sparrow
Difficulty:   Easy
Party:        Nina 12
Location:     Bird's Nest
EXP:          250
Cash:         100 Zenny
Items:        Bird Drop, Wooden Rod

Don't worry about this guy. This bird thinks that Nina is her chick and doesn't
understand why Nina is fighting her way out. That makes him throwing much turns
away of thinking and not understanding. Sometimes he tries to feed Nina
caterpillars which will hurt and poison Nina. Heal when needed. This guy will fly
away soon. Especially when you try "Sever" all the time. I managed to win the
fight with that in 2 turns only.

Boss 09:      Kahn (2)
Difficulty:   Easy
Party:        Ryu 11, Nina 13, Ershin 13, Scias 13
Location:     Worent
EXP:          2000
Cash:         Niets-Nothing-Rien-Noppes-Nada-Zero-Nul (Quote from Urbanus.
                                                       Belgian commedian. Also
                                                       famous in the Netherlands)
Items:        Ginseng

SURPRISE!!!!!! On the most unexpecting place ever in the history of RPG gaming
this boss shows up. CapCom deserves the boss-on-original-locations-award.
Heh, enough about that. Kahn is even easier than he was before. His Tiger Claw
may do much damage now, but he only has AP to do that once. Most of the time
he'll guard or shout. He'll be killed very soon. I've put Ryu, Ershin and Scias
at the front and Nina at the back. Nina is the weakest and Scias can heal a
little too.

Boss 10:       Ghosts that are bothering the faeries
Difficulty:    Easy / Medium
Party:         Ryu 14, Nina 14, Ershin 14, Scias 14
Location:      The Faerie World
EXP:           See below
Cash:          See below

As a matter of fact these are more bosses that can be taken in random order as
long as you take them all. I'll discuss them in the order I took them.
Anohter nice thing to know.... Try to cast healing spells over them :-)

Chkom          Tries to make you sleep. His rock blast is his only serious
               thread. Put Nina in the back since her attacks won't hurt him.
               320 EXP / 50 Zenny

Kyo            One of the easiest. Does mostly normal attacks which aren't too
               strong. Sometimes he'll try to weaken you, but that misses
               easily. Have Ryu, Ershin and Scias in the front, and use Nina
               for healing only.
               360 EXP / 30 Zenny / Magic Shard

Bokta          The system warns for a vicious attack. Must be the fact that he
               has chance to a "Lucky Strike". He has only a few HP.
               Ryu, Scias, Ershin in the front recommended
               300 EXP / 60 Zenny / Life Shard

Udy            His problem is not that he tries to steal your HP or AP, because
               those moves miss most of the times. He has an extreme high
               parry rate and dodges most of your attacks. Spells are required
               to kill him quickly. Not nescesarily combos.
               Nina and Scias are best for that job.
               Letting Nina cast "Sever" continued by Scias "Frost" will result
               into "Jolt" electric attack. Is a nice one, but once again,
               you can win this fight without combos
               380 EXP / 20 Zenny

Nmago          High Counterrate. That's all. Still normal attacks recommended.
               340 EXP / 40 Zenny / Life Shard

Boss 11:      Fantam
Difficulty:   Easiest boss in RPG history
Party:        Ryu 14, Nina 14, Ershin 14, Scias 14
Location:     Faerie World
EXP:          5000
Cash:         1800 Zenny
Items:        Life Shard

Having defeated all his sons we may now go for the bastard himself. He's EASY!!!
His looks are extreme cute. Oh well. My front was Ryu, Scias and Ershin. In that
order. Turning Ryu into a dragon is not needed at all, but you can do it if
you are a chicken. He mostly uses two moves. Nose dive. Hardly damages you.
And vaccuum. Misses most of the times. Nina can act as a healer, but if you're
too lazy to switch party members all the time, Scias can do it too.

If you are lucky you can do it this way: Charge attack - You win.... That ain't a
joke... If you are lucky you can just use Charge attack and come back after 5
and you'll see that the battle is won.... How much easier can we get this?

