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                 | |       Symphony of the Night Text Dump

|                     Castlevania: Symphony of the Night                 |
|                                Text Dump                               |
|                           February 27th, 2003                          |
|                             Version: 1.00                              |
|                 Author: Sean R. Kitchen (SephirothTheMighty)           |
|                      Email: GokuSuperSayjin4@aol.com                   |
|                                                                        |
|                      Table of Constance                                |
|      A: Introduction                                                   |
|      B: Version                                                        |
|      C: Legal Stuff                                                    |
|      D: Characters                                                     |
|      E: Story                                                          |
|      F: Text Dump                                                      |
|      G: Special Thanks and Credits                                     |
|                                                                        |
|                                                                        |
|   A: Introduction                                                      |
|                                                                        |
|Welcome, I am SephirothTheMighty. I have played Castlevania games       |
|for some time now. Of course all thanks to a single friend of mine.     |
|Ever since I saw Symphony of the Night at his place I was aww           |
|stricken and right away I wanted to have it for myself. Weeks later     |
|I got it, and LOVED every minute of it. And even after beating it I     |
|wanted more, so I played again, wanting to try and do my best to        |
|master it. And so after some time, I got onto Gamefaqs, again thanks    |
|to the same friend for showing me this site.                            |
|                                                                        |
|Anyways, being a big fan I noticed there was no scripted or text dump   |
|for the game. Knowing that, I decided to take matters into my own       |
|hands. I am making one of my own. Now when I say Text Dump, you might   |
|be thinking of something else. Well being that case, my version of it   |
|is differint.                                                           |
|                                                                        |
|Now this all might be a bit hard to read for some people I guess, I     |
|put alot of work into this and I like the way it came out. If you don't |
|then that's just sad. For those of you who like it, I am glad, and would|
|like to point out one thing. None of these are in a straight order. I   |
|just took the text and wrote it down in the order I heard it form and   |
|just broke it up for each different chapter. Its simple to understand.  |
|                                                                        |
|I took the game into my computers CD-Rom drive and used a system to     |
|get the voices of the game off and saved as a .wav file. Then I just    |
|played, paused, played paused (Rinse and repeat.) And so then here it   |
|is. Its easy to work, I am sure you can figure it out. I have the text  |
|broken up at the end of each sentence, and cut into different chapter   |
|settings. Also in front of each line I gave this [csotn-001-365] That   |
|indicates the line. Just go Edit, Find and type that in to jump to the  |
|line or type in this [csotn-chap_1-21] to jump to other chapters.       |
|There simple, ya?                                                       |
|                                                                        |
|                                                                        |
|   B: Version                                                           |
|                                                                        |
|Version 1.0 Got the first and I hope the last installment up. So I am   |
|leaning towards FINISHED, but I will if I ever find out anything else,  |
|be sure to update it.                                                   |
|                                                                        |
|                                                                        |
|   C: Legal Stuff                                                       |
|                                                                        |
|This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, |
|private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise          |
|distributed publicly without advance written permission. But don't hold |
|your breath. I will not allow anyone to use anything form this faq of   |
|mine. So use of this guide on any other web site or as part of any      |
|public display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright  |
|                                                                        |
|If I find this on any other website, or if anyone of you finds this     |
|out there, please, please let me know and I will take matters into my   |
|OFF ME! So do NOT Steal this or plagiarize it. I will find out, and     |
|if so I will have to bring the law into it. Do not email me with        |
|questions about the game. Find some faq for those answers. No flames    |
|in the emails either. Now with that said, let me continue.              |
|                                                                        |
|   D: Characters                                                        |
|                                                                        |
| Alucard: The son of Dracula. Alucard unlike his father wanted to save  |
| the human race instead of harming it. He is half human and half        |
| vampire. He fought his immortal father with Trevor in 1476 along with  |
| Trevor Belmont. It was there that Grant DaNasty and Syphia Belnades    |
| (Related to Juste Belmont from HoD) also helped Defeat Dracula.        |
| Trevor's mother was Sonya Belmont, the very first Belmont to incounter |
| Dracula. It was then that Alucard gave her the strength and power to   |
