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With do you think is the best weapon?

Spectral weapon has highest attack but it really hard to make "light" attack.Stone weapon,not to powerful but it can make really easy to make "light"attack.

MtlPlyr provided additional details:

OK,if you have Mastermune or any weapon that has some denadorite on it like Stone Axe,try to use it at enemy like Combot,fight it and attack it using number 3,you will see some "light" will come out and your attack will increase.If Spectral weapon,try use it at Combot using number 3 when fight with it,it really hard to do "light" attack.

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MC_BatCommander answered:

That is the oddest term used for critical hits I have ever seen in my life. Anyways, stone weapons for some reason have a higher critical rate on robotic enemies, so that would explain why you're getting a lot.

In the end spectral weapons are better. PS: The mastermune isn't a stone weapon, it just has an innate chance to hit more criticals.
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MC_BatCommander answered:

What are you even talking about? Spectral weapons are better.
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