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During a New Game+, how early can I get back the characters from the previous playthrough?

I know that during a New Game+ you can use the Chrono Tear or something to summon back to your party characters from a previous playthrough, when can I get this as early as possible?

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Santiagobill answered:

Inmediatly after you get the chrono cross.
The, you have to come back to the place where you used Linx for the first time.
You must go to hydra Marshes in order to do that. There you will find a green shiny thing in the second screen. Then you teleport there and go to the old lady's house. Use the chrono cross there
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FelurFalas answered:

The earliest you can get the other characters is as soon as you get the Chrono Cross.
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LoupGerouHunter answered:

As I remember it, you have to have three COMPLETE games, one for each branch (Guile, Nikki and Pierre), ensuring you got EVERY character in them all or else this doesn't work. On the fourth play through, in the Hydra Marshes, where you land after leaving Sprigg's place, you will be able to go back in, and get your characters.

You may need the Chrono Cross though... I'm playing it through again, so I'll post the better response in a while (if I remember to... :p)

Hope this helps!
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lady0uroboros answered:

To summate everything they said, you need to complete the game 3 times to accomplish this feat. You need to be able to select all 3 guides (Guile,Nikki,Pierre) and the characters that goes along after you choose for which fate lies Kid's predicament. If you choose to find a way, you get Korcha, right? and along the way, Mel and Razzly. If you choose not to find a way, youll get Macha, then Glenn and Doc.

On the 4th playthrough (3rd new game+), you need to have either the Chrono Cross or the Character Cross as they say it in the manual before. I haven't tried this before coz i've been able to finish the game only once, though. So I won't be able to testify whether you'll use the item in the mansion (where you encounter Harle), in the dimensional vortex where lurks the 2-dimensional scribbled-figure monster (forgot the name) or at the green wormhole in the Hydra Marshes. So I guess nobody would be able to satisfy you with an answer so far until you do the above directions, I guess.
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