| defeat his father along with the power that would be passed many       |
| generations down the Belmont family. Alucard then returned in 1792 in  |
| search for Richter belmont but remembers remembers what a Belmont      |
| looked like from Trevor.                                               |
| Appeared in:                                                           |
| Castlevania Legends                                                    |
| Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse                                         |
| Castlevania: SotN                                                      |
|                                                                        |
| Richter Belmont: In 1788 Dracula struck Richters town of Veros. (Also  |
| in Castlevania 2) It was then that 4 young ladies got captured by a    |
| man named Shaft. Tera, Iris, Maria, and Annette were all kidnapped.    |
| Richter captured all 4 ladies and managed to kill Dracula, however he  |
| never fully destroyed Shaft who will soon haunt his sould in 4 years.  |
| His sister is Maria Renard and girlfriend is Annette Renard. Annette   |
| and Richter got married after the horribe events in 1788.              |
| Appeared in:                                                           |
| Castlevania: Rondo of Blood/Dracula X (Vampire's Kiss)                 |
| Castlevania: SotN                                                      |
| Akumajo Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight                           |
|                                                                        |
| Maria Renard: Sister of Annette, she wanted to help Richter defeat     |
| Dracula in 1788. After Richter mysteriously vanished in 1792, she went |
| back into the rearranged castle to search for him. She meets up with   |
| Alucard who helps her in her search.                                   |
| Appeared in:                                                           |
| Castlevania: Rondo of Blood/Dracula X (Vampire's Kiss)                 |
| Castlevania: SotN                                                      |
| Akumajo Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight                           |
|                                                                        |
| Death: Dracula's close asside. He appeared in almost every Castlevania |
| game. He has 2 forms in SotN and carrys a sythe.                       |
| Appeared in:                                                           |
| Almost every Castlevania game                                          |
|                                                                        |
| Libarian: I love this guy! He has such a funny voice but will really   |
| be a huge help in your quest. Be sure to stop by every once in awhile  |
| and pay him a visit. And don't be afraid to give him "a lift" under    |
| his seat because he just may have something you would like...          |
|                                                                        |
| Shaft: The one responsible for resurecting Dracula. Richter never      |
| fully defeated this demon in 1788. Strangly enough, Richter is now in  |
| charge of Dracula's castle...                                          |
| Appeared in:                                                           |
| Castlevania: Rondo of Blood                                            |
| Castlevania: SotN                                                      |
|                                                                        |
| Lisa: Alucards mother that he loves deeply. Rumon has it she was       |
| murdered by humans. Could this change the way he feels about the       |
| Belmont's, or won't he seek revenge against them?                      |
|                                                                        |
| Dracula: Usually the lord of the Castle, last defeated by Richter in   |
| 1788. His castle is back, but is he without his 100 year rest? Could   |
| the missing Richter Belmont be behind all of this!?!?                  |
| Appeared in:                                                           |
| Almost every Castlevania                                               |
|                                                                        |
|   E: Story                                                             |
|It was Richter Belmont, the legendary vampire hunter, who succeeded in  |
|finally ending the menace of Count Dracula, Lord of the Vampired who    |
|had been brought back form the grave by the dark priest Shaft.          |
|                                                                        |
|However, one night four years later, under the glare of a full moon,    |
|Richter mysteriously vanished.                                          |
|                                                                        |
|With no idea of where to begin her search. Maria Renard set out to look |
|for him. It was then that fate intervened. Castlevania, the castle of   |
|Dracula, which is rumored to appear once every century, suddenly        |
|materialized form out of the mist as if to show her the way.            |
|                                                                        |
|Meanwhile, powerful forces were struggling for the soul of a man named  |
|Alucard. The very same alucard who had teamed up with Trevor Belmont to |
|battle his immortal father, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula.                   |
|                                                                        |
|Alucard, in order to purge the world of his own cursed blood line, had  |
|submerged his vampiric powers and entered into what was supposed to be  |
|an eternal slumber. But now, he is wake and aware of the evil once      |
|again at work in his homeland.                                          |
|                                                                        |
|The time has once agian come for the forces of Good and Evil to engage  |
|in their ancient battle. Dracula's castle beckons you...                |
|                                                                        |
|And no man can say who shall emerge victorious.                         |
|   F: Text Dump                                                         |

