FAQ/Walkthrough by WillyFourEyes

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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 - PlayStation (North American version)
(C) 1998, 1999, 2000 Square Electronic Arts L.L.C.
FAQ version 1.01 (C) 2000 by Walter Williams (DieNasty@ignmail.com)

--- Table of Contents ---
- About This FAQ
  - Coming Soon
- Controls
- Walkthrough
  1. Mysterious Dungeon
  2. Searching for the Treasure
  3. Cid's Tower
  4. The Secret of the Mysterious Dungeon
  5. Snow Mountain
  6. Cid's Tower II
  7. Mysterious Dungeon Revived
  A. The Village
- Things to Look For in the Dungeon
- Friends
- Enemies
- Claws
- Saddles
- Collars
- Tonics and Potions
- Essences
- Nuts
- Seeds
- Cards
- Stones
- Tags
- Summon Stones
- Feathers
- Magic Books
- Magic Book Levels
- Traps
- Disclaimer

v1.0 - 03/09/2000
 - this is the first edition of my CD2 FAQ. As you can see, there are
   many omissions. I just recently purchased this game, and I am trying
   to find many of the secrets.
v1.01 - 03/10/2000
 - corrected and added some enemy information. It's now shown in table
   form, so that it's somewhat easier to read. Some enemy information is
   still missing...I'm still searching for that.
 - what enemies leave behind Essences, and their effects when combining.
 - feathers that are received when claws and saddles break.
 - filling the Enemies table.
 - the walkthrough of the secret dungeon.

- Controls
Directional button - moves Chocobo around.
                   - press the Directional Pad when near a treasure chest
                     or switch to inspect it. Treasures can be picked up
                     by walking over them.
X button - attacks a nearby enemy.
O button - hold down with the Directional Pad to dash
Square Button - allows you to change direction without moving
Triangle Button - opens the menu.
L1 button - kicks stones and empty bottles (if equipped)
          - uses monster's special ability if Chocobo is transformed.
L2 button - speeds up messages
R2 button - speeds up cursor
Select button - enhances the map
Start button - pauses the game and shows Chocobo's status screen.

- Walkthrough

1. The Mysterious Dungeon

At the beginning of the game, Chocobo and Mog are standing in front of
an entrance to a mysterious dungeon. Mog wants Chocobo's help to
find a great treasure within the dungeon, but Chocobo doesn't understand
what his friend is talking about. The adventure-happy Mog drags Chocobo
through the entrance, and they are taken inside the dungeon.

When they get down, they notice that the stairs leading back up to the
surface are gone. They have no choice but to enter the dungeon to see
what's ahead. Mog explains the concept of mysterious dungeons to Chocobo.
He tells him that such dungeons are different every time he enters, so
there's no use in trying to memorize the location of everything. There
are many rare items to be found, but there are also many monsters
lurking about, so the duo must stay on guard at all times.

The enemies on the first floor are pretty weak. You'll find Goblins, Guzs,
and Wild Rats walking around. The Wild Rats possess a natural ability
that allows them to increase their speed. When juiced up, the Wild
Rats can make two moves every time you make one. Their attacks aren't
that strong, though. They all can be defeated with a few quick claw hits.
If Mog is close enough to the enemy you're attacking, he'll hit them, too.
Watch the little green bar near the enemy. When it fills to red, it means
that it's about to launch an attack. Look around the dungeon for assorted
spellbooks. They deal more damage to the enemy than most regular claw
attacks, and the more you read, the more powerful your spells can get. If
you come across a Map Card, use it immediately. It shows you where all of
the treasures (indicated by blue dots), enemies (red dots), and the level
exit (white dot) are. When you've collected all of the treasures on a level
and defeated most of the enemies, you should go down to the next level.

On the second level, Mog will spy a Goblin beating up on a Guz. The
Goblin kills the Guz off and levels up. When enemies beat each other
and level up, they become more dangerous. You should be very careful
around these folk. If you have any magic books, use them to kill the
Dark Goblin. Regular attacks will only do about 2-3 HP damage against it,
and you will get hurt with 15 HP damage if you get attacked. Defeating
the Dark Goblin will most likely increase your level, so kill it before
exploring the next level.

* TIP: If you use up a Potion, it doesn't disappear. Instead, Chocobo
keeps the empty bottle. He can refill these at magic springs to get other
kinds of Potions, like Haste Tonics and Antidotes. You can only use
these springs a few times, after which they dry up. You can magically
refill them if you have a Geyser Card.

When you reach the fourth level, it appears that you are surrounded by
rocks. Mog says it's easy - you can walk diagonally. (Not reallly that
hard to get out of, eh?) After you get around the roucks, continue
exploring the dungeon. There are two new enemies down here, Hedgehogs
and Nut Eaters. The Hedgehogs aren't much of a threat, but the Nut
Eaters can throw nuts at you. If a Nut Eater comes across a nut lying
on the ground, it'll eat the nut and transform into a Skull Eater
after a few turns. Don't leave any nuts lying around.

Down on the fifth level, you'll find Black Magicians roaming the
catacombs. They're very weak defensively (only 5 HP), but if you wait
too long to attack them, they can hit you with magic spells, which
take about 10-15 HP from you if they hit. You can just as easily
defeat them by kicking a Stone at them.

At the sixth level, Mog walks into a room to find a lever, which he
thinks will lead to the treasure he's looking for. He pulls the lever,
but it launches Chocobo out of the dungeon, leaving Mog all alone to
search for the treasure himself.

2. Searching for the Treasure

Back on the outside, Chocobo is injured from the nasty fall that he
took. A girl wearing a white robe walks up to him and takes her inside
to her house. She heals Chocobo with a tonic, and then introduces
herself as Shiroma, a white mage. She leaves her house to take a walk,
and on her way out, she tells you not to touch the tonic on the shelf,
because it's dangerous. You get a chance to sleep on her bed and save
the game. Take a short rest, grab the Tonic on the shelf (it's not
identified, so it'll have a name like 'Bubbly Tonic' or 'Jiggly Tonic'),
and then go back into the dungeon.

* TIP: Whenever you exit a dungeon, any unidentified items in your
inventory become identified. The names of the unidentified items are
not always the same with each time you go into the dungeon. If
you're not sure if a tonic or card is safe to use, kick it at an enemy.
You can use the tonic from Shiroma's shelf and kick it at an enemy. It's
a Nitro, which explodes on contact, damaging anything in a square area.

Work your way down to level four of the dungeon, taking with you whatever
treasures you find. When you reach level four, you'll see Shiroma talking
with a Chubby Chocobo. As they are talking, Shiroma is surprise-attacked by
a Skeleton, but she makes short work of it with her white magic. Chubby
Chocobo complains to her that she dragged her down into the dungeon,
but she tells him that he was so eager to come to the dungeon with her when
he found out that there would be many tasty treats for him. She walks on
ahead of Chubby, with her white magic and Teleport Tag just in case she
runs into any danger.

You'll find Shiroma on the sixth level, standing in front of a stove.
She tells you that you can use stoves to combine claws or saddles after
adding a little Fire or Thunder Magic to it. Chocobo tells her that he's
looking for Mog, and that he doesn't need a big explanation on using
stoves, so she tags along with him for a while.

Shiroma's White magic abilities allow her to heal Chocobo when his
HP fall below 25%. The healing restores him almost completely, but
she can only do it twice per trip into the dungeon. She also has
a powerful attack, which is especially useful against undead monsters.

On level seven of the dungeon, you'll fight Skeletons and Imps. Skeletons
are quite strong, and they carry swords. Drain and Confusion spells do not
work against them, but Fire spells are especially effective. The Imps
can warp Chocobo to a random location. While this attack does not cause
any damage, it can be a pain in the butt to have to walk around to find
your partner. There are no stoves below level 6 of the dungeon, so try
to save all your Fire spellbooks. You'll need them for the boss.

Down on level 10, you and Shiroma are taken to a room filled with skull
heads and eerie lighting. As you walk a step ahead, a giant monster
attacks. It's a Skull Hammer, and it's guarding your way out of here.

                *****Dungeon Boss: Skull Hammer*****
HP: 420
   Special Attacks: Quakara
   weak against Fire
   immune to Drain and Confusion

The Skull Hammer moves slowly, but hits hard. It has a regular attack
that hits for about 12 HP damage, and it also has a strong Quakara attack,
which hits one target for 15-20 HP damage. It takes four turns for
Skull Hammer to use its earth attack, so pound it when it does this.
The Skull Hammer is an undead creature, so you can exploit its one
weakness: fire. Hit it hard with Fire Magic at the beginning, and when
you run out of Fire, attack it with your claws. Other magic spells don't
work particularly well against it. With Shiroma's help, you can do about
25 HP damage per turn. When it's down to about half its HP, it will
split into four parts, which will float around the room and attack you.
Ignore the Skull Face and Skull Hands, because only the heart will
cause damage to the monster. The hands and face cause about 5 HP damage
each, so don't get surrounded by them, or you'll take a beating. After
a while, Skull Hammer will reform, and resume its normal attack pattern.
If you have a Haste Tonic handy, drink it while it is casting its Quake
spell to hit it quick and hard before it can attack.