Sub-Boss:     Guard
Difficulty:   Know the trick
Location:     Ludia Castle
Preperations: Have the spell "Burn" (can be learned from a Mage Goo (red Goo))
              on any other person but Nina. Personally I prefer Ryu.

Not really a boss, but the bad thing is that you must kill them in ONE turn.
I discovered that "Simoon" is the best spell for that, but "Simoon" can only
be cast in a combo. Have the one that has "Burn" (in my case that was Ryu, but
it could happen you got it on someone else. Anybody can do as long as it's not
Nina) in the lead position and Nina on the second place. I mostly have Scias as
back-up in the third position, so Ershin will be in the back (in my case).
Cast Burn with your leader (mine was Ryu) and let Nina continue with "Cyclone"
and it Cyclone will be converted into "Simoon". As back-up I have Scias ready
with "Shining Blade", but in most cases it will never come that far that Scias
will use it.
What if Cray has "Burn". Oops... Then you can't use this technique. Since Cray
is inaccesible now. Maybe "Jolt" (Nina must cast "Cyclone" and Scias must
continue with "Frost" to get "Jolt") would be helpful, but I never tried that.

Boss 12a:     Grunt A, Grunt B and Grunt C (1)
Difficulty:   Medium
Party:        Ryu 16, Nina 17, Ershin 17, Cray 13
Location:     P'ung Tap
EXP:          2600 (?)
Cash:         500 Zenny
Items:        Eye Drops, Molotov, Knockout Gas

The worst thing is that there are three of them. But you don't need to worry
about them. Keep you HP as high as possible, cause when all three attack one
single target you may loose a lot of HP.
Using Combo's like Simoon or FireWind will make this battle much shorter.

Boss 12b:     Grunt A, Grunt B and Grunt C (2)
Difficulty:   Easy.
Party:        Ryu 16, Nina 17, Ershin 17, Cray 14
Location:     P'ung Tap
EXP:          2600 (?)
Cash:         500 Zenny
Items:        Eye Drops, Molotov, Knockout Gas

Same as before, but this time we got an extra ally. Scias has come back. He
will be controlled by the computer, still he'll fight at your side. He'll mostly
use "Shining Blade" and use "Multi Vitamin" to heal your party. Be carefull not
to hurt Scias. So DON'T USE COMBO'S or magic that damages all targets. If you
use normal attacks only and go for grunt A first and continue with grunt B and
end with grunt C you won't hurt Scias. (At least I didn't).

Boss 13:      Umadap, Azeus, Agiel and Yeleb
Difficulty:   Fucking Hard
Party:        Ryu 17, Nina 18, Cray 15, Scias 16
Location:     Ershin's Mind
EXP:          10000
Cash:         Er you didn't need money, did you?
Items:        Water Ward, Fire Ward, Wind Ward, Earth Ward
              Molotov, Water Bomb, Electrode, Weather Vane

Okay, time for sissy bosses is over!!! This is the first boss fight which is
really really hard.
The bad things
             - 300 HP regeneration
             - There are four of them
             - Powerfull spells.

But the regeneration can be stopped. When you kill one the next one (clockwise)
will lose its regeneration.

Turn Ryu into the Aura immediatly without any delay and let the others save
their powers. Maybe Cray can cast protect or something. I prefer Nina in the
back row until strong healing is required. (Scias can heal too, but Nina has
more powerfull healing spells now).

Now use "Flame Strike" and "Shining  Blade" on the Blue One (Agiel) and he'll
be gone soon. One problem less. Now go for Yeleb (Brown One) then for the red
one (Umadap) and the last one the green one (Azeus).

Keeping Ryu in dragon form as long as possible is recommended since that makes
one person less to heal, and you'll need that advantage.

Boss 14:      Papan
Difficulty:   Yawn
Party:        Fou-Lu 65
Location:     Woods behind Nami's Village
EXP:          10000
Cash:         750 Zenny
Items:        Apple, Wisdom Fruit

Just turn Fou-Lu into Astral and keep on using Eraser.

