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Can someone upload a VMP save of Chrono Cross with New Game + (prefer everything unlocked)? 0
(Chrono Cross - Why can't Lynx attack for crap?) 2
A closed door and a useless swtich? 1
All my Characters? 1
Are stat maximums for characters set? 1
Bonus cd? 1
Can i get all the characters in the game? 1
Can Lisa join my party? 3
Can you recruit Poshul as Lynx (nonstandard)? 1
Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross? 1
Crono? 2
Did they release Chrono Cross for anything other than PlayStation? 2
Do I have to reinvite all of my characters again in New Game +? 1
Do you need to get Niki at the begining of the game to have him play that song for Marblue? 1
Dragon Genders?? 6
Extra place to explore? 2
Fighting Dragons? 2
Glitching? 6
Grobyc/Vigora? 2
Hole in arni village? 1
How can a play CC somewhere else? 2
How can I fix, or avoid pips lack of post 27 grids? 2
How can i play as Lynx with his scythe? 3
How can I play Chrono cross on psp? 9
How do I get all of Pip's Element slots? 2
How do i switch between another world to home world and vice versa? 3
How do you change team members? 1
How do you pronounce the main characters name Serge? 3
How many points do i need to get Chrono Cross on PS3? 2
How to get this movie clip? 1
How to transform Pip? 2
I dont know what to do!!!? 3
I'm Playing this on PSP, Killed bosses in dragonia without gaining stars? 2
If a character leaves your party, do the equipment and elements used by them get returned to you? 1
If I choose not to heal after a battle, will I gain extra elements leftover? 3
Is it possible to beat this game as Lynx? 3
Is there anything to challenge the player during New Game +? 1
Is this true? 2
Janice? 2
Kid vs fargo? 1
Luccia? 2
Medical book? 1
More ppl!? 3
New Game Plus+? 2
Pip still sucks? 3
Problem Switching Discs? 1
Psx ? 1
Recruiting Leena again? 1
Red Record of Fate? 2
Saving Rosetta from dying? 1
Skully? (spelling unkown) 1
What Kind Of Weapon Does Serge Use? 2
What now? 2
Whats Orlha's sisters name? 2
Where can I find Nikki? 1
Where do you fight Dario? 3
Where is my boat? 1
Which element does more damage? 2
Why Chrono Cross don't accept Crono in Serge's name? 3
Why Solt & Peppor is diferent from the others? 4
With do you think is the best weapon? 2

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