Question from Rick1834

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the rest of the relics?

I have all of them except for 3 i need the 4th ,24th, and the 25th if you could help me out thanks

Accepted Answer

From: Lord_Maninho 4 years ago

4 th - Force of Echo : "Attack Enemies With Radar Waves"
Where: Is on Reverse Underground Caverns, on The same place where
you get Holy Simbol on first castle (Before Scylla, remember?).

24 th - Heart of Vlad : "1 of 5 Treasures. Avoid Curse"
Where: It is a Prize for killing Medusa (Boss),She is on the same place where you fight Hippogryph ,but
on reverse Castle,of couse.

25th - Tooth of Vlad : "1 of 5 Treasures. STR + 10"
Where: It is a Price from killing The Creature on reverse outer wall (where you fight Doppelganger)

: )
(Sorry my english by the way...)

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