After Skull Hammer is defeated, a stairway opens, leading down to the
treasure room, where Mog awaits. Shiroma tries to stop him, but Mog
rushes into the room. Chocobo waits outside the room for them to come
back. Inside the treasure room, Mog finds a giant crystal, but a Guz
is also in the room. Mog chases the Guz out, then tries to reach for the
crystal. The crystal starts spinning out of control, and the dungeon
sinks into the ocean, washing Shiroma, Chocobo and Mog up on the nearby
beach. The dungeon took out Shiroma's house, so now she wants to go
to the village with the two friends. When they arrive, they are greeted
by Mrs. Bomb and her three children. Mog is frightened by the Bombs, but
Mrs. Bomb allows him to rest at her place. The monsters in the village
don't trust humans, so Shiroma has to find another place to sleep.
Take this opportunity to get yourself familiar with the village. You'll
be coming back and forth through here during your adventure.

Enter the Bomb House (the house with the big flame on it) and talk to
Mog. He's still determined to get the crystal that sunk to the bottom
of the ocean. He says that he would need a submarine to get to it.
Mrs. Bomb scolds him, telling him that the humans should deal with that.
The only human who has such a thing is a weird old guy in the tower.
The old guy is locked away in a tower to separate him from the monsters.
Mog wants you to go and meet the old guy so that you can get his sub,
while he stays in the village with the Bombs.

The house to the right of the Bombs' house is where Shiroma lives.
Talk to her a couple of times, and she'll tell you that her childhood
friend, Chubby Chocobo, has the key to the tower. He owns the tool
shop on the west side of town. Go to his shop and ask him about the
gate key. He keeps the key for himself because he does business with
the old guy. Chubby rushes to the tower and opens the gate for you.
(He went through all that trouble, but you could have done it yourself.)
Leave Chubby's store and enter again, and he'll be sitting behind
the counter, open for business. He has the following items for sale:
   Potion - 50 Gil
   Dispel Tonic - 300 Gil
   Map Card - 300 Gil
   Identify Card - 100 Gil
   Peanut - 100 Gil
   Teleport Tag - 300 Gil
   Memory Tag - 300 Gil
Whenever you go into any dungeon, you should always carry one or two
Potions, an Identify Card or two, a Peanut, a Teleport Tag, and a
Memory Tag. Never leave without these items.

To the right of this house is a storage room, run by Gamedon, a
Land Turtle. He'll act gruff if you try to touch anything without
paying, but he'll allow you to store some of your items if you
pay him 1000 Gil. Since you don't have much Gil right now, you
should go to the Tower and collect some treasures to sell.

Behind Shiroma's house is a large house with a young Behemoth named
Mo. He's all alone in the house, and the place is a mess. His mother
went away, and his father is out somewhere in the town. You'll find
his father, Ben, at the statue next to the storage room. He's
the village sculptor, and he's inspecting a statue, but he thinks
it's missing something. He won't talk to you the first time around,
so come back later.

West of the Behemoths' house is a Magic Shop. You'll meet some old
Final Fantasy characters here - Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge. They've all
enrolled in the school of black magic in the village. Wedge is looking
around for something to research. Biggs is trying to fix his stove,
and Jessie needs some monster essence to make a potion. Talk to
Jessie to learn about essences. You can get essence from a monster
if you defeat it by kicking an empty bottle at it. The essence can
be used alone for many effects, or it can be combined with weapons
to give them special elemental properties or status effects. If
you speak to the head magician, he'll ask you to do a little research
with him. Say yes when he asks you to cooperate with the research and
he'll give you a choice of one of three feathers: Fireball, Blizzard
Storm, and Thunder Cross. These feathers allow the corresponding
magic to affect an area of enemies. There are many others, which
he will talk to you about later. An anonymous black magician is
guarding the stairs to the basement. It's obvious that you won't be
able to get back here for a while, so let's continue moving.

To the west of this house is the village's Tree of Life, which is
being tended by two Golems named Gotton and Gauche. Gotton needs
your help in giving life essence to the Tree, because lately, it's
been looking pretty sickly. In order to give it life, he asks for
a feather. Chances are that the only feather you have at the moment
is the one you got from the head magician. You should hang onto that
until you get some more feathers.

Finally, on the left side of that house is Chef le Tonberry's restaurant.
Business has been going slow for him since a drunken Malboro came in
and scared away all his customers. Try talking to the Malboro and see
what the problem is. He asks you if you want any 'bolts', but he can't
do anything in his present form, and he asks you to use your Thunder
Books on him if you have any. It will take several of them to
bring Malboro back into his original form. Use whatever you have on him,
then leave the village and head north to the Tower.

3. Cid's Tower

When Chocobo walks up to the tower, he sees a loud explosion, and an
old guy is sent flying from the top of the tower. He charges back into
the tower door with his tank.

* TIP: If you start running low on health in a dungeon, use a Teleport
Tag to get out. Some events that occur in the village will take some
time to complete, so check back every once in a while. (See 'Village'
section for more details.)

On the first few floors of the Tower, you'll run into Cactuses, Clay
Golems, and lots of Imps. Cactuses come out and attack you with Gil.
When you defeat them, they leave some Gil behind. You can use this to
buy items at Chubby's shop.

When you reach level 3 of the tower, you'll find a guy fighting off
a Cactus. He's trying to take his tower back from the Imps, who took
over the tower and booted him out. Chocobo offers to help the man,
but he doesn't remember what he's doing there. The only thing
he can remember is his name. The old guy calls himself Cid, and
he tags along with you on the way up.

On the fourth floor (and sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth floors),
you'll see robots in some of the rooms. They don't attack you, but
they can be attacked. There are more Imps on this floor, and if they
find one of the robots, then they will hop in and walk around in the
robots. They are more powerful than when just standing, but they
have a weakness to lightning magic.

Up on some of the higher floors, you'll encounter Grand Rollers, which
attempt to self-destruct when they only have half HP; Onions, which
can strip you of your equipment by attacking; land mine-laying Gnomes,
item-stealing Thugs; Tonberry Jr., who carries a lantern and attacks
with a big knife, and Land Turtles, who attack with mighty claws, but
hide in their shells when threatened. If you're using strong claws and
magic against them, then you should have no trouble defeating them.

On floor 9, you've got to use the switches to make the center
platform rotate in order to get to the elevator. After riding the
elevator, find the exit to the left, and you'll come to a secret garden.
A booming voice warns you that the Imps are about to awaken their
boss. After that, Bahamut, the mystic keeper of time, appears before
you and talks to you about a hidden power, the Imps, and the existence
of 'the girl'. He leaves you with these enigmatic questions on your
hands, and leaves it up to you to figure it out. Before leaving the
garden, pick up the Mythril Claws in the treasure chest, and get some
Octopus Essence from the vending machine for 3000 gil.

At the 14th floor, Cid finds the large tank that he lost on his way
up to the tower. He hops inside and heads for the roof of the tower,
with Chocobo close behind. At the top, there are three robot-riding
Imps waiting for them.

                ***Tower Boss: Imp Robo Boss***
EXP: 600
   attacks with long spike arm, and drops a set of bombs periodically.
   weak against Thunder.

Fighting the Imp Robos isn't that tough. Cid deals a lot of damage
with the shells from his Cidtank, and while the Imp Robos are stronger
than the ones you found earlier, they aren't that tough to beat. Use
one or two Thunder Books on each of them to take them out of the battle
early. Attack the Imp Robo Boss with everything you've got, but watch
out for the bombs that he drops. There is a time delay on the bombs,
and when they explode, they damage anything within a range of one
square, hurting for 1/4 of your current HP.

Cid thanks Chocobo for helping him take his tower back from the Imps.
Now, Chocobo asks him to return to the village with him, so that he
might remember what he was doing there in the first place. Shiroma
is happy to see them back. With Cid's help, she and Chocobo can get
to the sunken dungeon with the Cidmarine. Chocobo decides to swim
all the way to the island by himself. Along his way, he finds a
large sunken ship at the floor of the sea. He swims and swims across
until he reaches the beach where the mysterious dungeon once
stood. Shiroma catches up to him using Cid's sub as a bridge. (It
seems that you didn't need that big old thing after all.) She
joins Chocobo in the voyage to the depths of the dungeon, because
she wants to find out its secret.