Boss 15:      Marl
Difficulty:   Pretty Easy
Party:        Fou-Lu 65
Location:     Mt. Yiga
EXP:          27500
Cash:         2650 Zenny
Items:        Wisdom Seed, Magic Shard, Wisdom Fruit, Super Vitamin, Life Shard

Turn Fou-Lu into the Astral and keep on using Eraser.
Memorize how this boss works, because Ryu and friends will get a similiar fight
later.  I don't want to spoil the game, and yet it doesn't matter but when
Ryu has to fight it will it will. Of course when you meet him you can always
look in this FAQ, right?

Boss 16:      Ight
Difficulty:   You'll always win, but it's VERY hard to keep everybody alive
Party:        Ryu 19, Nina 20, Cray 17, Scias 18
Location:     Abadoned Chek Village
EXP:          3600
Cash:         0+0+0 Zenny!!!
Items:        Aurum, Flame Sword

Fighting makes no sense. This guy is invulnerable for all attacks. If you want
to you can try to keep everybody, except Ryu alive, but that's EXTREMLY HARD!
Almost impossible. When Ryu gets killed he'll go berserk and automaticly turn
into the Kaiser Dragon. This will finish him this guy off in no time at all.


Boss 17:      Kahn (3)
Difficulty:   Medium
Party:        Ryu 21, Nina 22, Ershin 19, Cray 19, Scias 20, Ursula 21
Location:     In the ocean
EXP:          12000
Cash:         When you are as strong as Kahn (Huh) you don't need money, right?
Items:        Ginseng, ManlyClothes

Long time no bosses. Even Fou-Lu who started this chapter could get off without
encountering one. And the first real boss is a familiar one. Kahn. His ass can't
be kicked enough I guess. He wants to be kick out again I guess. Well, is ain't
hard. He is a bit stronger, but no serious thread. Having Cray to protect
everybody is a good move. Transforming into a dragon form (Wyvern or Weyr
recommended) is nice, but you can win without it.

Boss 18:      Glebe
Difficulty:   You can hold something against him. If you know what then he's
              medium else he's very extreemly hard.
Party:        Ryu 22, Nina 23, Ershin 20, Cray 20, Scias 20, Ursula 22
Location:     Cove (You get there because there's no wind on the ocean).
EXP:          17556 is what I got, but I think it depends on his ammount of
              helpers he summons.
Cash:         15440 Zenny. See my remark at EXP
Items:        Iron Scrabs, Aurum, Bent Screw, Wisdom Fruit, Glass Shard, Light

Remember the living rock Fou-Lu had to fight? Remember I told you to watch his
battle techniques very well? Then maybe you've discovered the weakness in his
technique. This guy uses the same technique. What? You didn't find out? Poor
you, now I still got to tell you :)
Every time when he's alone he'll summon two allies. That's his power, but you
can turn it into his weakness. How?
First of all.... Being as slow as possible is your best ally, odd as it may seem.
For the first turn, turn Ryu into the Weyr (or Wyvern). Glebe will summon two
allies. Now put Cray in the first position to be as slow as possible (I hope
Cray does NOT have Rwolf as master yet), Put Ursula as second and Ryu as 3rd.
Let Cray use "Rock Blast" all the time, Ursula should cast "FireBlast" every
turn and Ryu must go crazy with "Gigaflame"... It doesn't matter if it gets
comboed. If Cray runs out of AP, just let him guard. Keep on doing this and
you'll only receive damage once in this entire fight.

Boss 19:      Kahbo
Difficulty:   Easy
Party:        Fou-Lu 65
Location:     Imperial Castle
EXP:          20000
Cash:         Nothing. But Fou-Lu doesn't need it anyway
Items:        Super Vitamin, Wisdom Fruit

This guy looks familiar. Think, think think... Ah yes, now I remember, this
is another version of Kham, the Fou-Lu's first boss and also the first
boss in the game. Does defeating him work the same way. Yep. You can pick any
dragon form you want. I picked Behemoth (don't ask why) which is available if
Ryu has found the Behemoth Crystal (located in the tidal path after Pabpab in
the second area on on an opening on an island). Which dragon you choose is not
really important as long as you keep on using breath attacks. Oh one warning
the next boss will be right after this one.

