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"Chocobo never lets me down!"

Chocobo's Dungeon 2

about a year ago I saw this game on the shelf in a store.I've never heard of this game,but the star was a Chocobo the Final Fantasy pet,so I got this game.Wow what a good choice I made.I really reccommend this game.

This game doesn't need an introduction,it's from Squaresoft,and it's Final Fantasy.This game is supposed to be a sequel,but I've never seen or heard of it so it must be old.This game is real old so it would be hard to find,but if you see it you must get it.Like I said it stars a chocobo.The chocobo meets some friends and defeats evil like every RPG,but don't under estimate this game.

This RPG is different from most RPGs because it is in half real time,and half turn based.When you start this game you will be a little confused,but a little later it will be easier than riding a bike.During the end though it will be hard,and you must master battling near the end.You get spellbooks,weapons,armor,items,all the stuff in an RPG.Also this is one of the few two player RPGs.

STORY 8/10
The game starts by overlooking a dungeon,and a chocobo and a moogle are traveling together.They seem to be best pals,and they are.They come across the dungeon.The moogle gets very excited and tells the chocobo to come with him,first the chocobo refuses,but then the moogle tells him there will be many tasty foods.Of course if food is involed he accepts.When they go in they start fighting monsters until they come across a switch,and the moogle pulls it.The chocobo is launched out of the dungeon.Then a young girl helps him.Thats enough to tell you right now.If you want to find out what happens next you must hunt out this great game!Also there is a big secret at the end,so you'll have to beat it to find out!

The graphics are kinda horrible now that PS2 and Gamecube are out.The suprising thing though is that the cutscenes are as good as PS2 or Gamecube,and this is a PSX game!If your like me though you'll play the game,no matter how bad the graphics are as long as the game rocks.Anyway you'll probably ignore the graphics and be stunned by the game itself.The music however is great.It matches the game and scene pefectly,dramatic during a dungeon,and peaceful when your in town.

This game can take between 20-60 hours depending on how much you train,and if you finish all the secrets.The replay value is very high.This game is fun and will always stay fun.

All together this is an awesome game!

Buy this game if you find it.Its good if you rent it,buy it,give it as a present,whatever just get this game if you can,also if your a Final Fantasy fan,and a chocobo lover than those are more reasons to get this game!

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 05/06/03, Updated 05/06/03

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