4. The Secret of the Mysterious Dungeon

Down in this underground cave, you'll find aquatic enemies, some of
which can walk on water. There are Devilfish, which spit ink at you
to cloud your vision; Sahagins, fish-like creatures that can attack
with Blizzard, and more Land Turtles. The Devilfish and Sahagins are
weak against Thunder magic (by now some of your magic spells should
be level 9 or higher). On very rare occasions, Chocobo might find a
collar from a defeated enemy. If you can use an Identify card on the
collar, you might find a Waterwalk collar. You can use the collar to
walk around the aquatic level and find a secret passage. If you find
a stairway on a small square island, take it and you'll go to a
completely submerged floor. The same enemies can be found in the
underwater floor, but none of them will try to attack you from the
water (because you'll all be in the water).

When you reach the fifth floor, you'll be out of the water, and
taken inside the depths of a magma cave, full of Gatlinghogs (stronger
Hedgehogs) and Bombs. The Bombs will build up power and self-destruct
if you attack them. Freeze the Bombs with some Blizzard (or Blizzara)

Things will start to get hotter, as you face charming Lamias, super-hot
Magmen, Puppeteers, Ogres, and other stronger enemies. You won't
survive down her eunless you have some good protection. Try to combine
your saddles so that you get higher defensive power. +2 or +3 saddles
work well. Mythril Saddles offer great protection, so combine your
saddles with Mythril to get maximum benefits. Always remember to keep
an extra claw and saddle ready if your old one breaks.

Starting with this dungeon, you'll start to see shops inside the dungeons,
with Death as the shopkeeper. This shopkeeper works differently than
Chubby's shop back at the village. To sell items, you drop from your
inventory, and to buy items, pick them up off the ground. You have
to complete your purchases by walking to the door. If you don't have
enough money to pay for everything, or if you try to warp out of the
shop without paying, you'll get chased by Death, and he'll kill you,
causing you to lose everything. I repeat: DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT DEATH!
IT DOESN'T WORK! (NOTE: You can't use Teleport Tags when Death is
trying to chase you fomr his shop.)

Down on level 15, Chocobo and Shiroma find what appears to be a giant
stove. It's not moving, so it has to be harmless. Soon, Bahamut appears
before them, and he tells Chocobo again that the Imps are preparing for
the revival of their boss. He also mentions that Shiroma may be connected
to the revival in some way, but he thinks it's best for her not to know
about it. The only way to find out about it is to proceed. There are
floating ghosts called Neons, puddles of Jellies, stoned Gargoyles, and
undead Zombies as you continue down into the underground cave. The
Neons are the most dangerous of the bunch, because they can merge with
other Neons to form a stronger ghost called a Shadow. Both the Neons
and Shadows use Thunder magic to attack enemies. Gargoyles can
be found guarding the stairways to the 19th and 20th levels. They are
very weak against Wind magic. Jellies split into other Jellies when they
are attacked. Kill them off before they can split up. The Zombies are
slow-moving, and they will try to attack you with Slow breath, so that
they can catch up to you.

At level 22, Shiroma meets Bahamut again. This time, he completes his
story about the dungeon and the awakening. He says that the dungeon was
created in the distant future, and it was brought to the present era as
a weapon against 'him'. Somebody built it as a weapon to fight against
the Imps, and as a way to revive those lives lost in the war. That
same someone brought Shiroma to the present, to a time where there was
no war, so that she would not have to suffer from the Imps. With his
story told, Bahamut vanishes again.

Continue down the dungeon until you reach level 26. Now would be a
good time to use your Memory Tags to record your progress. When you
reach level 27, you face your next big challenge - Ultros! (remember him?)

                ***Cave Boss: Ultros***
EXP: 1000
   attacks with Tentacles, and tries to bite you.
   weak against Lightning

The battle against Ultros actually goes quicker than you might expect.
Ultros is weak against Thunder magic. He tries to attack you with his
two tentacles, and will also try to bite you, which can take a lot
of HP away from you. Don't get too close to him if you don't have to.
Use your Thunder magic on Ultros and don't worry about the tentacles.
If you attack his head enough, Ultros will go away.

A stairway opens up after Ultros is defeated. It leads back into the
crystal room, which looks like it has been built to look like new.
Shiroma tries to open the door, but it is locked from the inside. She
tries to look for a switch to open the door, when suddenly two Imps
come out from behind and take her into the room with the crystal, and
their boss, Glass Goth. They warp out of the room, taking Shiroma with
them. Chocobo tries to get in from the outside, but when he does,
Shiroma is already gone, and only her pendant is left behind.

When Chocobo returns to the village, Cid shows up. He got visited
again by Bahamut, and he learned that Glass Goth took Shiroma to
Snow Mountain to the north. Cid decides to wait for you at the exit
to the village near the forest.

5. Snow Mountain

Before you get to Snow Mountain, you've got to get through a thick
forest. As you might expect, there are many forest baddies lurking
about. There are Worms that can put you to sleep with their saliva,
Malboros that can try to confuse you with their bad breath, and
Toads that can turn you into frogs, to name a few. Plant enemies
have a natural weakness to Fire. If you're in a tight spot, use
Fireball, or an Ifrit Stone. The Toads don't start showing up
until you reach the fourth area of the forest. From the fifth
area on, you'll face Berserk Ogres, which are stronger than the
regular Ogres, and can put quite a hurting on you if you don't
kill them quickly.

When you reach the seventh area, you'll be inside a cave. The Moles
that you find in here call this cave home, and they can burrow their
way through any tunnel. There's not much to counter against Earth
attacks, but if you have the Earth element on your saddle, the
Moles shouldn't be a problem. The Behemoths that you run into on
the tenth level are really tough. It may take two magic spells to
knock one of these big monsters out. Also threatening are the Giant
Bats, which can slow you down with their bite, and Elephants, which
can speed themselves up and then stomp you into the ground with jumping

At the fourteenth floor, you and Cid will be standing outside the
entrance to Snow Mountain. There's a giant ice rock blocking the way,
and Cid can't crack it with his wrench. But soon, Mrs. Bomb comes up
the mountain to aid you and Cid. It seems that she's opened up her heart
to Shiroma, and has decided to help you rescue her. She opens the
tunnel by using an age-old Bomb technique called 'divide and detonate'.
The aftermath of the explosion puts her in two smaller bodies. After
clearing the way, the two Mrs. Bombs float back to the village.

Snow Mountain has many ice-based enemies here, like Dark Titans, Icemen,
and Mousse. The Fire spells that helped you get past the plant enemies
in the Forest will work greatly here. It's a long way up to the peak of
Snow Mountain, but finally, at level 23, you'll run into Glass Goth.
He's planning to revive the dungeon at the bottom of the sea, but he
needs the key to activate it. The key to the dungeon is Shiroma's pendant,
and he will use the dungeon to destroy everything in his path.

                ***Snow Mountain Boss: Glass Goth***
HP: ???   EXP: ???
   attacks with Jumping Strike
   uses Silence Flash and Mini Flash

Glass Goth's main attacks are his regular claw slash, which takes
away about 25 HP from Chocobo, and a jumping strike, which takes longer,
but deals almost 50 HP damage. He also has a Silence Flash and Mini
Flash attack, which he rarely uses. These attacks only do about 1-2
HP damage to each character, so you need not worry. He is an undead
monster, so exploit his weakness to Fire. If you run out of fire,
use any claws that are equipped with Holy magic on him.

Glass Goth has been defeated, but he's far from finished. He disappears
from the Snow Mountain. Cid and Chocobo decide to move on ahead.
Bahamut appears before them once again, talking about Goth's plans
to revive the dungeon at the sea floor and use it as a weapon. Even
though Shiroma's pendant controls the power of time, it seems to be
Goth's sheer hatred that is bringing the dungeon back to life. Bahamut
disappears again, and Chocobo runs to the top of the mountain, where he
finds Shiroma. She tells him that she has to go away, and that she
needs her pendant back. She reaches for the pendant around Chocobo's
neck, but he doesn't want to see her go. She tells him, 'Please
understand...' She takes her pendant from Chocobo, and floats off,
leaving him in tears.

6. Cid's Tower II

Back at the town, Chocobo is still saddened by Shiroma's sudden departure.
While Cid and Mog try to console him, the giant dungeon weapon floats
down from the sky and takes a big blast, knocking out an area near
the village. Cid decides that there's not much time left, and that
they've got to take to the skies to get her back. He'll need his
specially designed airship, "Cidwind" (really creative name, eh?). The
airship is back at his tower, but the Imps and Gremlins have taken the
tower back from Cid. It looks like there's going to be a lot of trouble
ahead, but Chocobo should be prepared for it...

The monsters in the tower have gotten 'uppity' (as Cid calls it) since
the revival of the dungeon, and you'll probably run into some stronger
versions of some old tower enemies. They're not much stronger defensively,
but they definitely hit harder.