Boss 20:      Kamyu
Difficulty:   Easy
Party:        Fou-Lu 65
Location:     Imperial Castle
EXP:          ?
Cash:         Not even one single zenny
Items:        Wisdom Fruit, Ambrosia

This one looks even more familiar. AH!!! Fou-Lu's second boss looked exactly
like this one. Pick a dragon at random (I used Peist (Upgraded version of the
serpent)) and keep on using breath attacks. He'll be killed soon.
One remark. Before using the teleporter after this boss, near here is a room
where Fou-Lu can rest and save. Use it, because his work is not over yet.

Boss 21:      Diviner, Evoker & 2 Elite Troops
Difficulty:   Easy
Party:        Fou-Lu 66
Location:     Imperial Castle
EXP:          Whoops, forgot to note it. Oh well. Doesn't matter. For Fou-Lu
              this is the final battle. You won't fight ANY more battles with
              him again
Cash:         ?
Items:        ?

Okay, this is the last fight were you can control the almighty Fou-Lu. Basically
the computer will explain how to defeat these guys, but I'll say it here once
again. All these guys are invulnerable to everything because of a special
barrier. The only way to break the barrier is to use dragon breath attacks. No
problem for Fou-Lu. Turn into a random dragon. Astral will work, but if you want
to use the Tyrant. No problem. Use the breath attack of the chosen dragon and
very soon this battle will be over.
After this battle Fou-Lu will see the current Empiror and after that the switch
back to Ryu's party and we'll stick with them for the rest of the game.

Boss 22:      Won-qu
Difficulty:   Very very very hard
Party:        Ryu 27, Nina 28, Ershin 26, Cray 25, Scias 25, Ursula 27
Location:     Tomb
EXP:          30000
Cash:         Godlike creatures don't need material things like cash
Items:        Moon Tears, Cupid's Lyre

The last easy boss battle is definatly fougt now. From now on most of the bosses
are very hard. Same goes for Won-qu. His standard opening is mostly
"Frost Breath" which is a rather powerfull attack. He has also "Blizzard",
"Sleep", "Sactuary" and "Stone Pillar". As you may have guessed, this beast is
extremly vulnerable to fire attacks. So why not turning Ryu into the Wyvern/Weyr
for example. Gigaflame will hurt him bad when you are at high HP and when the
dragon form gets hurt too bad you should continue with "Hwajeh". If you can let
this go in combo with Ursula's "Fireblast" (or when you're high in level
"Inferno", it'll be counted twice). Haven't tried to combine this this wind,
maybe it can do nice things. I advise to keep Scias and Nina in the back row
as much as possible. Why? Because when you loose them the fight is practically
lost. So I advise only to put one of them in the front in order to heal.
If you want to use assist magic I advise only group spells like "Shield" or
"War Shout". One target spells cost too many turns to cast and Won-qu can
dispell everything in one turn, so keep assist magic in as less turns as
possible. But I did find out that War Shout (as cute as it looks and sounds)
does powerup everybody very nicely :)

Boss 23:      I and II
Difficulty:   Very very hard
Party:        Ryu 28, Nina 29, Ershin 28, Cray 28, Scias 27, Ursula 29
Location:     Tomb
EXP:          50,000
Cash:         Why no cash on the bosses. GRRR!
Items:        Wisdom Fruit, Harmonic Ring, Vitamins
Preparations: I advise to take an inn-rest before entering the tomb after
              defeating Won-qu (the previous boss) and save your AP in
              this dungeon as much as possible.