 F-A: Chapter Jump
  (Past, Richter defeats Dracula [Bloodlines])...........[csotn-chap_01]
  (Meeting Death for the first Time).....................[csotn-chap_02]
  (First time meeting Maria).............................[csotn-chap_03]
  (Talking to Maria).....................................[csotn-chap_04]
  (Talking to Maria).....................................[csotn-chap_05]
  (Talking to Maria).....................................[csotn-chap_06]
  (Alucard in Dream world)...............................[csotn-chap_07]
  (Fighting Richter the first time)......................[csotn-chap_08]
  (Before Fighting Death)................................[csotn-chap_09]
  (Alucard Meeting Librarian)............................[csotn-chap_10]
  (Meeting Maria in center of Castle)....................[csotn-chap_11]
  (Fighting Richter at top of Castle)....................[csotn-chap_12]
  (Maria interrupts the fight)...........................[csotn-chap_13]
  (Meeting Shaft)........................................[csotn-chap_14]
  (Meeting Dracula before Fight).........................[csotn-chap_15]
  (After Defeating Dracula)..............................[csotn-chap_16]
  (Fairy Deity)..........................................[csotn-chap_17]
  (Demon Deity)..........................................[csotn-chap_19]
  (Sword Deity)..........................................[csotn-chap_20]
  (Old Man on Boat)......................................[csotn-chap_21]

[csotn-chap_01]  (Past, Richter defeats Dracula [Bloodlines])

[csotn-001] Die Monster, you don't belong in this world.
[csotn-002] It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh.
[csotn-003] I was called here by... humans... who wish to pay me tribute.
[csotn-004] Tribute?
[csotn-005] You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves!
[csotn-006] Perhaps the same can be said of all religion.
[csotn-007] Your words are as empty as your soul.
[csotn-008] Mankind ill needs a savior such as you...
[csotn-009] What is a man?
[csotn-010] A miserable little pile of secrets!
[csotn-011] But enough talk, have at you!
[csotn-012] No... It can not be Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

[csotn-chap_02]  (Meeting Death for the first Time)

[csotn-013] Ah, Alucard.
[csotn-014] What is your business here?
[csotn-015] I have come to put and end to this.
[csotn-016] Still befriending mortals.
[csotn-017] I'll not ask you to return to our side.
[csotn-018] But I demand you cease your attack.
[csotn-019] I will not.
[csotn-020] You shall regret those words.
[csotn-021] We will meet again.

[csotn-chap_03]  (First time meeting Maria)

[csotn-022] Wait a moment, you seem human and yet, what do you here?
[csotn-023] I've come to destroy this castle.
[csotn-024] Then we have the same purpose.
[csotn-025] I'll trust you for now.
[csotn-026] I'm Maria, who are you?
[csotn-027] Alucard.
[csotn-028] Not the talkative type I can see.
[csotn-029] Well perhaps we will meet again.
[csotn-030] If you live that long.
[csotn-031] Fare well.

[csotn-chap_04]  (Talking to Maria)

[csotn-032] So we met again Alucard.
[csotn-033] It seems so.
[csotn-034] As friendly as ever I see.
[csotn-035] Its strange.
[csotn-036] This castle is different then I remember it.
[csotn-037] This castle is a creature of chaos.
[csotn-038] It may take many incarnations.
[csotn-039] I can't trust my memories huh?
[csotn-040] Oh well I'll do my best.
[csotn-041] Good luck.