When you make your way back to the tenth floor of the tower, you'll
have to go to the right to reach the secret garden. Cid finds Bahamut
standing near the tree, not making his usual surprise entrances.
Bahamut has noticed that the villagers have started to open their
hearts toward Shiroma, even though the revived dungeon is growing
in strength with Glass Goth's hatred. He then asks for Cid to command
Bahamut to lend him power, and then he disappears.

Up on floor 14, Cid jumps back into Cidtank to fight the Imps waiting
for him at the top of the tower.

                ***Tower II Boss: Imp Robo #99***
HP: 1576
   attacks with long spiked arm.
   weak against Lightning

The Gremlins have taken over the tower, and they're much stronger than
the Imps that once stood here. The Imp Robo Boss #99 is stronger, too.
If Chocobo gets hit by its spiked arm, he could lose around 50-60 HP.
The simple way to beat this is to have Chocobo use his best Thunder
Magic, and if he has any, Ramuh Stones or other summons. When they are all
used up, go around the Imp Robo and claw away, using Hi-Potions if
his HP get low. Don't get in the line of Cidtank's fire, or Chocobo
can suffer a lot of damage (almost as much as the tank does to the Imp
Robo boss).

Cid takes Chocobo to Cidwind's central control room, where he readies
the airship for takeoff. The rest of the village has come to help Cid
fight against Glass Goth's fortress. The Cidwind takes flight, and it
takes a couple shots at the giant weapon, but the shots bounce off.
Goth uses its mighty right hand to fire a beam at Cid's airship, knocking
out its left engine. Before it can take another shot, Bahamut swoops down
and takes out the hand cannon with fiery dragon breath. Cid and Chocobo
don't stay airborne for much longer, so they bail out of the airship
just before it crashes, and Chubby Chocobo's soft white belly cushions
their fall. Up on one of the mountains, Ben the Behemoth launches a
spear at the giant crystal on the weapon's body, making it temporarily
immobile, leaving it up to the mages to finish the job with a powerful
shock to the weapon's system, sending it crashing into the side of
Snow Mountain.

The giant weapon has crashed, leaving Chocobo free to explore it and find
Shiroma. Mog wants to go with his pal on this adventure, not to search for
any kind of treasure, but to help out Shiroma, who may still be trapped
in the dungeon. Cid departs from Chocobo to seek help from Bahamut. Mog
will wait for Chocobo at the forest when he's ready to go.

7. Mysterious Dungeon Revived

In order to reach the dungeon, Chocobo will have to return to the forest,
and fight his way around some more beefed-up enemies. Blood Worms,
Malboro Ghouls, and Wood Eyes await you in the first three areas of the
forest. Always carry around plenty of Hi-Potions with you at this
point. You should also look in the springs and try to get an X-Potion
or two, which restores all of Chocobo's HP.

Entering the fourth area, watch out for Poison Toads, because not only
can they turn you into a frog, their tongues are also poisonous. They
become even more dangerous if they turn Mog into a frog and kill him,
transforming into Giant Toads. If you lose Mog anywhere during the
journey, you should return to town and try again.

As you proceed to the seventh area and onward, you'll have to fight
Garden Slugs and Badgers. They're not that tough, but you should
attack them for experience.

Once you get to the tenth area, you can now return here quickly by
using the shortcut in Chubby's Tool Shop (see 'GAMEDON'S STORAGE'
in the Village section). By taking the shortcut, you can jump
straight to the 10th area, but not before running into King
Behemoths and Masks. The King Behemoths are much stronger
than the regular Behemoth, so if you're wearing anything less
than a Mythril +1 Saddle, you'll probably get hit for 30 HP damage
per attack. The most dangerous enemies in these areas are the Masks,
Stone Masks, and Butchers. The Masks and Stone Masks can reflect magic
spells, so your books have no effect on them. Also, they can use
an Amnesia attack on you, which will cause Chocobo to forget the
names of all the items he has in his inventory. This is very
dangerous if you have any bad status cards, like Confusion or Silence,
because you won't know which one to use. The thing about the Masks
is that they will never attack Chocobo directly, so let Mog beat
them up himself. He'll only get 1 HP damage taken from him, and he
won't be affected by the Masks' Amnesia. At the 11th, 12th and 13th
floors, the stairs are guarded by strong enemies called Butchers.
They have the strength of Behemoths, and they can also use their
Chain to hit both Chocobo and Mog at the same time. They are very
strong against most magic, but if you have one of your spells powered
up to level 17, you can defeat them. Group spells work well against

When you reach level 14, you'll find the big crystal room where the
whole episode started...You can't get inside, however, because it
is still locked by some mysterious power.

At level 15, you'll be back in the original dungeon, trying to make
your way up to the top. You probably won't make it up to this floor
in one try, so don't forget to use the Memory Tags whenever you reach
a higher floor. There are Grand Mummies, Steel Bats, and Summoner Hags
on floors 15-17 of the dungeon. Grand Mummies can curse your equipment
if they hit you, but this only happens once in every few attacks. If
you have a Dispel Potion, you can counter this easily. Just avoid
using Drain Magic on them. Steel Bats behave like the Giant Bats, and
will attempt to use a Slow Bite on you, but you should be able to
kill it with two or three hits (if you have strong claws). Summoner
Hags tend to avoid you, because they need space to summon more
Grand Mummies. They don't get in your face because they are physically
weak. Blast them with a spell or kick a rock at them before they can
summon more undead creatures.

Head up to level 18 and you'll fight Demons and Vampires. Vampires
aren't much to worry about, unless you give them enough time to
charge up for an attack. This attack can drain Chocobo's level, so
try to kill it early. It may also transform into a Werebat if it is
in danger, and fly off quickly. The Demons are physically strong, but
they are easily beaten with magic spells. At this point in the game,
there really isn't much time to go out of your way and search for
treasures. Just find a way to the top of the dungeon as fast as you
can, or else you'll get KO'd.

When you reach the 21st floor, you'll come across the giant stove,
which is now burning at full steam. Better get to the top quickly...
There are some claws in the middle of the pathway before the stairs.
Take them and go up.

If you've reached level 22 successfully, your level should probably
be somewhere in the high 40's or low 50's. You'll need all the experience
you have to get past the horde of Dragons on this floor. There are
six kinds of Dragons: Red Dragons, Dark Bahamuts, Holy Dragons, Mist
Dragons, Shadow Dragons, and Spirit Dragons. All of these can spit
dangerous breath at you and Mog, which covers a wide area and can do
quite a bit of damage to your party. If you're thinking of attacking
these foes, you should team up on them.

If you find yourself reaching level 25, but can't find the stairs before
you use up your last Hi-Potion, use a Teleport Tag to warp out of the
dungeon, and use the shortcut at Chubby's Tool Shop to get to level 10
and do it all over. Just remember to buy a Teleport Tag before going back
out again. If you need extra Gil, sell all of the treasures that you know
you won't need (like cursed or low-level Claws and Saddles).

Before you attempt to face the final boss, you will most definitely need
to have the following:

   level 60+ experience
   strong Kiai Claws with Holy Effect (+3 or +4 will do)
   a strong King's Saddle (the strongest kind of saddle there is)
   plenty of Hi-Potions (at least 20)
   level 16+ of all elemental spells (and some magic books to match)
   Spell books (if you have a flare feather)
   MegaSpell books (if you're feeling lucky)
   the following Summon Stones: Unicorn, Carbuncle, Odin, and Bahamut
      (open those sealed chests!)

After climbing the stairs to level 26, you'll encounter Glass Goth for
the final time. His power has grown to that of a superbeast, and he has
taken on the form of the crab. You have to defeat him if you want to
save Shiroma.

               ***Last Dungeon Boss: Glass Goth X***
HP: 4500
   attacks with its claws and a powerful breath attack.
   weak against Holy magic.

Glass Goth X, as you might have guessed, is much more powerful than the
other bosses you've fought up to this point. His physical attacks are
strong, but his breath is devastating. Each attack can knock out up to
80 HP on Chocobo and Mog. In order to beat this guy, you'll need to
unload your powerful elemental magic on him. When you've beaten him down
to about 1/4 of his health, the screen will go dark, and Goth X will
transform into Glass Goth Z!

Glass Goth Z
HP: 4000
   uses a sharp bite attack and a Mouth Beam.

Glass Goth Z's Bite can take away 60 HP when it hits, but the Mouth
Beam is the attack to watch out for. It's impossible to dodge this
move, and when it hits, it can do as much as 100 HP damage. Now is the
best time to use your best Spell Books and MegaSpell Books. Once you
run out of these, use one each of the Summon Stones. Using Odin
and Bahamut first will easily tear 1500 HP away from Goth Z. If your
HP should drop low, use the Unicorn Stone. This summon will heal Chocobo,
and hurt Goth Z at the same time! After those summons are used up,
call on Carbuncle to use his Ruby Shield on you. This will lessen
the damage done by Goth's attacks. From there, pound away at him
with your claws and use Hi-Potions to recover your health often.