These two dices are going to give you a very hard time. The right one (I) is
very very fast, nearly invulnerable to normal attacks, the left one (II) is
very slow and almost invulnerable for magic. How to deal with these things.
Personally I turn Ryu into the Weyr and use "Gigaflame" when he has much HP
and I prefer to use "Hwajeh" on the right one when he's nearly out of his
HP. Going for Combos won't make sense most of the time since these things block
them with their "Stasis" move. The move you really need to watch out of is
revolution. That move will hurt you so bad that you thank pray the Lord for
every time at least one party member survives it. Strangely enough when the
right one casts it, it will heal Ryu when he is in Weyr form. Keeping your HP up
is really important. That's why you must protect Nina at all costs and place her
in the back every time no healing is required, because when Nina passes away
you're in BIG trouble, and mostly Scias doesn't have the spells to take it over
from her so Nina must be kept alive at all costs. As for attacking the best way
to get the right one are Breath attacks (when you're high in HP) and spells like
"Inferno" or "Hwajeh". The left one seems only vulnerable for normal attacks and
Breath attacks. Nice thing to do is "War Shout" (can be learned from master
Njomo) which is available when you got three fairies on "Troops".

Oh don't worry about Won-qu who will appear again when you defeated these
things. He'll recognize now as the other half of Fou-Lu so he won't attacks


Boss 24:      A-tur
Difficulty:   Very EXTREEEEEEEEMLY hard
Party:        Ryu 31, Nina 32, Ershin 30, Cray 30, Scias 30, Ursula 31
Location:     Chedo, the Capital of the Fou Empire
EXP:          50,000
Cash:         Cash? What the hell is that?
Items:        ?

And you thought that Won-qu is terrible. This guy is worse. For example, don't
leave Ryu out of his dragon form for one single turn or he'll be dead!!!

Guaranteed, no other destinies possible. The normal attacks of this beast are
in most cases instant kill (so strong are they) even on Cray. His frost breath
attacks are very extremly strong and there's no chance that Ryu will survive
them in human form. Letting Cray cast "Shield" should make your party able to
survive his normal attacks, but be aware of the fact that A-tur can dispell
those spells. The quickest way to kill this guy is to make combos with
"Inferno" and "Hwajeh". In that order (Hwajeh can be cast from Weyr
and Kaiser form. The last one of course only if you can control the Kaiser,
which can be done when you got all evocations). Good luck, and have patience,
the first time you play this game it's possible you have to do this guy at
least 5 times (I had to) before you get him.

Boss 25:      Dragonne
Difficulty:   Hard
Party:        Ryu 33, Nina 33, Ershin 32, Crat 32, Scias 32, Ursula 33
Location:     Imperial Castle
EXP:          60,000
Cash:          3,000 zenny
Items:        Belladonna, Moon Tears

This is a hard one, but a lot easier than A-Tur. The big problem of this fellow
is his extreemly high regeneration. There's no chance to do so much damage to
top his regeneration so don't try it. How to break the regeneration. Turn Ryu
into a dragon. Doesn't really matter which one (I think). I mostly use the Weyr.
Use the breath attack of the chosen dragon and after a few turns the
regeneration won't work any more. Until that time it may be best to let
everybody else guard, since they can't really damage him until he loses his
regeneration. Keep Nina in the back as much as possible unless she needs to
heal. By now Scias should have "Vitalize" too so, he can take it over if Nina
is unavailable or when it's too risky to use her. Things you need to watch out
for are
     1 - Mjollnir, which can damage all party members very bad
     2 - Howling, which can confuse you all. Can be prevented with a
         "balance ring". Not really recommended, since you need you helmets or
         shields or whatever pretty badly to keep you defense up.
     3 - Wither, Multiple death attack

Before proceeding with Fou-Lu, I will do a nice master recommendation.
Following my recommendation will make you live a little longer, especially when
you got low levels.
Put Ershin, Cray and Scias under master Kahn. His willpower will make you able
to stand up when slain and that will can save you a lot of AP, because
is a very expensive ability.
Why not Nina? Because she needs to be quick. "Haste" is the best will to get
more guarantees. Rwolf is the best choice for her.
On Ryu, I suggest or Kahn or Rwolf. Up to you. I prefer Rwolf.
On Ursula, Kahn won't make sense, because Ursula has the same will on her own
and won't need Kahn to stand up. I suggest Rwolf, because "Haste" is your friend

