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This game ill needs a savior93440010/10
My 50th review is on the best of the Castlevania seriesAganar10/10
A Symphony Like No Otherbjd8710/10
You know we'll have a good time then...discoinferno849/10
When you mix the best elements of Super Metroid, Castlevania, and RPG together, you get a revolution.durango10/10
A master of its genre, Symphony of the Night leaves a lasting impression.gameboy314510/10
A prime example of how to make a great game.GBishop10/10
Two HundredGenjuro Kibagami9/10
'I'm here to put an end to this.'Halron29/10
A recent review for this awesome game...hamhamninja10/10
An excellent video game!Herugrim9/10
A revolution for CastlevaniaLord_Vaati9/10
The castle's big as a town, hence the nameMegnetto8/10
Let us play this game for pleasure; the night is still youngnastynate31189/10
The only major problem with Symphony of the Night is finding a word that accurately describes just how fun it isPaltheos10/10
Look up the word pinnacle in the dictionary, then play this game and see one.Psycho Penguin10/10
Ultimate Classic.SaintDarkSide10/10
A Monster of a Good TimeSethBlizzard10/10
Great everything!Shadow Edge9/10
The Definitive CastlevaniaShadowruler10/10
Insert all synonyms for the word "breathtaking" here to describe SOTN.Shady9/10
The game is a must have CLASSIC!!!sknmak9/10
The Castlevania that you will honestly remeberStarcryX10/10
Gaming's Magnum OpusSuprak the Stud9/10
The Best Castlevania Ever, the Best 2D Platformer Ever?The Hellbound Heart10/10
This game should be in every gamer's tombTokyo Fusion10/10
Please, read the review before you begin the flaming...Vegita7/10
Fun, but with very -shallow- flaws...Vesperas7/10
King of the Castle(vania)Xodyak10/10
The Son of Dracula is all ready to beat down some undead enemies with RPG style.ZFS10/10
This game has been one of my favourites since 1997, it's still as fun to play today.Zylo the wolf10/10

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