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Criosphinx FAQ
Chrono Cross
Optional boss fight walkthrough

Criosphinx FAQ - Chrono Cross - Optional boss fight walkthrough
Version 1.2
June 25, 2002

Author:          krystalklyr
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// Author's Note //

This FAQ contains information on how to beat the Criosphinx (an optional boss 
in Chrono Cross) in an ordinary game (not New Game +) by means of attacking at
the most reasonable point of the game (which is as early as possible but a
little delayed [just by half an hour or so] for definite survival).

This FAQ does not hold any spoilers whatsoever unless mentioning characters' 
names might be considered a spoiler for you.

This document may be shared to anyone as long as:

  - Nothing is altered or ripped off in anyway or form
  - The author and the people who helped are credited
  - It is not used for profitable or commercial reasons

If you like to ask a question, give me a suggestion, complains, flames and 
death threats, feel free to e-mail me.

// Version History //

Version 1.20  - Minor fixes and clean-up.

Version 1.10 - Added the complete "How to kill the Criosphinx without the 
               Yellow Plate" walkthrough by Greg (
             - Minor fixes

Version 1.01 - Some additions, corrections and minor fixes.

Version 1.00 - FAQ at full version, everything not mentioned in my updates 


Now, I will get on how to defeat the Criosphinx in a normal game (not New Game 
+) by means of attacking it.

// Defeating Criosphinx //

The way to defeat the Criosphinx, supposedly was to answer his riddles.  
According to [EWU internet sucks lemons] of <>, the answer 
to his riddles are the exact combination of using the Chrono Cross equipment.  
But still, besides that, there is nothing else so it can be considered 

However, if you defeat Criosphinx by attacking it, you will get a real cool 
stuff, the Sunglasses.  The Sunglasses makes you deal damage as if your 
character is strong against the element your fighting (like Blue attacking Red 
always etc.).

I suggest you try answering the riddles first, listing down the combination 
then re-loading your game and beating the Criosphinx by attacking it in order 
to get the Sunglasses.

The earliest possible time you can beat the Criosphinx is with Lynx (Serge 
comes later ... much later and you'll be missing the greatest accessory ever).  
So for everyone's pleasure, this FAQ is optimized for use with Lynx but of 
course, this FAQ is also applicable to Serge to a far extent.

 \_ Yellow Plate

If you missed the Yellow Plate, check the Contributions section.

In order to beat the Criosphinx, you need this item, the Yellow Plate.  The 
Yellow Plate can be stolen (Pillage*d or any other command in order to steal 
items from enemies [I just personally used Fargo for this]) from the Earth 
Dragon Island (a desert island in the map) at the Another World (I know this 
sounds awkard).

This armor absorbs Yellow Elemental attacks which is the Criosphinx elemental 
magic attacks.  By doing this, you need not bring a lot of HP restore Elements 
(Actually, by following this guide, you don't need HP restore elements).

If you missed this armor, then you will have a VERY hard time [not really 
impossible] on defeating the Criosphinx unless you try solving the riddle 
(which I said was useless).  

* - Pillage - Fargo's LV3 Skill.  Steals an item from an enemy.


Though not required but these things will help you a lot and make the battle 

1. EagleEye Element - Boosts your attacks to the hit rate of 99%
                     - You can buy this at Another World's Marbule for 430.
                     - You must have 10 (you need less but just to be sure)

2.  Star Fragment    - So that Sprain (from Earthquake) wouldn't affect you
                     - Sprain reduces the damage you deal in battle
                     - Get this at the El Nido Triangle at the Home World

3.  TurnGreen Elmnt. - Not a must but it will let you deal more damage to  
                       Criosphinx (Criosphinx is Yellow and TurnWhite won't  
                       affect him [I tried it once])
                     - Buy 5 (10 is fine too) of these at Marbule for 75 each

4.  Mastermune       - So that you'll have great attack power and deal  
                       critical hits easy
                     - Beat Dario to get this. (See below for more details)
                     - If not, get the Stone Swallow for <deity here> sakes!
                       But still, the Mastermune is a better idea
5.  Stone Helmet     - Criosphinx also does physical attacks
                     - This serves as your physical defense booster
                     - Forge this

6. Either a Power Seal or a Stamina Belt, if not, a Dragoon Gauntlet will do
                     - A Power Seal increases your strength by 5 and can be 
                       acquired by stealing from the Tyrano* at the 
                       Home World's Gaea's Navel.
                     - A Stamina Belt increases your Stamina restoration so 
                       you can get more attacks in, thus, saving you time.   
                       This can be rarely stolen from the Pterodact in Home 
                       World's Gaea's Navel or by defeating Jeanice for one  
                       round in the Grand Slam Tournament in the 
                       S. S. Invincible (at Home World)

* This is a boss or a sub-boss (not a common monster at Gaea's Navel)

That is optional stuff you need to own.  But they are a must for a quicker 
time (less than 30 minutes) and safer battle (I guarantee that one of your 
character will be alive)

Preparation Part II:

Place those EagleEye and TurnGreen Elements in anyway (alternately is what I 
suggest but give more importance to Eagle Eye) starting from the your highest 
Element grid level to the lowest on Lynx's Elements

Equip the following accessories (in any order) on Lynx
|--> Stone Helmet
|--> Star Fragment
|--> Power Seal/Stamina Belt/Dragoon Gauntlet

Equip the Yellow Plate and the Mastermune (or Stone Swallow) onto Lynx.  I 
really suggest you get the Mastermune for this battle.