Boss 26:      Fou-Lu
Difficulty:   Easy, but watch out!!
Party:        Ryu 36
Location:     Imperial Castle
EXP:          -
Cash:         -
Items:        -
Preperations: Have Ryu at full HP

Fou-Lu will attack only for a first few turns, and after his attacks he'll say
something. Keep on guarding until Fou-Lu says: "Should ye fall, who shalt
protect the ones behind ye" , or something like that. From that moment make sure
Ryu has as much HP as possible, because Fou-Lu can now come "Whiteout" which will
hurt you very bad after that move Fou-Lu will break off the fight.

Alternative:  Nina, Cray, Scias, Ursula and Ershin
Difficulty:   Too easy, but it's nice it's in there
Party:        Infini
Location:     Imperial Castle
EXP:          -
Cash:         -
Item:         -

Fou-Lu will ask many question you can answer with "Maybe so" or "I don't know".
It doesn't
matter what you answer, but in the end Fou-Lu will give Ryu the choise to join
with him.
"I don't know" or "You're wrong" If you say "I don't know" Ryu will join with
Fou-Lu turno
into Infini and you will have to kill your party members.
If you say "You're wrong" then you'll get Boss 27 immediatly.
This fight is acctually too easy. Especially since you can use "Soul Rend"
which reduces all enemies' HP it 1. That is the easiest way to win this fight,
to use "Soul Rend" and to continue with "Dark Wave" or something.

Boss 27:      Tyrant
Difficulty:   Bloody hard!!!
Party:        Ryu 36, Nina 36(!), Ershin 35, Cray 35, Scias 35, Ursula 36
EXP:          -
Cash:         -
Items:        Ambrosia
Preperations: Take as many "Vitamins" (not "Vitamin") and very much
              "Wisdom Seed" and "Wisdom Fruit". As much as you can bring.
              Not to mention that it's advisable to have all party members
              at full HP and full AP. Strongly recommended to let Nina be
              at least level 36 so she can cast "Ressurrect".
              Having the "Tree Dragon" evocation could help you to get through
              the start.
              And my master recommendation (noted above boss "Fou-Lu" (26)
              P.S. Item shops at the Faeries might sell "Vitamins" and
                   "Wisdom Seed"

This one of the most awfull bosses of the game. The worst of this all is that
the next boss coming right after him. His power AND his weakness is the move
"Dark Wave". Sounds strange, but it's true. The damage of this move is related
on the Tyrant's HP. Bad thing is, mostly it's his standard opening, which will
cause you a lot of trouble. Since I mostly have Ryu under master Rwolf the
chance is high that the "Haste" will, will make him faster than the Tyrant, and
I cast "Holy Circle" to let my allies at least survive this round, since this
will be the most damage you'll ever get in this fight. For the rest it seems
that fire hurts him bad, but that's no wonder since Fou-Lu is a master of ice.
The problem is really to stay alive, as damaging him, because this guy has
extreemly much HP. Using assist magic is pretty useless since this guy will
cast "Sanctuary" very much. If you were to use assist magic then you should use
spells that affect the whole front row or else it simply won't make sense.
About dragon forms. Having all the forms is recommended since you'll run out
of them very soon. But it can help you at dealing more damage. Nina should act
as a healer, but be warned. Nina is easily killed. Plus, since this guy has
extreemly much HP she'll run out of AP soon. Of course Scias can take it over
but he'll be out of his AP soon, as well. That's why back up with "Wisdom Seed"
and "Vitamins" is of extreme importance. About the "Ambrosia", save it until
nearly all dragons are out of HP since the Ambrosia heal all forms PLUS
Ambrosias are extremly rare. When Nina and Scias are not required for healing
then for God's sake put them in the back to protect them and to let them regain
AP. One good thing is, that in the end he'll use "Dark Wave" very much but since
his HP will be reduced more and more that move will be weaker and weaker and in
the end it will hardly hurt you.

