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How can I play Chrono cross on psp?

Please help me its one of my favorite games but my psx was broken i have a psp only, no ps2 or ps3

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LeoSmashRoyale answered:

If all else fails, maybe it will be released as a PSOne Classic download like FF7 was.
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ragnarokius answered:

I don't believe there is any way to do that. There are/were methods of putting emulation programs onto you PSP of previous systems but I don't see how that could work with a PSX emulator.

If your discs are in good condition, you should be able to play it on your computer. I won't offer any details on this, but it is possible.
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lady0uroboros answered:

Haha! ragnarokius is innocent, dude! I'm not pretty knowledgeable with psx, epsxe or psp emulators but damn, i'm playing chrono cross again after many years in my very own PSP 1000 gaming console. Believe me! Try going to your nearest psp and gadgets shop and ask about it.
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Parkersnumr1fan answered:

Ahh but there is a way because I have played it on PSP. Psp is powerful enough to play playstation one games. I have played many ps1 games. Anyway first of all you need your PSP upgraded. I can't give you many details on how to go that route because my friend did it. I wouldn't try it without some experience because if you you don't do it correctly it may lead to "bricking" your sytem. THE only problem we had with the games is glitching. It freezes during some of the CG scenes however there is one solution. There is a program you can upload called "pops". There are at least ten different pops. They upgrade you Psp on various levels thus getting past the freeezing. It has helped me greatly.
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Saracchini answered:

It is not so simple task.

It can be done through programs like Popstation or PSX2PSP which converts Playstation Cd images to PSP game files. In the case of Chrono Cross, you should use the multi-disk version of those programs and use the game ID SCUS94640 instead the Chrono Cross's game ID because this one causes the game to freeze in certain parts.

The converted game is compatible only in PSPs with custom firmware installed like 5.00 M33 and so on, it wont run in official firmware since it requires that the game is digitaly signed and with the correct DRM files (things that Sony wont give you for sure). The better compatibility achieved is running it throught the 3.72 version of the inbuilt PSX emulator of PSP. Others presents problems like glitches ,freezings or even start the game. You need learn how to use Popslader plugin to do so.

Once you converted it, just put the game folder inside PSP\GAME folder inside your memory stick, and have fun !
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Lynx777 answered:

Just buy a new Playstation One or PS2. Stealing games or emulating systems doesn't help the game manufacturers/producers.
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MC_BatCommander answered:

At this point there is no method for doing this that doesn't violate the rules of this site.
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shinomori_kyo answered:

something about finding the eboot file in your disc. My brother knows how but is too busy to help me. I plan to psp-ize most of my ps1 games. especially BOF IV since I hate scratching my discs.
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igot8001 answered:

There is no legal way to play Chrono Cross on the PSP, as of today.
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