If you like, let your other character be someone else and another one who can 
steal like Fargo (as you can steal a @Rainbow Shell from Criosphinx) and 
someone else.  If possible, equip some Dreamer's Scarf (start with +1 Element 
LV on battle each) onto the stealer.

That's everything, now is the time to fight!

Onto Battle:

First, you need to have gotten the Yellow Relic (you should have it by now 
since you already have a Yellow Plate [but if you don't have a Yellow Plate, 
forget about fighting because you just wasted your time reading my guide].

I advice you fight him after defeating the Sky Dragon for further ease.

Now, go to the Another World's Earth Dragon Island.  Jump down the pit and 
head for the place where you should supposedly meet the Earth Dragon.  You'll 
meet the Criosphinx instead.  It might be a good idea to save.

Battle Proper:

<NOTE: The Criosphinx has high HP so good luck!>

<Ignore what Criosphinx said>

First move, have Lynx attack using a LV 2 attack (uses up 2 Stamina points)

<Ignore what he says again>

Second move, have Fargo attack some to attain an Elemental LV 3 and after 
that, let him use Pillage in order for you to get the @Rainbow Shell (This 
isn't really a must but if you fail, just reset and load your game [Ummm, you 
saved right?])

<NOTE: Don't heal even if he damages your other characters a lot and already 
dead etc. (Lynx should be alive because you equipped him with the Yellow 

<NOTE: Lynx maybe the only one alive, if not, ignore your other character(s) 
that is/are alive>

----- Criosphinx's Pattern -----
There is a basic pattern in this battle.  Criosphinx will attack you with 
ThundaStorm which will kill or damage your other characters (Lynx should be 
ok).  After that, he will cast Earthquake* for a number of turns.  After that, 
he will use Thunda Storm again and begin attacking.  

He will attack for 3 turns which is his only chance of killing you (I suggest 
you defend).  The first attack will consist of 3 consecutive blows.  The 
second will be a single blow and the last will be 2 blows.  

After that, he'll use ThundaStorm again after that comes the Earthquake and so 
on (and at that time, Lynx's HP will be restored to the max).  He will repeat 
the same process until you die or he dies.

*Earthquake deals the status effect Sprain which reduces the damage you deal.
----- Criosphinx's Pattern -----

<NOTE: If you equipped the Star Fragment, Sprain wouldn't affect you, but if 
it did, don't bother healing>

Third move, have Lynx max his Elemental bar and let him use EagleEye.

<NOTE: If ever the Criosphinx finishes his barrage, remember that whenever you 
think your Stamina is 3 or below, DEFEND! [Not applicable if Stamina is less 
than 0]>

Forth move, have Lynx max his Elemental bar (Use LV 3 Attacks ONLY!) and let 
him use TurnGreen.

----- NOTE: Further Steps -----
Continue on with your LV3 attacks, defending as I said at the above NOTE.  
Using EagleEye or TurnGreen when effects wear off.  If ever you have no 
TurnGreen left, it doesn't matter.  

However if you don't have EagleEye anymore, which is highly unlikely if you 
equipped 10, use your own judgement whether to attack using LV 1, LV 2 or 
LV 3.  The attack only with LV 3 must be ignored if you wish to land hits on 

The Criosphinx wouldn't show whether he is weakened or not I think so just 
follow the redundant method until you beat him, battle should last for less 
than 30 minutes I assure you, even less than 25 I suppose.
----- NOTE: Further Steps -----

This concludes this section.  Have fun with the Sunglasses!

// Getting the Mastermune//

I know this shouldn't be a part of this FAQ but since I require you to get the 
Mastermune, then better off get it.

First, you need to have beaten the Black Dragon and I suggest you steal the 
Black Plate from him.  Though I've seen someone not beating him with the 
Black Plate, I still suggest you must have it for further ease.

You must have Riddel in your party and equip the Black Plate on her.

Your characters must have their Stone equipments (Complete from 
Stone/Denadorite [whatever] Weapons, Armor and Helmets)

You need a lot of HealAlls.  I suggest filling everyone's Elemental Grids with 
HealAll (I mean every single one).  But put one Revive on Lynx and probably 
another to Riddel or that other party member if you have more.  Putting some 
EagleEye or Strengthen would be nice too.

