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Breath Of Fire IV - Combo Guide

By Tricrokra   
Version 2.01a

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Update News:
1.0001 04/29/2001 Added "How to perform a 70 hit combo"
                  Corrected a few typos
                  Fixed a few mistakes in the spellist.
1.0002 05/01/2001 Added "SuperNova"
2.0    11/30/2001 Combo Guide COMPLETELY revised!
2.01   12/02/2001 Added three secret combos
2.01a  11/19/2005 Contact data out of date. Updated!

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1. Introdcution to combos
   1.1 What is a combo?
   1.2 How to create a combo
   1.3 Does a combo have any advantages?
2. Creating new spells from combos
   2.1 Introduction
   2.2 Spell list
   2.3 Secret Combos
3. 70 hit combo

1. Introduction to combos

* 1.1 What is a combo?

Definition of a combo: Two (or more) abilities of two (or more) party members
                       combined with each other.

I know that does not make so much sense. So I'll use the rest of this document
to make things a little bit more clear

* 1.2 How to create a combo

First of all, know that the computer will always take the order that you set 
your party members in. Let's say that Ryu and Nina are together. 
Let's say that Ryu learned "Burn" (from a "Mage Goo". That's the red goo). 
Let Ryu cast "Burn" and Nina cast "Sever". (I take Ryu in the 1st position and
Nina in the second). Now if you are lucky a combo will be created as soon as
Ryu's "burn" get comboed with Nina's spell you'll see a combo meter in the 
upper right corner of the screen. It will count how many hits the combo had and
how much damage points the combo did. Now you got your first combo :)

* 1.3 Does a combo have some advantages?

As a matter of fact... yes. You can create more powerful spells from combo's.
In the combo example of section 1.2 you'll see that if a combo is created, Nina
won't cast "Sever", but "FireWind". And so you can create more spells. I'll tell
you more in section 2.

Another nice thing of combo's is that it can provide more hits. Take this 
Ursula opens the combo with "Cyclone" and Nina follows with "Cyclone" and what
happens? Nina's "Cyclone" hits all the enemies twice. The second time the damage
is less than the first time, but can still be significant and add more hits to
your combos.

Creating combos has also a nice effect on the masters. There are three masters
that ask you to make combos. Una, Rwolf and Kryrik. Una asks for the damage 
points. Rwolf and Kryrik ask both for the hits in combos.

2. Creating new spells from combos

* 2.1 Introduction

This is actually the beauty of combos. Creating a new spell by combining others.
This combination is based on the elements. The order is important here.

After a fire spell, you need wind to create an explosion spell
After a wind spell, you need water to create a thunder spell
After a water spell, you need earth to create a disaster spell
After an earth spell, you need fire to create an eruption spell.

For example: Ryu opens the combo with burn, Nina follows with "Wind" and you 
             get the explosion spell "FireWind".

It is always the spell that creates the spell. The first spell does not matter
as long as it's the right element. So Burn+sever=Firewind, but burn+typhoon is
gigaflare. but Inferno+server=firewind.

If a comboed spell is followed up by a dragon ability (like "Hwajeh") you can
create an even more powerfull spell.

* 2.1 Spell list

     Fire + Wind -----> Explosion
             Fire Spell + Sever / Eddy -----> FireWind
             Fire Spell + Cyclone ----------> Simoon
             Fire Spell + Typhoon ----------> Gigaflare
     Dragon: Fire Spell + Wind + Ar'yu-Pung > Earthbreaker

     Wind + Water -----> Thunder
             Wind + Frost ------------------> Jolt
             Wind + Iceblast ---------------> Lightning
             Wind + Blizzard ---------------> Thunderstorm
     Dragon: Wind + Water + Pa'Bing-a ------> Mjollnir (GameShark Required)

     Water + Earth ----> Disaster
             Water + Rockblast -------------> Storm
             Water + Stone Pillar ----------> Tempest
             Water + Quake -----------------> Disaster
     Dragon: Water + Earth + Pat'oh-pah ----> Catastrophe

     Earth + Fire ----> Eruption
             Earth + Burn / Flare ----------> Eruption
             Earth + Fireblast -------------> Magma Blast
             Earth + Inferno ---------------> Ragnarok
     Dragon: Earth + Fire + Hwajeh ---------> SuperNova

* 2.2 Secret Combos

The game contains a few secret combo spells. Those can only be cast
with one certain person in the 3rd row.
Personally I think those combos aren't worth the trouble, but to
make this Guide complete, I'll add them.

   Nina's secret Combo
        Fire Magic + Wind Magic + Melee Ability (by Nina) ----> Phoenix

   Ursula's secret Combo
        Earth magic + Fire magic + Melee Ability (by Ursula) --> Reflect

   Scias' secret Combo
        Wind magic + Water magic + Melee Ability (by Scias) --> Ice Sword

3. The 70 hit combo
Want to get rid of all the master trouble who ask much hits per combo? Here's
the way to perform a 70 hit combo. That's the maximum you'll need. Kryrik the
one that asks for those absurd combo's will ask 70 hit for his last move
"Disembowel". Before I tell you I want to thank marshall
lovell, for telling me about this possibility. I checked it and it works....

First of all you need the spell "Celerity" which can be learned from master
Abbess in the city of Chek. She'll teach it to you after you've met 100 or
more diffrent kind of enemies. This spell must be given to any other party 
member than Scias or Nina. Now you must handle carefully because if you mess
up it will take 3 hours before you can cast "Celerity" again. To perform this
combo I prefer to go to the old Chek village (the place where Rasso slaugters
everybody and where Ryu went berserk). Why? Because the enemies there will
hardly fight and are there to pratise combos. When you get a fight, handle
this way. Put the one who has Celerity in the first position and Scias and
Nina in the 2nd and 3rd position. Let the first position character cast
"Celerity" and Nina and Scias should cast "Vitalize", if all the three 
spells get combined in the combo it'll become a 70 hit combo.

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