[csotn-chap_05]  (Talking to Maria)

[csotn-042] Impressive, your very strong.
[csotn-043] What is it you want?
[csotn-044] You didn't come here to tell me that.
[csotn-045] Your right.
[csotn-046] Do you know that name Richter Belmont?
[csotn-047] Of the Belmont Klan?
[csotn-048] Of course but...
[csotn-049] He disappeared about a year ago.
[csotn-050] And I'm sure he's here.
[csotn-051] If you see him, please let me know.
[csotn-052] As you wish my lady.
[csotn-053] Thank you.
[csotn-054] So you do know how to be a gentlemen.

[csotn-chap_06]  (Talking to Maria)

[csotn-055] So, did you find Richter?
[csotn-056] I don't know if he's the one your looking for, but I found
            a Belmont.

[csotn-057] Really?
[csotn-058] So he is here.
[csotn-059] But the one I saw was the enemy.
[csotn-060] He was the lord of this castle.
[csotn-061] Tha.. that can't be true.
[csotn-062] Your wrong.
[csotn-063] I.. I must go now.

[csotn-chap_07]  (Alucard in Dream world)

[csotn-064] Mother!
[csotn-065] That voice...
[csotn-066] Alucard its you.
[csotn-067] I'm coming mother.
[csotn-068] I'll save you.
[csotn-069] No Alucard.
[csotn-070] Don't come here.
[csotn-071] But mother.
[csotn-072] Its alright.
[csotn-073] If my death can save others.
[csotn-074] I'd gladly surrender my life.
[csotn-075] Mother no!
[csotn-076] Please no!
[csotn-077] Yes Alucard, watch me die, and remember always my last
            words to you.

[csotn-078] Yes mother.
[csotn-079] You must despise humans.
[csotn-080] They are to be your prey.
[csotn-081] What?!
[csotn-082] Better for them die then to let them compound their sins.
[csotn-083] Begin by slaying that one, over there.
[csotn-084] No, it wasn't like this.
[csotn-085] What's wrong?
[csotn-086] Alucard.
[csotn-087] My mother never said such a thing.
[csotn-088] What do you mean?
[csotn-089] Kill them and bring them happiness.
[csotn-090] No!
[csotn-091] Your not my mother.
[csotn-092] What kind of demon are you?
[csotn-093] Hehehahahaha..
[csotn-094] You broke free of my spell.
[csotn-095] I like that.
[csotn-096] Demon!
[csotn-097] Death is too good for you.
[csotn-098] Come here little boy and show me what you've got.
[csotn-099] Darkling I smell your blood.
[csotn-100] Your a vampire?
[csotn-101] Could it be...
[csotn-102] That strength, that beauty.
[csotn-103] Your the son of lord Dracula.
[csotn-104] Death in the dream world will set your soul wondering for
            eternity demon.

[csotn-105] Wait, I beg of you.
[csotn-106] Ahhhhhhhh!
[csotn-107] Now, you'll be my own personal slave.
[csotn-108] Hehahahaha.

[csotn-chap_08]  (Fighting Richter the first time)

[csotn-109] Hehahahaha
[csotn-110] Who are you?
[csotn-111] Open hells gate.
[csotn-112] Come forth my servants.
[csotn-113] The sent of your blood, your a Belmont.
[csotn-114] Crush this flea who invades my castle.
[csotn-115] Hehahahah
[csotn-116] Who are you?
[csotn-117] Welcome to my castle.
[csotn-118] The sent of your blood, your a Belmont.
[csotn-119] Enough small talk.
[csotn-120] Come forth my servants.
[csotn-121] Hehahaha
[csotn-122] I'm certain that I was Belmont.
[csotn-123] So he says he is the lord of this castle.

[csotn-chap_09]  (Before Fighting Death)

[csotn-124] So you've made it this far.
[csotn-125] In the name of your father.
[csotn-126] Cease this foolishness.
[csotn-127] Not while there is a breath in my body.
[csotn-128] Then for the master I'll feast on your soul this night.