[Don't e-mail me about where you can get more Revive because I don't know]

How to fight him:

First, go to the small island with a smoking hut near Mt. Pyre in the 
Home World.  It is not marked.  Put Riddel on your party and enter it then go 
to the house.  Talk.

After that, go to the Another World's Isle of the Damned.  Bring Karsh with 
you and go to the place where you found the Elranzer in home.  Defeat Solt and 
Peppor and you will get the Memento Pendant.

Get on with your quest until you have stolen the Black Plate (for greater ease 
as I mentioned above) from the Black Dragon.

Go back to the small island with a smoking hut near Mt. Pyre in the
Home World, prepare your party, as said somewhere above (equipping etc.) and 
save before entering.  Go inside the house and talk to Dario with Riddel in 
front of your party.

Battle Advice:
Whack and use HealAll when necessary.  Keep Riddel on defend.  Have her attack 
a few times if her Element LV is low for a few Element LVs immediately after 
Dario has done his move.

You'll deal little damage in this battle so I suggest using Strengthen and 
Eagle Eye so you can thrash Dario real good.

When the battle is over, you will receive the Mastermune.  The Mastermune is 
Lynx's/Serge's strongest weapon and it deals critical hits often.

There are other ways to beat them, like using specific color of elements so 
that Dario would not damage you, for more information on that, check out 
Dingo_Jellybean's FAQ over at his web site <> or 

// Contributions //

[The worth of beating the Crioshpinx]
 from EWU internet sucks lemons <>

 You can get the combination in order to pull off the Chrono Cross element.  
Although you can get the combination at another place (Dragon Tower), the 
Crioshphinx gives away the exact way on how to do it unlike that other place 
which can be quite inaccurate.

[Beating the Crioshpinx without the Yellow Plate]
 from Greg <>

 It is not impossible to defeat the Crioshpinx according to him if you don't 
have the Yellow Plate.  Note that I only edited certain spellings (only on the 
walkthrough proper) and the format (to fit this document) his walkthrough. 


| You must realise that I am divulging my secret, even if it is NOT  
| published, without proof of it NOT been unique. 
| Meaning, one "could" say that is idea is not unique or original; and 
| say that this idea has already been published. However, I already  
| have the satisfaction of accomplishing it without aid or knowledge of 
| THIS technique! Here we go!
| - "Greg" (

                                  (Normal game) 

              "How to kill the Criosphinx without the Yellow Plate"

INTRODUCTION "Let those who disturb the peace of the land be punished..." 

MYSTERIOUS MONSTER: "Quid me vis?" "I am the Criosphinx, and thou hast
                     trespass on my domain! Why must thou turmoil to this land 
                     bring? Now turmoil onto thee, I give.."

                    "Depending on how thou meet this trial, thou may be   
                     allowed to alive here leave! However, this be an island  
                     to which no man has visited for aeons and Criosphinx is 
                     grown bored..."

                     "If thou possesseth the courage to match thy wits to 
                      mine, thy sins may be forgiven when thou answer correct  
                      my questions six!"  
                     "Now riddle me this!" 


  MasterMune, Prism Mail, Pendragon Sigil A, Dragoon's Glory, Yellow Brooch

  Level 1:Turn Green, Turn Red, Turn White, CurePlus-ES, Revive x2
  Level 2:EagleEye-ES, FullRevive
  Level 3:RecoverAll-ES, Imbecile, Genius
  Level 4:HealAll-ES
  Level 5:HealAll-ES, RecoverAll-ES,
  Level 6:HealAll-ES, HolyHealing x2
  Level 7:HealAll-ES, RecoverAll-ES
  Level 8:Chrono Cross, AllSaints


  Prism Staff, Prism Mail, Magic Seal, Silver Pendant, Yellow Brooch

  Level 1:Turn Green, Turn Red, Turn White, CurePlus-ES, Revive
  Level 2:EagleEye-ES, Bat Eye-ES
  Level 3:RecoverAll-ES
  Level 4:HealAll-ES
  Level 5:HealAll-ES, RecoverAll-ES
  Level 6:HealAll-ES
  Level 7:HealAll-ES, Sonja
  Level 8:Genie


  Prism dagger, Prism Mail, Magic ring, Profiteer's Purse, Yellow Brooch

  Level 1:CurePlusES, Revive
  Level 2:EagleEye-ES
  Level 3:RecoverAll-ES
  Level 4:HealAll-ES
  Level 5:HealAll-ES, RecoverAll-ES
  Level 6:HealAll-ES
  Level 7:HealAll-ES, RecoverAll-ES
  Level 8:Salamander 

PREPARATION TEAM: Serge, Razzly, Kid 

NOTE: After EACH question, DEFEND 'til you have access to level 8 elements.
      He keeps repeating the riddle. 

