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Date this FAQ was published: April 16, 2002
Updated November 25, 2002
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Details Of The Update
Due to a e-mail message from a random fan scavenging the search
engine for Chocobo Racing screen shots and bumping into my FAQ, I now got 
info for
not 27, but all 30 tracks, which is taken off the Japanese Chocobo Racing 
Soundtrack CD.
And I also added a bit about myself.

If you want to use this FAQ you have to get through me first.
Birthdate: May 25, 1982
Sigh Gemini
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but have no better anime to talk about other than Dragon Ball Z, Sailor 
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stick with my own age and a little bit under.

Favorite Video Game Genres:
Role Playing, Fighting, Shooters, the old school 2-D side scrolling
action platformers (Metal Slug is keepin' it alive baby! 2-D NEVER DEAD! 
Favorite Game Systems Out of all the 20 I Own: NES, SNES, Sega Saturn, Neo 
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Favorite Role Playing Games:
Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Lunar, Suikoden, Samurai Spirits/Showdown 
RPG, Wild ARMS, Zelda,
Phantasy Star, Y's, Golden Axe Warrior on Sega Master System, and Lufia

Favorite Fighting Games: Street Fighter 2 all editions, Street Fighter Alpha 
King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown, Guilty Gear X, Marvel vs. 
Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2.

Favorite Side Scrollers
Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, Metal Slug, Shatterhand, Mega Man, Bad Dudes, 
Robo Army on Neo Geo, and many more.

Favorite Shooters
Gradius, Thunder Force, U.N. Squadron/Area 88, Raiden, Forgotten Worlds, 
and many more.

This FAQ page is oriented to veterans of the "Final Fantasy" role playing
series by Squaresoft, as well as a history lesson to those who have started
playing the series on the Playstation starting with part 7. As you're
playing throughout Chocobo Racing, there's no doubt that you'll be hearing
modern renditions of Final Fantasy music that stuck in our heads for years,
especially also that you'll be hearing the Chocobo theme song played many
times in styles of different music ranges. But on the other hand, Chocobo
Racing also contains tunes that come from Final Fantasy games that never
made it outside Japan, so there are tracks in the game that are new to
non-Japanese players, despite the fact that these compositions have an
extreme age and are the most memorable to the Japanese. So here is a list of
all the tracks that I have, complete with the names and which Final Fantasy
game they're originally from. All I'm missing is track 11 and if something
needs a little information, you can always e-mail me. One of the best ways
to make this FAQ look better.

Before we begin, before you fall into that web of confusion thinking "FF3
has Terra, FF2 has Cecil, blah blah blah", allow me to kick off this FAQ by
doing the run-down over the FF series so there is no territorial mix-up
whatsover. As I name the origins of these compositions, I'm naming them from
the Japanese point of view, like it was supposed to be for us Americans in
the first place >.<! This is useful for reference of what's ahead.

Final Fantasy Games on 8-bit Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System
Final Fantasy
Japanese Release: December 1987
American Release: July 1990

Final Fantasy II (Japan Only)
Release: December 1988

Final Fantasy III (Japan Only)
Release: April 27, 1990

Final Fantasy Games on 16-bit Super Famicom/Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy IV
Japan: March 1991, with Hard and Easy Editions
America: November 1991, Final Fantasy IV: Easy Edition came to the Super
Nintendo as "Final Fantasy II".

Final Fantasy USA
Japan: 1992
America: 1992. Released as "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest".

Final Fantasy V (Japan Only)
Release: December 5, 1992.

Final Fantasy VI
Japanese: June 1994
American: October 1994; came as Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy Games on Sony Playstation
Final Fantasy VII
Japan: January 31, 1997
America: September 2, 1997

Final Fantasy VIII
Japan: January 1999
America: September 1999

Final Fantasy IX
Japan: July 2000
America: November 15, 2000

Final Fantasy Tactics
Japan: 1997
America: January 1998

Final Fantasy Games on Playstation 2
Final Fantasy X
Japan: July 2001
America: December 19, 2001

Final Fantasy XI
Japan: May 16, 2002
America: Either Late 2002, 2003, or it may not get a US release at all. 
considering that we live in a world of capitalism, and Everquest or Warcraft 
enough, we don't need FFXI*)

FF Compilations
Final Fantasy I & II (Famicom; 1994, Japan Only)
Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI (Final Fantasy Collection; Playstation, 1994
Japan Only)
Final Fantasy V & VI (Final Fantasy Anthology, 1999, American Playstation)
Final Fantasy IV: Hard Edition & Chrono Trigger (Final Fantasy
Chronicles, 2001, Playstaion) Though Chrono Trigger has nothing to do
with Final Fantasy, but is famous for using the Final Fantasy gameplay 
engine. Chrono
Trigger was originally released on the Super Famicom in March 1995, and
Super Nintendo in September the same year.