Boss 28:      Astral
Difficulty:   Very hard. Depends too on how well you did against Tyrant
Party:        Ryu 36, Nina 36(!), Ershin 35, Cray 35, Scias 35, Ursula 36
EXP:          -
Cash:         -
Items:        -
Preparations: Same as Tyrant and I hope you got a lot of stuff left from that

Oh my god, if you thought that you had beaten the final boss you are wrong.
This stupid fellow will also show up. Bad Fou-Lu!! (or Bad CapCom)!! Anyway,
the first move of this fellow is mostly "Soul Rend" which will reduce all front
rank party members to 1 HP. The bad thing is that this mvoe never misses. On
top of that he can play with statusses, do normal attacks and has pretty nasty
spells that hurt all party members very bad. A lot of healing will be required
on this. If you want to use dragons, than don't do it the first turn (because
of "Soul Rend") but wait for the second turn. Combos with "Hwajeh" and
"Inferno" seem to hurt him really bad (Astral is an ice dragon so that's not
really a surprise). The biggest question on this one is, if you have saved
enough stuff from the previous battle. If that's so, you may be able to defeat
Astral. If not, then the game is gonna be over :(

Optional Boss 01: Angler
Difficulty:       Was he supposed to be hard?
Party:            Ryu 27, Nina 27, Ershin 26, Cray 25, Scias 25, Ursula 27
Location:         North Chamba
Experience:       12000
Cash:             1300
How to meet him:  After completing Chamba you can come back here and you'll
                  see a man, who'll warn you not to go back in the city.
                  Enter the city and you may meet the Angler
Reward:           Now you can use North-Chamba as a fishing spot to catch
                  fishes out of the hex mist. Not much of a reward since
                  the fishing game of BOF4 sucks.

Is this guy supposed to be hard. Or did I just come in with an extreemly high
level. Tell me what you want, but this fight is EEEEEAAAASY!!! And that for
an optional boss. He may have heavy attacks and with his "Curse" you HP can
maybe get halved. But he's sooo awfully slow that Nina can heal everything
easily. He also has pretty little HP so he'll be gone before you know it.
Totally no problemo!!!

Special enemy 1: Rider
Difficulty:      Hardest fight in the game
Party:           Tsogtoo recommends level 45+
Location:        Mukto
Experience:      ?
Cash:            ?
Reward:          I know you can get a "Dragon Tear" in his area. If you can
                 get some rewards from the monster itself is unknown.

Here is what Tsogtoo said about fighting the Rider:
The Rider is a very difficult enemy. It has very powerful attacks. Rider has
approximately 38,600 HP.

He has a skilled called "Cleave": This skill is very powerful. It does a
non-elemental attack against the Front Row. (You can learn this skill).

"Primus": It's kind of like a Breath Attack.
"Disaster": This attack does a level three earth and water magic!
"Ragnorok": This also does a level 3 earth and fire magic.

Rider gives you total of 10,000 experience points and zenny.
You can also steal a King's ArmorWin and a Cursed Sword from him. Be warned that
Rider recovers 20,000 HP after each and every round.

Party: Ruy, Cray and Scias.
Level: 45

Ruy - Equipment:

Weapon: Royal Sword (Steal it from Astral)

[Astral - HP: 65,000, Attacks:
"Soul Rend" - Bring front rows HP down to 1.
"Power Flux" - Non-elemental damage to front row.
"Malefication" - Blind and Poison on front row.
"Earthbreaker" - Fire + Wind damage to front row.
"Catastophe" - Water + Earth damage to front row, and poison.
"Lucky Strike" - Physical attack.
"Sanctuary" - All support magic is nullified.

- Steal the Royal Sword from him.
- Watch out for the Soul Rend attack, as it will take the entire front row down
to 1 HP.