With Glass Goth Z finally put back in his place, Chocobo jumps into the
void in search of Shiroma. He jumps in without even telling Mog where
he's going. She finds Shiroma inside the mysterious crystal room. He
tells her to hop on her back, and he escapes from the dungeon with her.
The fortress crumbles to pieces, and Chocobo and everyone inside are sent
falling from the sky.

Cid finds everybody and takes them back to the village. Chocobo tells
Cid that he was able to get Shiroma out of the dungeon, but she got
separated from him. Mog tells Cid that he was followed around by the
Guz who had turned uinto Glass Goth. The pendant around the Guz starts
glowing, and its spirit brings Shiroma's small toy doll to life. At
that moment, Shiroma walks in to give Chocobo a hug and kiss, for saving
her life and the whole bit.

At the game's end, Mog is seen pulling a cart away from the village.
He's finished with treasure hunting, and he wants to go away and leave
it all behind - Chocobo, Shiroma, the Dungeons - everything. Shiroma begs
him to stay in the village with them, but he continues walking with his
cart. Chocobo jumps on the back of the cart out of nowhere, waving
goodbye to Shiroma for the time being. At long last, Chocobo's journey
through the Mysterious Dungeon is over...

After the credits roll, the game shows a shot of Mog and Chocobo sleeping
somewhere in the forest outside the village. While they are sleeping, the
doll from Shiroma's room walks by with a letter in its hands. It walks up
to the two friends, then comes to rest at a nearby tree, where it falls

This, my friends, is the end of Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2. You can
now turn your PlayStations of---wait a minute...what's this? A hamster's
walking across the screen. You might recognize this little guy if you
had taken the shortcut into the dungeon from Chubby's shop (see Gamedon's
Storage in the Village section). His name is Chip, and he's got a little
surprise for those of you who made it to the end of the game. If you
want an extra challenge, there's a special dungeon waiting for you after
the message is done. There are much stronger enemies this time around,
and you get to use any of the characters that you played with in the
regular adventure, including the little doll guy, whose name is Kuz.
You'll be teleported back to Shiroma's house, and your new adventure
will begin again.

Unfortunately, this is where the FAQ for CMD 2 ends. To learn more about
this secret dungeon, please stay tuned for later editions of this FAQ.
Happy hunting!!


A. Village

  At Chef le Tonberry's restaurant, there is a drunken Malboro sitting
  at one of the tables. Tonberry's business has been doing bad because
  the Malboro has been scaring away all the customers. Talk to the
  Malboro and he may decide to help you, if you can get him to
  change back into his original form. He asks you to zap him with a
  Thunder Book. It will take seven of them to get him to revert back
  to his normal form. When he does, he changes into Ramuh, the Thunder
  master. As a reward, he will give you a Ramuh Feather, which allows
  you to summon him at any time you want.

  Return to the restaurant and you'll meet an unhappy goblin couple
  (Gobly and Gobbie). Gobbie's mad at Gobly because he doesn't take
  her out to fancy restaurants anymore, and she leaves in a huff. Gobly
  wants to make it up to her by getting her a gift. He asks for a shiny
  Ramuh Stone from you. But when he gives it to his wife, she's still
  mad at him for giving her that 'big ugly rock'. Chef Tonberry wants
  to make it up to the couple by preparing a most superb dish. If you
  come to him with Worm Essence (which is taken from the Worms in the
  Forest), he'll prepare his specialty, the Conde Petie, which supposedly
  brings out the true feelings of whoever eats it. The Goblins are
  grateful for your help in getting them back together.

  Go out to the dungeon for a while and you'll find that a juice bar
  has opened below. Tonberry hired Gobbie part-time at his restaurant,
  and she built the juice bar below. Downstairs, a Lamia named Lamy
  wants to make her own special blend of essence, but she needs you
  to get her some Plant Essence. You can get this from any plant-type
  enemy (like Cactuar, Malboro, or Mamon). Return to Lamy with the
  essence and she'll give you Dragon Essence. The Dragon Essence is
  very useful for combining, because you can use it to combine ability
  points AND elemental effects to your weapons. It works like the
  Superior and Fusion Seeds put together. She won't let you get a taste
  of the essence, though. There's a jukebox near one of the walls.
  You can use it to listen to music from the game.

  The first time you enter the laboratory, you'll meet Biggs, Jessie
  and Wedge. Biggs will be working hard at a stove, trying to get it
  to work. Jessie is looking for essence to make a most delicious
  tonic. Wedge is looking for more spell books to research.

  To help out Biggs, give him one of your Fire Books. When you give him
  the Book, he accidentally casts it on himself. He then realizes that
  he had been using a Blizzard Book instead of a Fire Book to try to
  power the stove. As a token of his appreciation, he gives you a
  choice of a Quake All or Aero All feather. When you return to him
  again, he'll let you use the stove to combine your equipment for
  300 Gil.

  To help out Jessie, she'll need some Imp Essence. Go down to level
  nine of the Mysterious Dungeon, or any of the bottom floors of Cid's
  Tower, and beat up an Imp with an empty bottle. Return to Jessie and
  give her the tonic. When you get back, she'll let you sample a dose
  of Dispel Tonic for 100 Gil. This will remove any curses from your

  The first time you talk to the head magician, he'll ask you if you
  want to cooperate with his research. When you say yes to him, he'll
  draw some power from you in the form of a feather. He explains how
  your magic feathers work, and then he lets you have a choice of
  either Fireball, Blizzard Storm, or Thunder Cross, which attack
  enemies in an area. Take your pick, and go out to a dungeon and have
  some fun with it. Return to him after a while, and he'll let you
  have a feather that can be used with the Cantrip books - either
  Slow, Sleep, or Confusion.  Again, go to a dungeon and start using
  these powers against the enemies, and return to the head magician
  once you've gotten sufficient experience. He'll then present you with
  a feather that can help you use Spell Books more effectively. You get
  to choose from either Gravity, Meteorite, Doom, Flare, or Bio.

  There's a black magician guarding the stairs to the basement of the
  lab, but he won't allow you to pass when you first come in.
  The way will be opened once you've gone down to the Sea Floor Dungeon
  with Shiroma after receiving help from Cid. Downstairs, you will
  find statues of all of the enemies you've faced so far, and you get
  to read about their attacks, strengths, and weaknesses.  In the room
  in the far back, you'll see statues of the bosses you've fought, and
  the guardians that you've summoned using Summon Stones.

  At the village square, you'll meet a behemoth named Ben, who's
  inspecting a statue of a muscular man. He won't talk to you the
  first time you see him. When you escape from a dungeon and return,
  he'll ask you if you think there is something missing from the
  statue. You can choose from 'Strength', 'Beauty', or an 'Earthy
  Smell'. If you tell him the statue needs an 'Earthy Smell', he'll
  ask you to give him a Quake Book. Take a trip to the dungeon and
  come back. When you return to the statue, you'll feel an earth-
  quake, and the stone statue will break, freeing Titan, the Earth
  Guardian. Ben tells him that Titan should congratulate you for
  freeing him from the statue. Titan gives you a feather to summon
  him in combat.

  Visit Gamedon's Storage shop next to Mrs. Bomb's house. He'll
  let you rent some storage space if you pay him 1000 Gil. You can
  store ten of your extra items in this booth.

  Gamedon is not quite happy yet. One of his friends got lost
  somewhere in one of the dungeons and needs your help to get out.
  Somewhere late in the game, Bahamut will open a secret passage
  in the back of Chubby Chocobo's tool shop. When you first go down
  this passage, you'll run into a small hamster. He scurries around
  you and asks for a Teleport Tag. Give it to him and he'll return
  to the village. He will return to Gamedon's Storage booth, and
  when you talk to him, he'll let you increase your storage for
  3000 Gil. If you talk to Gamedon after rescuing his friend the
  hamster, he'll repair you weapons for 1500 Gil.

  Next door to the Magic Shop is the villages Tree of Life. Talk
  to Gotton the golem and give him some feathers to give some
  life to the tree. If you do this, Gauche, the other golem, will
  give you free (and sometimes rare!) nuts or seeds from the Tree.
  As you continue to give life to the tree, the area around the
  tree will slowly start to become greener and greener.

- Things to look for in the Dungeons

* Torches - Use a Fire spell on them to reveal all the traps.
* Recycle Box - throw away two unwanted items to get a more useful item.
* Stove - If you find two pieces of equipment (like Claws or Saddles)
and put them in the stove, you can combine them using Fire or Thunder
Magic to make them more powerful.
* Generators - act like Torches. They can be activated with a little
Thunder magic.
* Levers - These have many random effects. Sometimes, it'll make a
few treaure chests appear in the room before you, or it could trigger
a trap.  The only way to find out what they do is throw them.
* Springs - You can fill empty bottles with water from the spring to
make weird Tonics.
* Junk Shelf - Investigate the shelf to find various items.
* Bookshelf - Look on the bookshelf to find magic books.
* Sealed Boxes - can only be opened with magic. If one spelll fails,
watch the box's reaction, so that you know which spell to cast next.
Sealed Boxes usually contain very valuable items inside, such as
Spell Books and Summon Stones.
* Thief Chest - locked by thieves. You need the Thief's Key to open it.