[csotn-chap_10]  (Alucard Meeting Librarian)

[csotn-129] Your master has grown strong indeed.
[csotn-130] Its been a long time old one.
[csotn-131] Oh!
[csotn-132] Its you master Alucard.
[csotn-133] What do you need?
[csotn-134] I need you help.
[csotn-135] Young master.
[csotn-136] I can not help one that apposes the master.
[csotn-137] You won't go un-rewarded.
[csotn-138] Really?
[csotn-139] In that case, just tell me what you need.
[csotn-140] I'm interested in this.
[csotn-141] Is this alright?
[csotn-142] Hmmm I suppose so.
[csotn-143] Ho-Ho Thank you.
[csotn-144] Till we meet again.
[csotn-145] Hehe Thank you.
[csotn-146] No forget it.
[csotn-147] I see, well in that case.
[csotn-148] Fare well for now.
[csotn-149] Oh Alucard what can I do for you?
[csotn-150] What can I do for you?

[csotn-chap_11]  (Meeting Maria in center of Castle)

[csotn-151] Alucard?
[csotn-152] That voice...
[csotn-153] Maria?
[csotn-154] I'm sorry.
[csotn-155] You were right.
[csotn-156] He has joined forces with the enemy.
[csotn-157] So it was a Belmont after all.
[csotn-158] But some one must be controlling him.
[csotn-159] Whatever we do we can't harm Richter.
[csotn-160] But he must be stopped.
[csotn-161] I know... here, take these glasses with you.
[csotn-162] What are these?
[csotn-163] If you wear these you can see beyond evil illusions.
[csotn-164] Thank you.
[csotn-165] T'is best that prey for the soul of your friend.
[csotn-166] Well... here... take these with you.
[csotn-167] What are these?
[csotn-168] If you wear these you can see beyond evil illusions.
[csotn-169] Thank you.
[csotn-170] T'is best for you to prey for the soul of your friend.
[csotn-171] I thought you might be the one.
[csotn-172] But I guess I was wrong.
[csotn-173] Alucard you are the only one I can count on.
[csotn-174] Please save Richter.
[csotn-175] I'll do my best.

[csotn-chap_12]  (Fighting Richter at top of Castle)

[csotn-176] I've been waiting for you.
[csotn-177] So it is you, but why is a Belmont planning the resurrection
            of Count Dracula.

[csotn-178] I've been waiting for you.
[csotn-179] Answer me.
[csotn-180] Why is a Belmont planning the resurrection of Count Dracula?
[csotn-181] Count Dracula rises but once every century, and my role is

[csotn-182] If I could resurrect him, then the battle would last for

[csotn-183] If those are your true feelings, then so be it.
[csotn-184] The blood of Dracula flows strongly in you after all.
[csotn-185] But this whip is not my only weapon.
[csotn-186] Impressive.
[csotn-187] You were able to avoided my whip.
[csotn-188] Lets see how you like this.
[csotn-189] Impressive, but you can't escape this.
[csotn-190] HA! I knew it.
[csotn-191] Only the Count is a true match for me.
[csotn-192] Not even a challenge.
[csotn-193] More, fight more.
[csotn-194] My blood is not yet quenched.
[csotn-195] Awesome, you are mighty indeed.
[csotn-196] But let me show you the true meaning of power.
[csotn-197] Magnificent.
[csotn-198] But now feel my unbridle wrath.

[csotn-chap_13]  (Maria interrupts the fight)

[csotn-199] Wait don't hurt Richter anymore.
[csotn-200] Ma... Maria?
[csotn-201] Richter.
[csotn-202] You saved me.
[csotn-203] If not for you I would have lost to this fool.
[csotn-204] EYAaaaaaaaaa
[csotn-205] Shaft, the dark priest is in the other castle.
[csotn-206] He's trying to resurrect Dracula.
[csotn-207] You must hurry.
[csotn-208] Be careful Alucard.
[csotn-209] I'll prey for your soul.