ACTION: Defend X3
- You must DEFEND to be able to answer his questions. You now have access to
level 8 elements 

CRIOSPHINX: "Usus est magister optimus" 
            "Here be an easy one to start of with!"

QUESTION 1: "Auburn nay the burn, Iron pyrite nay the fool, All that glitters 
             nay... But silence be...  Answer my question what is it be?" 

ACTION: Strong Mind (on Serge), Strengthen (on Serge), 
        Earthquake Trap/Thunderstorm trap
        - Use any Yellow AUXILARY element, Preferably on him. 

CRIOSPHINX: "Verus. Correct" 
            "Dimindium facti qui bene coepit habet." 
            "Well begun is half done. Now, here my second riddle be..."

QUESTION 2: "In my anger I see... Both the rag to charge at and the flag to
             stop at. Blushing, I walk the royal carpet...Answer my question  
             what is it be?" 

ACTION: Strong Minded(on Kid), Turn Red x3 (on yourselves), "Salamander"/ 
        Weakened element/Piler technique(Kid)
        - Use any red AUXILARY element, Preferably on him. He takes damage if 
          you use a NON-yellow offensive element! 

CRIOSPHINX: "Verus. thou art Correct" 
            "Now riddle number three Bene remgere!"

QUESTION 3: "It isn't easy being... a friend of the planet, with a jealous
             monter's eyes giving me a sign to proceed! Answer my question 
             what is it be?" 

ACTION: Strong Minded (on Razzly), Turn Green x3 (on yourselves),
        "Sonja"/Bateye element (on Serge)
        - Use any green AUXILARY element, Preferably on him. He takes damage 
          if you use a NON-yellow offensive element! 

CRIOSPHINX: "Thou catch on quick! Question four... Accipe!" 
            "Mare et caelum et viola" 

QUESTION 4: "Give me a meloncholy gloom, but a first prize ribbon, makes me
             feel I've royal blood!  Answer my question what is it be?" 

ACTION: Turn Blue(on Criosphinx)
        - If you have a BLUE innate character, and a blue summon, use 
          Turn Blue x3 (on YOURSELVES) then use Blue Whale 

CRIOSPHINX: "Verus. thou art Correct" 
            "Velim tibi ita persuadeas... Just two more to go!"

QUESTION 5: "Like pontoon nay the knave, or Jolly Roger nay the bones, even
             the top rank of self-defense, be no protection form the 
             plague...Answer my question what is it be?" 

ACTION: Imbecile(on Criosphinx)
        - If you have a BLACK innate character, and a black summon, use 
          Genius, Turn Black x2 (on YOURSELVES) then use "Grim Reaper" 

CRIOSPHINX: "Verus. thou art Correct" 
            "Nigra in candida vertere, by deduction alone ye should my answer 
             already know.."

QUESTION 5: "When the extorted on is bled, with knuckles of fear. The
             plumage of a coward when faced with the hottest of heat" Answer 
             my question what is it be?" 

ACTION: Strong Minded (on Serge), Turn white x3 (on yourselves), All Saints
        - Now time for fighting! 


NOTE: All the previously used Summons will inflict approximately 1150+ damage; 
      All Saints will inflict 1340+. At this point the Criosphinx is STILL  
      awaiting the response for question 6! 

Turn 1: DEFEND x3 (Element level 8 access)
Turn 2: Eagle Eye(on Serge), Attack: 3, 3,(Serge)
Turn 3: Criosphinx uses: Thunder Storm/Earthquake 
        (you WILL trap it IF you used the correct one!)
Turn 4: Cure/Heal/Recover All/Heal All/
Turn 5: Attack: 3, 3 (Serge)
Turn 6: 1-5 until Criosphinx's CURIOSITY is satisfied!! 


************************************************ End of Greg's document *******
// Credits //

I'd like to thank Angry Scapula and zAuLt, both from the GameFAQs, Chrono 
Cross Game board for some tips that I needed before lunging an attack on 

Also to Dingo_Jellybean <> for his [and since he liked to say, 
"super" then] I'd call it a super cool guide.  Also to the help he gave me 
while I was in chat.  Your "super cool gotta have it alias" rules!

EWU internet sucks lemons <> for enlightening me that 
beating the Criosphinx has some worth in it.

_Greg <> for offering his "How to beat the Criosphinx 
without a Yellow Plate" guide to this FAQ.

// Legal Information //

"Chrono Cross," is a registered trademark of SQUARE.  Words or phrases found 
in the game "Chrono Cross" is property of SQUARE.

"How to kill the Criosphinx without the Yellow Plate" is an intellectual 
property of Greg.  I make no claim of it.

This document is property of and copyright 2000-2002 by krystalklyr.  This 
document must stay as it is, nothing must be changed whatsoever.  No one must 
profit directly from this guide.

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