- Friends
Your friends are non-playable characters. They will be controlled by the
computer if you're playing by yourself. Each one of them will be used
for a different dungeon, and they have their own abilities. You can have
a second player control them by switching the NPC option in the "Settings"
menu to 2P.

Mog - Moogle.  Ability: can steal items and gil from some enemies. Found
when you first start the game. He also joins you in the Last Dungeon.
Shiroma - White Magician.  Ability: heals Chocobo if his HP get low.
After you get sent to her house near the mysterious dungeon, go back
to the dungeon and you should find her on level 6. She also joins you
for the Sea Floor Dungeon Adventure.
Cid - Scientist. Ability: sets land mines for the enemy. Joins you on level
3 of the tower outside the village. You'll need to use Cid's help for the
Snow Mountain and Cid's Tower II missions, as well.
Ramuh - Thunder Guardian. Ability: casts Thunder on enemies. Use a Ramuh
feather to summon him.
Titan - Earth Guardian. Ability: casts Quake on enemies. Use a Titan
feather to summon him.

- Enemies

F - Fire
I - Ice
T - Thunder
E - Earth
W - Wind
H - Holy

Monster        HP    EXP    Abilities        Weak Pt.  Strong Pt.   Location(s)
Ahriman        50    74     Mini             W                      Tower II 3, 5, 7
Badger                      dig thru wall                           Last Dungeon 8-10
Behemoth             106    tackle                                  Snow Mt. 10-12
Berserk Ogre   97    346    bash                                    Snow Mt. 6-9
Black Magician 5     4      Fire, Quake,                            Dungeon 5-8
                            Blizzard, Thunder, Aero
Black Sorcerer       37     Fira, Quakara,                          Sea Floor 14, 16-18
                            Blizzara, Thundara, Aera
Blood Skeleton       83     sword            FH                     Sea Floor 24-26
Blood Worm           170    sleep spit       F         W            Last Dungeon 1-4
Bomb                 29     explode,         I         F            Sea Floor 5-8
                            build up power when hit
Butcher                     chain whip                              Last Dungeon 11-12
Cactuar        64    104    throw Gil        F                      Tower II 1-2
Cactus         18    18     throw Gil        F                      Tower 1-3
Clay Golem     32    28     spin hit,                               Tower 1-4
                            break door
Dark Bahamut                blitz breath     W         T            Last Dungeon 22-25
Dark Goblin    27    28     headbutt                                ?
Dark Titan                                                          Snow Mt. 18-22
Demon                276                     H                      Last Dungeon 18-20
Devilfish      48    39     ink              T         W            Sea Floor 1-4
Drum Roller          96     self-destruct    T                      Tower II 5, 7, 9
Elephant                    Haste, pounce                           Snow Mt. 12-13, 14-16
Floating Eye   25    23     Mini             W                      Tower 3, 5, 7
Garden Slug          136    slime                                   Last Dungeon 5-9
Gargoyle             55                                             Sea Floor 18-21
Gatlinghog           28     Needle Burst                            Sea Floor 4-7
Giant Bat            94     slow bite        W                      Snow Mt. 10-13
Giant Toad                  frog water       FI                     ?
*Glass Goth                 jump scratch,    FH                     Snow Mt. 23
                            Silence Flash, Mini Flash
*Glass Goth X  4500         slash,           FH                     Last Dungeon 26
                            dark breath
*Glass Goth Z  4000         bite,            FH                     Last Dungeon 26
                            mouth beam
Gnome                31     land mine                               Tower 8-10
Goblin         8     2      headbutt                                Dungeon 1-3
Golem          55    106    spin hit,                               Tower II 1-4
                            break door
Grand Mummy          185    drain energy,    FH                     Last Dungeon 15-17 
                            curse equipment
Grand Roller   60    31     self-destruct    T         W            Tower 5, 7, 9
Gremlin              93     Warp,                                   Snow Mt. 22,
                            rides in robo                           Tower
Guz            7     1                       H                      Dungeon 1-3
Hedgehog       11    3      Spin Needle                             Dungeon 4-6
Holy Dragon                 quake breath                            Last Dungeon 22-25
Iceman               89     throw ice,       F         I            Sea Floor 18-21
                            hide in ground
Imp                  9      Warp,                                   Dungeon 7-9,
                            rides in robo                           Tower
Imp Robo #1          58     self-destruct    T                      Tower 4, 6, 8, 13, 15
Imp Robo #55   120          self-destruct    T                      Tower II 4, 6, 8, 13, 15      
*Imp Robo Boss              steel mace,      T                      Tower 15
                            bomb drop
*Imp Robo Boss              steel mace,      T                      Tower II 15
 #99                        bomb drop
Jelly                       jump attack,     T         W            Sea Floor 19-21 
King Behemoth        206    tackle                                  Last Dungeon 10-13 
Kobold         50           land mine                               Tower II 8-9
Kuz            18    5                       H                      Dungeon 7-9
Lamia                       charm, Fire      I         F            Sea Floor 11-14
Land Turtle                 spin attack                             Tower 13,
                                                                    Sea Floor 1-2
Magic Pot                   warp escape                             Sea Floor 10-13
Magman         51    38     throw magma,     I         F            Sea Floor 8-10
                            hide in ground
Malboro              78     Chaos Breath     F                      Sea Floor 26,
                                                                    Snow Mt. 1-3
Malboro Ghoul        180    Chaos Breath,    F                      Last Dungeon 1-3
                            poison touch
Manon                78     tree form        F         I            Snow Mt. 1-4
Mask                        Amnesia,                                Last Dungeon 10-12
                            reflect magic
Mini Druid                  mid Drain                               Tower II 10
MiniMage                    low Drain                               Tower 11-13
Mist Dragon                 icy breath       F         I            Last Dungeon 22-25
Mole          49     102    dig thru wall                           Snow Mt. 8, 10, 11 
Mousse                      jump attack,     F         I            Snow Mt. 13, 14-16
Mudman                      throw mud,                              Last Dungeon 6-9
                            hide in ground
Mummy                79     drain energy     FH                     Sea Floor 22-26
Necromancer          72     raven attack,                           Sea Floor 22-25
                            summon undead
Neon                 101    Thunder,         WH        T            Sea Floor 16-19 
                            Shadow Morph
Nut Eater      15    3      eats nuts,                              Dungeon 4
                            throws nuts
Ogre           76           bash                                    Sea Floor 13-14, 16-17
Onion                26     unequip items    T         W            Tower 5-7
Phantom                     Thundaga         WH        T            ?
Poison Toad          124    frog water       FI                     Last Dungeon 4-8
Poison Worm                 sleep spit,      F         W            ?
                            poison bite
Pudding                     jump attack,     I         F            Sea Floor 9-12 
Puppeteer      22    35     raven attack,                           Sea Floor 6-8
                            summon monster
Rock Slug      52           slime                                   Snow Mt. 5-9
Red Dragon                  fire breath      I         F            Last Dungeon 22-25
Sahagin              37     Blizzard,        FT        IW           Sea Floor 1-5
                            walks on water
Shadow               150    Thundara,        WH        T            Sea Floor 19-22
                            Phantom Morph
Shadow Dragon               aero breath      T         W            Last Dungeon 22-25
Skeleton       25    8      sword            FH                     Dungeon 7-9
Skull Eater    59    30     eats nuts,                              ?
                            throws nuts
*Skull Face    ?            bite                                    Dungeon 10
*Skull Hammer  420   200    Quakara,         F                      Dungeon 10
                            split apart
*Skull Hand    ?            hammer                                  Dungeon 10
Slimy Slug                  slime                                   ?
Sorcerer Pot                warp escape                             Last Dungeon 22-25
Spirit Dragon               drain breath                            Last Dungeon 22-25
Steel Bat            198    slow bite        W                      Last Dungeon 15-17
Stone Mask                  Amnesia,                                Last Dungeon 10-12
                            reflect magic
Summoner Hag         150    raven attack,                           Last Dungeon 15-17
                            summon Grand Mummy
Toad                 74     frog water       FI                     Snow Mt. 4-7, 9
Tonberry                    knife                                   Tower II 10
Tonberry Jr.                knife                                   Tower 10-12
Toy Soldier          106    unequip items    T         W            Tower II 5-7
Thief                       steal item,                             Tower II 9-10
                            Warp escape
Thug                 35     steal item,                             Tower 9-11
                            Warp escape
*Ultros              1000   tentacle,        T                      Sea Floor 27
*Ultros Hand   ?            slap                                    Sea Floor 27
Vampire              312    drain level,     FH                     Last Dungeon 18-20
                            transform into Werebat
Vulture                     dive             FW                     Snow Mt. 15-16
Were Bat             81     quick escape,    FH                     Last Dungeon 18-20
                            transform into Vampire
Wild Rat       9     2      Haste                                   Dungeon 1-4
Wood Eyes      80    176    tree form        F         I            Last Dungeon 1-4
Worm                 96     sleep spit       F         W            Snow Mt. 1-4
Zombie               68     Slow Gas         FH                     Sea Floor 18-21 

- Claws

* When Chocobo puts these on, his attacking power increases. Some claws
have special abilities that increase Chocobo's power. However, claws
have limited durability, and if used too often, they will break.
Beware of cursed Claws. Cursed items start out with -1 power, and cannot
be removed from Chocobo unless you give him a Dispel Tonic.