[csotn-chap_14]  (Meeting Shaft)

[csotn-210] You have done well in making it this far.
[csotn-211] I would expect no less form the son of our master.
[csotn-212] So you are the one called Shaft?
[csotn-213] I am he.
[csotn-214] Why did you make Belmont lord of this castle?
[csotn-215] For centuries vampire hunters have defeated evil with
            holy power.

[csotn-216] But... if two vampire hunters were to fight each other.
[csotn-217] But Belmont's power is supreme among vampire hunters.
[csotn-218] None other could defeat him.
[csotn-219] Exactly.
[csotn-220] That's why I removed him as a threat, by making him into
            lord of this castle.

[csotn-221] But your plan has failed.
[csotn-222] Has it indeed?
[csotn-223] We'll see what happens after I destroy your weak human side.

[csotn-224] So you were the one who was controlling Belmont.
[csotn-225] Yes, I am the Dark Priest called Shaft.
[csotn-226] This world must be cleansed with the forge of chaos.
[csotn-227] No..! No!
[csotn-228] It seems your power is insufficient.
[csotn-229] Five years, five years to gather my powers for this, and all
            for not.

[csotn-230] You clamed to love the darkness, go then and dwell there for
            all eternity.

[csotn-231] Uhahahaaaaa Count... Dracula...

[csotn-232] Damn!
[csotn-233] Oh.. ohohoh the gateway opens.

[csotn-234] Uha.. no...
[csotn-235] One who plays so close to the fire can't fail but to be burned.
[csotn-236] But... but my goal is achieved.
[csotn-237] Count Dracula has come to purify this corrupt world.
[csotn-238] With the shearing flames of chaos.
[csotn-239] Uha..ha..haaaaa!

[csotn-chap_15] (Meeting Dracula before Fight)

[csotn-240] This must not be.
[csotn-241] Father, once again it must seem we must come to blows.
[csotn-242] Well met my son.
[csotn-243] Its been a long time.
[csotn-244] I was hoping we would not see each other again.
[csotn-245] I can't allow you to leave here father.
[csotn-246] You have ever been the ally of humans.
[csotn-247] Have you forgotten what they did to your mother.
[csotn-248] Think you, I would forget such a thing?
[csotn-249] No, but neither do I seek revenge against them.
[csotn-250] Still uttering the same nonsense.
[csotn-251] No matter.
[csotn-252] Now is the time to put aside your weak human side.
[csotn-253] And join me in remaking this world.
[csotn-254] Dracula, in the name of my mother.
[csotn-255] I shall defeat you again.
[csotn-256] UHAaaaaaa!!!!

[csotn-chap_16]  (After Defeating Dracula)

[csotn-257] Go back once you came, trouble the soul of my mother no more.
[csotn-258] H...how... how, how is it I've been so defeated?
[csotn-259] You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love.
[csotn-260] Ha... ah.. sarcasm...
[csotn-261] For what profit is it to a man, if he gains the world, and
            looses his own soul?

[csotn-262] Matthew 16:26 I believe.
[csotn-263] Tell me.
[csotn-264] What...what were Lisa's last words?
[csotn-265] She said do not hate humans.
[csotn-266] If you can not live with them, then at least do them no harm.
[csotn-267] For theirs is already a hard lot.
[csotn-268] She also said to tell you, that she will love you for all of

[csotn-269] Lisa.. forgive me.
[csotn-270] Farewell my son.
[csotn-271] Farewell father.
[csotn-272] Believe it or not, I shall miss you.

[csotn-273] The link is broken.
[csotn-274] The castle is starting to crumble.
[csotn-275] Mankind continues to fight.
[csotn-276] But it is a desperate fight to stay alive.
[csotn-277] I suppose he chose a life of warfare since that was the only
            way that he knew.

