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What enemy can you trap the FrogPrince summon from?

Still haven't found an enemy that uses it...

And I already know you receive a FrogPrince summon over the course of the game. I just want to know what enemy uses the summon..

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As I said, I already know that you are automatically given a FrogPrince summon. I want to know if there's a way to get as many as I want, without using New Game +.

Is Aquator the only enemy who uses FrogPrince? All of the other level 7 summons are used by generic enemies...

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Hmm, really? I suppose I'll test that soon...

And I know now that summon elements don't carry over to New Game+. Found that out after I posted that...

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vinguru896 answered:

Technically, you can't trap it from anyone.

It's mandatory to get it from either the Blue Dragon or the Dragoon you fight at Fort Dragonia, so by the time you get to the point of the game where you'd even have a trap element for it, you already own it.

Since CC has a mechanic where, if you already own a summon element it's impossible for an enemy to use it (effectively, you can only ever own one of each summon in the game, since they don't carry over to New Game+ or Continue+ either), this means that it's impossible to ever find out, without game manipulation codes, if anyone in the game can actually cast/use *FrogPrince.
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Soanevalcke answered:

If it's your first game then it should be impossible to miss because the dragoon guarding the tower will give it to you as well. If it's your second game and you don't go to the water dragon, best of luck getting it from the aquator(boss).
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IsolinearMoogle answered:

I don't believe there are any generic enemies that use FrogPrince; as far as I can tell, Aquator is the only one.
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Person_Man answered:

You can only get one of each summon element.
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