Anyway get the Royal Sword from this guy!]

Armor: Royal Armor (Steal it from Tyrant)

[Tyrant HP: 62,000, Attacks:
"Dark Wave" - Tyrant Breath attack.
"Malefication" - Blind and Poison on front row.
"Lvl 3 dragon magic" - Pah Bing'ah, Patoh Pah, Ahryu P'ung.
"Sanctuary" - All support magic is nullified.

- Steal Royal Armor from it.]

Misc: Medallion (Buy the Medallion from Rey/Teepo's shop in abandoned village,
The abandoned village is in Dragon Tear)

- Kaiser (controllable)
- Shadowwalk (You can learn this skill from Master Bunyan!)

[Bunyan: Location: You can get to his hut by taking the side exit on the cliff (?
on map) it's south of Kwanso. You must have all other masters to join as
apprentice. Bonus: HP -16, AP -3, Pwr +1, Def +1, Agl +1, Wis +1

You will get abilities based on how much damage you will do in one attack.

3000 Backhand
5000 Counter
8000 Shadowwalk
12000 Final Hope]

- Snooze (You can learn this skill from Tadpole and Mad Pup)

Cray -Equipment:

Weapon: Flail (You can get Flail from the Shyde Manillo)

Armor: Mist Armor ( You can buy Mist Armor at Chedo)

Misc: Medllaion and Shaman's Ring (You can buy the Shaman's Ring at the faerie

- Shield
- Super Combo (You can learn this skill from Master Una)

[Una: Location: You can find Una at Worent. Una is upstairs in the Chief's hut.
To join as an apprentice you must have beaten Kahn in Worent and apologized to
her. Bonus: HP +12, AP -2, Pwr +2, Def +1, Wis -1

You will get abilities on how much damage you can do in a single combo chain.

1500 Pilfer
3000 Super Combo
10000 Blitz]

- Coward's Way [optional] (You can learn this skill from Master Stoll)

[Stoll: Location: You can find his hideout next to Synesta. To join as an
apprentice you must give him all the money you have. Bonus: Agl +1.

You will get abilities based on how many different items you have in your

80 - Steal
120 - Coward's Way]

Scias - Equipment:

Weapon: Render (Get 99 cards from Manillo shop)

Armor: Mist Armor (You can buy Mist Armor at Chedo)

Misc: Medallion and Shaman's Ring

- Shining Blade
- War Shout (You can learn this skill from Master Njomo)

[Njomo: Location: Go north from Ahm Fen, you will find ? spot slightly before the
curve in the road. To join as an apprentice you must have actively participated
in the Faerie side-game. Bonus: HP -8, AP +1, Agl +2

You will get abilities based on how many faeries are at the faerie village.

8 Faeries - FaerieAttack
12 Faeries - FaerieBreath
16 Faeries - War Shout
20 Faeries - FaerieCharge]

- Rest (You can learn this skill from Eye Goo and Yaen)

First Round: Ruy should put on a Dragon Tear and use Snooze. Scias should put on
Shaman's Ring and use War Shout, if done right it should combo with Snooze. Cray
should also put on Shaman's Ring. After that let Cray use Shield, hope that it
will combo with Scias. If Cray doesn't combo with Scias then switch Scias and
Cray's postition. Pray that no one gets killed, if they do die, revive them
immediately and repeat the process.

Second Round: Now let Ryu change into Kaiser (controllable). And repeat the same
First Round process for Scias and Cray. If your HP gets too low then use the next
round to heal with Nina.

Third Round: Make sure everyone has a Medallion equipped. Let Ryu use Shadowwalk
and let Scias do a Shining Blade followed by Super Combo by Cray! You should now
use Vigor
by Nina. Use War Shout by Scias and let Cray use another Shield. You can do this
in an reverse order to give Kaiser (Ruy) a bit of extra Str/Def bonus when Nina's
Vigor hits him.

Fourth Round: Repeat Round 3 procces and you should be able to kill it in a few

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