Attack Power - the attack strength of the claw.
Durability - the endurance of the claw. When the claw's endurance reaches
zero, it breaks. The durability varies with each claw.
Energy - the cost of energy needed to use this. If the Energy Rating is
10, then Chocobo will not suffer any great energy loss per turn. If the
energy rating is 7, then Chocobo's energy loss rate will increase by 3
Toughness - the durability of the claw will decrease by one after this
many uses.
LV Limit - the level limit for training the claw. The higher the level,
the better the chance you have of getting a Feather.
Hit Rate - the accuracy rate of the claw.
Critical - the chance Chocobo has of landing a critical hit.

Wood Claw - a claw made of wood.
   Attack Power - 3
   Energy - 7         Toughness - 6     LV Limit - 55
   Hit Rate - 94%     Critical - 7%
Digging Claw - digs walls.
   Attack Power - 1
   Energy - 7         Toughness - 2     LV Limit - 45
   Hit Rate - 90%     Critical - 12%    Earth Attack
Iron Claw - a claw made of iron.
Lite Claw - lightweight and easy to use.
   Attack Power - 3
   Energy - 12        Toughness - 5     LV Limit - 30
   Hit Rate - 99%     Critical - 6%
Critical Claw - increases the chance to get a critical hit.
Mythril Claw - a claw made of mythril.
Dwarf Claws - contain shrink magic.
   Attack Power - 6
   Energy - 8         Toughness - 7     LV Limit - 45
   Hit Rate - 94%     Critical - 10%    Minimize attack
Flame Claws - contains flame magic.
Frozen Claws - contains ice magic.
Blitz Claws - contains lightning magic.
Hurricane Claws - contains wind magic.
Holy Claws - contains holy magic.
   Attack Power - 8
   Energy - 5         Toughness - 8     LV Limit - 30
   Hit Rate - 93%     Critical - 10%    Holy Attack
Chaos Claws - has the power to confuse.
Frog Claws - has the power to turn enemies into frogs.
Silence Claws - has the power to silence enemies.
Vibro Claws - a very strong claw, but it misses a lot.
Arc Claws - claws that attack forward in a 3-way pattern.
Healing Claws - when Chocobo attacks, sometimes he may receive
   about 10-12 HP of healing.
Order Claws - claws that attack enemies in the front and rear.
Cross Claws - attaks enemies in the front and on the sides.
Gambling Claws - causes random status effects when it hits an
Kiai Claws - it's a very powerful claw, but it makes you get
   tired faster.

- Saddles

* Saddles are used to protect Chocobo from attack, just as a suit of
armor is used to protect a human. Some saddles protect Chocobo from
status effects like Poison and Confusion. Like Claws, the Saddles
have limited Durability, and if they take too many hits, they will

Defense Power - the defensive power of the saddle.
Durability - the endurance of the saddle. When the saddle's endurance reaches
zero, it breaks. The durability varies with each saddle.
Energy - the cost of energy needed to use this. If the Energy Rating is
10, then Chocobo will not suffer any great energy loss per turn. If the
energy rating is 7, then Chocobo's energy loss rate will increase by 3
Toughness - the durability of the claw will decrease by one after this
many uses.
LV Limit - the level limit for training the saddle. The higher the level,
the better the chance you have of getting a Feather.
Dodge - the chance you have of dodging an enemy attack.
Special Defense - the chance you have of dodging a magic attack.

Wood Saddle - a saddle made of wood.
   Defense Power - 3
   Energy - 7          Toughness - 4         LV Limit - 55
   Dodge - 8           Special Defense - 0
Calm Saddle - prevents confusion.
No-Dwarf Saddle - prevents shrinking.
No-Silence Saddle - prevents silence.
Flame Saddle - protects against flame attacks.
Earth Saddle - protects against earth attacks.
   Defense Power - 7
   Energy - 4          Toughness - 6         LV Limit - 40
   Dodge - 8           Special Defense - 5   Earth Guard
Ice Saddle - protects against ice attacks.
Holy Saddle - protects against holy attacks.
Mythril Saddle - a saddle made of Mythril.
   Defense Power - 9
   Energy - 5          Toughness - 9         LV Limit - 30
   Dodge - 6           Special Defense - 1
King's Saddle - high MAX level.
   Defense Power - 12
   Energy - 6          Toughness - 7         LV Limit - 77
   Dodge - 7           Special Defense - 2
Counter Saddle - when enemy attacks you, they get 1/4 of
the damage you receive.
   Defense Power - 7
   Energy - 6          Toughness - 8         LV Limit - 25
   Dodge - 5           Special Defense - 5   Counter

- Collars

* Collars give different kinds of special effects to Chocobo when
he puts them on. They do not have any defensive power, but these items
are very unique.

Waterwalk Collar - allows Chocobo to walk on water. Useful when
   navigating the Sea Floor Dungeon.
Energy Collar - increases Chocobo's HP Recovery rate by 10 turns, and
   decreases Chocobo's energy loss rate by 10 turns.
Burden Collar - increases Chocobo's energy loss rate by 10 turns. This
   item is usually cursed.
Memory Collar - Chocobo doesn't forget the map when he steps on
   Forget Traps or uses Lost-Child cards.
Strikeout Collar - causes Chocobo to miss more often.
Guard Collar - protects Chocobo from getting his items stolen by Thieves.

- Tonics and Potions

* Tonics and potions are contained in bottles. You can get one by
finding it somewhere in the dungeon, or by going to a spring and filling
an empty bottle. 

Potion - Restores 30 HP
Hi-Potion - Restores 100 HP
X-Potion - Restores all HP
Antidote - cures poison
Remedy - Cures all ills
Eye-drops - allows you to see traps
Dispel Tonic - removes curses from equipment
Haste Tonic - speeds up its target
Slow Tonic - slows down target
Poison Tonic - causes poison.
Invis Tonic - makes Chocobo invisible to enemies.
Amnesia Tonic - makes Chocobo forget all item names. When kicked at an
   enemy, it makes them forget their attacks.
Damage Tonic - causes explosive damage.
Morph Tonic - lets Chocobo morph into an enemy.
Blind Tonic - clouds target's vision.
Nitro - causes explosive damage equal to 1/4 of target's current HP,
   and also destroys walls.
Empty Bottle - can be filled with other tonics and essences. You can
   fill it at a magical spring.

- Essences

* Essences can be received if you kill an enemy by kicking an empty
bottle at it. Essences can be used to increase the effectiveness of
combined weapons.

(combine effects in parentheses)

Goblin Essence - restores a lot of energy. Received from Goblins.
   (+2 Energy)
Critter Essence - restores some energy. Received from Wild Rats and Guzs.
Imp Essence - restores some energy. Received from Imps.
Undead Essence - causes confusion. Received from undead enemies. (confusion)
Mage Essence - causes Silence. Received from any Black Mage enemy.
FloatEye Essence - shrinks enemy. Received from Floating Eyes. (Mini)
Plant Essence - Received from plant-type enemies, such as Cactuses and Malboros.
MiniMage Essence - Received from MiniMages. (Mini)
Thief Essence - Received from Gnomes and Thieves.
   (+3% hit chance to claws, +3% dodge chance to saddles)
Turtle Essence - slows down target. Received from Land Turtles.
Bomb Essence - causes explosive damage. Received from Bombs. (Fire)
Pudding Essence - Received from Pudding. (Fire)
Lamia Essence - causes confusion. Received from Lamia. (Confusion)
Wing Essence - Received from Gargoyles. (Wind)
Jelly Essence - received from Jellies.
Dragon Essence - allows you to combine both status effects and
   elements to equipment. Received from Lamy the Lamia after you give
   her some Plant Essence.

- Nuts

* Nuts are good for giving Chocobo energy.