/   MUSIC LIST   /
Track 01: Dash De Chocobo (Opening theme),
Origin: Just the Chocobo Song played with a saxophone.

Track 02: Choose a Player
Origin: Another Chocobo Theme variation.

Track 03: Chocobo's Theme, begins Chapter One.

Track 04: Cid's Theme,
Origin: Final Fantasy IV. Cid's Theme Song called "Hey Cid"

Track 05: Moogle's Theme.
Origin: Final Fantasy V and and VI. Mog's Theme called "Critter Tripper 

Track 06: Pleasent Journey/Road Rollick
Origin: Final Fantasy III's "Good Fellows"

Track 07: Golem's Theme
Origin: Final Fantasy II, the castle theme.

Track 08: Goblin's Theme
Origin: Final Fantasy V. Theme of the character Faris and heard in the 
pirate's hideout.

Track 09: Bizarre Mystery
Origin: Final Fantasy III, heard in the confrontation with the final boss 
"Dark Cloud"

Track 10: Black Mage's Theme
Origin: Final Fantasy IV. Heard in the mage town of "Mysidia".

Track 11: White Mage's Theme
Origin: The Town Theme from the very first Final Fantasy.

Track 12: Crystal Legend, that same tune heard in data select screens
and crystal rooms in all FF's, are sang by children. IMO, sounds creepy...

Track 13: Big Chocobo's Theme
Origin: The first few notes of Final Fantasy IV's "Here Comes The Fat 

Track 14: Behemoth's Theme
Origin: Final Fantasy III. Nicely orchestrated remix of one of the 
cave/dungeon themes.

Track 15: Phantom Beast/Esper Lord
Two Origins: First part is Final Fantasy VI's pipe-organ piece, heard
in the intro, and before confronting Kefka's final form, and then turns into 
the theme of
Final Fantasy VII's bad@$$, Sephiroth.

Track 16: Make a Chocobo, the bass line to the Chocobo Theme

Track 17: Cid's Test Course
Origin: The Chocobo Theme of Final Fantasy Adventure on the Gameboy, 
otherwise known as
"Seiken Densetsu"

Track 18: Moogle Forest
Origin: Final Fantasy VI (Unreleased) This supposed town theme that never 
made it into the game
itself is heard only the Japanese CD "Final Fantasy VI: The Hidden Tracks"

Track 19: The Ruins
Origin: Final Fantasy III. The regular boss battle music.

Track 20: Mithril Mines
Origin: The first Final Fantasy. Heard in Gurugu Volcano

Track 21: House of Black/Magician's March
Origin: Final Fantasy II. Heard in the Mage Shrine.

Track 22: Mysidia's Sky Garden
Origin: Final Fantasy V. This piece is originally named "A New Origin",
which is heard while watching the credits at the ending of the game.

Track 23: Hungry Land/Gingerbread Land
A jazzy version of the Chocobo song.

Track 24: Gurugu Volcano
Origin: Final Fantasy II. The boss battle music.

Track 25:Illusion World/Fantasia
Origin: Final Fantasy III. The music played in the final battle against Dark 

Track 26:FF8 Circuit
Origin: Final Fantasy VIII. Boss battle music.

Track 27: WIN!
If you never won a battle in ANY Final Fantasy game, you shouldn't even be 
video games, I'm sorry.

Track 28: LOSE! Chocobo theme messed up! X.x

Track 29: The World Tommorow(Last Chapter Ending theme) Chocobo song remixed 
slow and dramatic.

Track 30,Treasure Chest of The Heart. An original vocal piece.
"Chocobo Racing","Chrono Trigger" and "Final Fantasy" are trademarks of

Chrono Trigger characters designed by Mr. Dragon Ball himself, Akira

All music tracks mentioned above are created by Nobuo Uematsu.


Special thanks for putting this FAQ out on the web:

The people who put it out in the first place, GameFAQs.

Entity from Neoseeker for putting this FAQ on the search engine.

The Webmasters of, Anja Bredemann and Christian Wirth.

Angelo Betancourt for giving me info of the complete soundtrack.

And my condolences go out to the many fans that got turned off by Final
Fantasy XI (like myself) cause they can't afford to play online and for
moral reasons.

And a moment of silence to the best arcade to play Street Fighter at in 
Virginia, soon
to be closed down, Gametime Family Fun Center. (1981-2002)

FAQ Guide: A.E. Rosario, 2002