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Where can I find summon elements?

Namely Golem, Unicorn, MotherShip, RedWolf, & Sonja.

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Shotgunnova answered:

Unicorn: Dodo at (Home) Fossil Valley
RedWolf: HotDoggity at (Home) Mt. Pyre
Sonja: PreyMantis at Gaea's Navel or Anemotor at Terra Tower
Golem: Centaurpede at (Another) Hydra Marshes or from Solt/Peppor at Isle of the Damned in Karsh's sidequest
Mothership: Airframe (Home Isle of the Damned) or Shadowcats (Another Fossil Valley)

Note that Golem can't be obtained from the Terrator boss for some reason.
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miyuandfay answered:

To obtain a summon element, you must first find an enemy that uses it (check FAQs for a list).

1st - cast the trap element for that particular summon.
2nd - By any means necessary, fill the Field Effect (circles up top) to all of that particular color, enabling that enemy to cast the summon.
3rd - Take the beating they give you until they cast the summon, which will eliminate your trap, cancel the summon, and the element will be waiting for you in your inventory.
Make sure you are in the right dimension, as enemies from different dimensions DO have different attack patters, and only a few enemies will cast the summon spells if the criteria is met.
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