Peanut - Restores 30 energy
Rotten Nut - Drains 10 HP, but recovers 10 energy
Tired Nut - Drains 40 energy
Tasty Nut - Restores 30 HP and 30 energy
Feast Nut - Restores 100 HP and 100 energy
Lasan Nut - Restores 100 energy
Speed Nut - casts Haste
Slowpoke Nut - Casts Slow, but recovers 1 energy
Energy Nut - increases Chocobo's maximum energy by 10
Lethargy Nut - decreases Chocobo's maimum Energy by 10
LevelUp Nut - increases Chocobo's level by 1
LevelDown Nut - decreases Chocobo's level by 1

- Seeds
* Seeda are very useful when combining equipment.

Set Seed - useful for combining
Wind Seed - adds Wind element to equipment when combining
Fire Seed - adds Fire element to equipment when combining
Earth Seed - adds Earth element to equipment when combining
Holy Seed - adds Holy element to equipment when combining
Merge Seed - allows you to combine elements when combining

- Cards
* Cards have many strange effects. Most of them come unidentified,
so it's best to have an Identify Card in your inventory to check them
out before using them.

Map Card - shows the map of the current floor
Geyser Card - refills magic springs on the floor
Identify Card - identifies an item or enemy
Verify Card - identifies all items in inventory
Lost-Child Card - causes Chocobo to forget the map
Confusion Card - causes confusion
Repair Card - increases an item's durability by 10
Rust Card - decreases an item's durability by 10. Causes 100 damage
   to mechanical enemies.
Polish Card - upgrades a weapon by 1. Don't kick this at an enemy,
   or else they'll level up.
Dull Card - degrades a weapon.
Doom Card - summons Doom. If you wait too long to escape from Doom, he
   will kill Chocobo.
Warp Card - warps target to a random location.

- Stones
* Regular stones can be kicked at enemies to deal damage to enemies.
You might want to use these if you want to lower an enemy's HP just
enough to get an essence out of them.

Stone - causes about 5 HP damage when kicked at an enemy
Power Stone - causes 15-20 HP damage when kicked at an enemy
Crash Stone - destroys walls and causes explosive damage equal to
   1/4 of target's current HP
Warp Stone - warps an enemy to some location

- Tags
* Finding these Tags in the dungeon is usually rare. Using these tags
produces very helpful effects, so it's always best to keep one or
more of these when you can.

Teleport Tag - warps you out of the dungeon
Memory Tag - allows you to save the game when you reach a ladder
Carry Tag - increases your item capacity by 1

- Summon Stones
* Summon Stones are usually hidden within Sealed Boxes. When used,
Chocobo summons a powerful ally to deliver damage to surrounding

Ramuh - Summons Ramuh to deliver a powerful electrical attack
   to enemies.
Shiva - Summons Shiva to put enemies in a deep freeze.
Ifrit - Summons Ifrit to burn enemies to a crisp.
Titan - Summons Titan to cause a ground-shattering earthquake.
Sylph - Summons Sylph to attack enemies with a tornado.
Unicorn - Summons Unicorn to restore all of Chocobo's HP and energy.
Carbuncle - Summons Carbuncle to protect Chocobo with a ruby shield.
   While Chocobo is protected, physical damage is lessened, and spells
   reflect off him.
Odin - a really powerful summon ally. Attacks with his sharp sword
   or his treademark Gunge Lance to deal heavy damage to all enemies.
Bahamut - delivers a devastating breath attack to all enemies.

- Feathers

* Feathers sometimes appear after weapons are used up, or you can
receive them in other situations. Once you collect them, their
effects are permanent. The best chance to produce a feather is to use an
enhanced claw or saddle to the breaking point.

Fireball - allows Fire spells to damage a square area. Talk to the
   head magician in the village.
Blizzard Cross - allows Blizzard spells to damage a wide area.
   Talk to the head magician in the village.
Thunder Storm - allows Thunder spells to affect a cross area. Talk
   to the head magician in the village.
Quake All - allows Quake spells to affect every enemy. Talk to Biggs
   after helping him with the stove.
Aero All - allows Aero spells to affect every enemy. Talk to Biggs
   after helping him with the stove.
Mini Feather - Allows you to shrink foes with Cantrip books.
Sleep Feather - Allows you to put foes to sleep with Cantrip books.
   Talk to the head magician again after your first experience with
   his feather.
Slow Feather - Allows you to slow down enemies with Cantrip books.
   Talk to the head magician again after your first experience with
   his feather.
Confusion Feather - Allows you to confuse enemies with Cantrip books.
   Talk to the head magician again after your first experience with
   his feather.
Gravity Feather - Allows you to attack a single enemy with a powerful
   gravity attack with a Spell book. Talk to the head magician after 
   getting used to the Cantrip feathers.
Meteorite Feather - Allows you to attack a group of enemies with powerful
   meteorites with a Spell book. Talk to the head magician after
   getting used to the Cantrip feathers.
Doom Feather - Allows you to summon Doom to kill an enemy with a
   Spell book. Talk to the head magician after getting used to the Cantrip
Flare Feather - Allows you to attack a single enemy with powerful
   fire magic with a Spell book. Talk to the head magician after
   getting used to the Cantrip feathers.
Bio Feather - Allows you to attack a single enemy with a powerful
   poison attack with a Spell book. Talk to the head magician after
   getting used to the Cantrip feathers.
Max HP Up - Increases Chocobo's Maximum HP by 10%.
Magic Up - Chocobo's magic abilities are increased.
Dodge Up - Chocobo can more easily dodge the enemy's attack.
Critical Up - Chocobo has a better chance of getting a critical hit.
Miss Down - Chocobo hits more often with his attacks.
Ramuh Feather - Summons Ramuh to fight alongside you. Use several
   Thunder spell books on the Drunken Malboro in Chef Tonberry's
Titan Feather - Summons Titan to fight alongside you. Tell Ben
   that the statue needs an earthy smell, then give him a Quake Book.

- Magic Books
* Magic books can be found in the dungeons. They cause strong elemental
damage against your enemies, and the more books Chocobo reads, the better
he gets at using the spells.

Fire - casts fire-elemental spell.
Blizzard - casts ice-elemental spell.
Aero - casts wind-elemental spell.
Thunder - casts thunder-elemental spell.
Quake - casts earth-elemental spell.
Drain - holy spell; drains HP from enemy. Does not work against machines
   or the undead.
Cantrip - A book of tricks. Either causes a random status effect (such
   as Confusion or Sleep), or hits Chocobo over the head with a falling
   disc (if it fails).
Spell - A book of spells. Casts really powerful offensive magic, like
   Flare, Bio, and Gravity.
MegaSpell - A book of hard spells. Allows you to cast Meteor, Ultima, and

- Magic Book Levels

Level | Books Needed for next level
  1   |              3
  2   |              3
  3   |              4
  4   |              4
  5   |              5
  6   |              5
  7   |              6
  8   |              8*
  9   |             10
 10   |             12
 11   |             14
 12   |             16
 13   |             18
 14   |             20
 15   |             20
 16   |             20*
 17   |             20
 ...and so on

* spell changes after this level. At level 9, Fire becomes Fira, Blizzard
becomes Blizzara, Thunder becomes Thundara, etc. At level 17, Fira becomes
Firaga, Blizzara becomes Blizzaga, etc.

- Traps
* Traps are initially invisible when Chocobo steps onto a new floor.
Most of these deal damage, others have debilitating effects (like turning
Chocobo into a frog), but still others may actually help Chocobo out.
If you want to see the traps, you'll need to use Eye-drops, or light

Spike Trap - Chocobo gets hurt if he steps on it (loses 50 or 25% of his
   current HP, whichever is lower)
Sleep Trap - Chocobo falls asleep for a while
Confuse Trap - Chocobo becomes confused and will not walk to where you
   tell him to
Mud Trap - Chocobo can't move for several turns
Warp Panel - Warps Chocobo to a random spot
Magic Circle - Chocobo's abilities increase when standing on these spots.
Level Up Circle - Increaes Chocobo's level by 1. Very useful.
Hole - Chocobo falls down one floor, separating him from his partner.
Shrink Trap - minimizes Chocobo, reducing his attack power
Silence Trap - silences Chocobo, disabling his magic
Vanish Trap - makes Chocobo invisible
Poison Trap - poisons Chocobo, causing HP to decrease whenever he walks
Forget Trap - erases the map
Spring Trap - bounces Chocobo forward (harmless)
Morph Trap - changes Chocobo into a monster. Use its special ability by
   pressing the L1 button.
Frog Trap - changes Chocobo into a frog, reducing attack and defense power.
   However, it gives Chocobo the ability to turn OTHER enemies into frogs.
   The Frogs won't attack you; they just run away.
Land Mine - explodes when stepped on, damaging anything in its area by
   1/4 of current HP


I, Walter Williams, am the sole creator of this FAQ, and I should be given
full credit for it. Do not post it on any Web Page unless every
part of it is shown, with no omissions or additions, or other
changes. Please send me e-mail if you find my FAQ useful.