[csotn-278] Like you father, he chose a path of destruction.
[csotn-279] Farewell land of my birth.
[csotn-280] Never again will these eyes gaze upon your beauty.
[csotn-281] So you made it.
[csotn-282] Alucard!
[csotn-283] How's Richter?
[csotn-284] I'm sorry...
[csotn-285] I.. see.
[csotn-286] Thank you for stopping him.
[csotn-287] Do you suppose that this too was fate?
[csotn-288] So your journey is over as well then?
[csotn-289] No.. Not until I lean what caused Richter's madness.
[csotn-290] I understand.
[csotn-291] Well then.
[csotn-292] May the gods guard you along the way.
[csotn-293] Farewell.
[csotn-294] You as well Alucard.
[csotn-295] Goodbye.

[csotn-296] Its over.
[csotn-297] The sacrifice was great.
[csotn-298] Farewell land of my birth.
[csotn-299] Never again will these eyes gaze upon your beauty.
[csotn-300] Maria!
[csotn-301] Richter!
[csotn-302] I did not wish for you to die.
[csotn-303] Such is the fate of mortals.
[csotn-304] I'm cretin some dark force was behind Maria's transformation.
[csotn-305] But it doesn't matter now.

[csotn-306] No... its best this way.
[csotn-307] I can't ease his torment.
[csotn-308] Someday perhaps we will meat again.
[csotn-309] And on that day, maybe.
[csotn-310] I see.
[csotn-311] Lets go.
[csotn-312] Everyone's waiting for us.
[csotn-313] Yes, lets get out of here.

[csotn-314] So you made it.
[csotn-315] Alucard!
[csotn-316] I'm glad your aright.
[csotn-317] What happened to Shaft?
[csotn-318] Consumed by the very demonic powers he summoned.
[csotn-319] I'm sorry.
[csotn-320] T'is my fault you had to fight your own father.
[csotn-321] Fear not.
[csotn-322] I had my own reasons for destroying him.
[csotn-323] It must have been painful for you.
[csotn-324] Indeed.
[csotn-325] But you must always remember.
[csotn-326] That the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good
            men to do nothing.

[csotn-327] I understand.
[csotn-328] Alucard.
[csotn-329] What will you do now?
[csotn-330] The blood that flows in my veins is cursed.
[csotn-331] Twa be best for this world if I disappeared forever.
[csotn-332] I see...
[csotn-333] Farewell then, will not meat again.
[csotn-334] Alucard.
[csotn-335] Don't you want to go after him Maria?
[csotn-336] I'm sorry, I can't let him disappear form my life.
[csotn-337] Its aright, go after him.
[csotn-338] Perhaps you can save his haunted soul.
[csotn-339] Thank you Richter.
[csotn-340] Fare thee well.
[csotn-341] And yourself dear lady.

[csotn-chap_17]  (Fairy Deity)

[csotn-342] Thank you for giving me life.
[csotn-343] Your word is my command.
[csotn-344] Lets go.
[csotn-345] I'll follow you anywhere.
[csotn-346] There is something funny about this wall.
[csotn-347] This is really suspicious looking.
[csotn-348] If only you could transform into mist.
[csotn-349] Don't forget that some animals can live in complete darkness.

[csotn-chap_18]  (Priest)

[csotn-350] Come son... rest here.
[csotn-351] In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit.
[csotn-352] Amen

([csotn-chap_18]  (Demon Deity)

[csotn-353] Command me my lord and master.
[csotn-354] I'm ready to serve master.
[csotn-355] Hmm a switch.
[csotn-356] Why don't I press it and see.
[csotn-357] Hmm this switch hasn't been pressed yet.

([csotn-chap_20]  (Sword Deity)

[csotn-358] Have you power enough to wield me?
[csotn-359] I won't let you get in my way.
[csotn-360] You have grown mighty my master.
[csotn-361] I grant you my power.
[csotn-362] Its my pleasure.

[csotn-chap_21]  (Old Man on Boat)

[csotn-363] I'll take you to a place which might be interesting for you.
[csotn-364] Hehehehe.
[csotn-365] I'll guide you to meet your destiny.

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