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Basic Controls

D-Pad - Move

Tap Forward twice - Run

X - Jump

Square - Attack

Triangle - Item Crash

Hold Up and press Square - Throw Sub-Weapon

Special Moves

X (While Jumping) - Backflip

Down, Up + Jump - Uppercut (Super jump)

Up, Down, Down+Forward, Forward + Attack - Tackle

Down + X - Slide

X (While Sliding) - Slide Kick

Press Square (While Slide Kicking) - Backflip when you hit an object/enemy


Basic Controls

D-Pad - Move

X - Jump

Square - Use Weapon/Item 1

Circle - Use Weapon/Item 2

Triangle - Backdash

R2 - Form of Wolf

L1 - Form of Mist

R1 - Form of Bat

Hold Up and press Square or Circle - Throw Sub-Weapon

Special Moves

Back, Forward, Up, Down + Attack - Summon Spirit

Hold Up, Up+Forward, Forward, Forward+Down, Down + Attack - Tetra Spirit

Back, Back+Up, Up, Up+Forward, Forward + Attack - Dark Metamorphosis

Up, Down, Down+Forward, Forward + Attack - Hellfire

Up, Down, Down+Forward, Forward + Attack, Hold Up - Dark Inferno

Back, Forward, Forward+Down, Down, Down+Back, Back, Forward + Attack - Soul Steal

Down, Down+Forward, Forward + Attack (While in Wolf Form) - Wolf Charge

Down, Down+Forward, Forward, Up+Forward, Hold Up, Down + Attack (While Sword Familiar Summoned and > Lvl 50) - Sword Brothers

Hold X, (While Holding X - Up, Up+Back, Back, Down+Back, Down, Down+Forward, Forward), Release X (While in Bat Form) - Wing Smash